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Top 10 Movies Like Movies Like 6 Underground To Watch In 2022 And Beyond


Do you watch action comedy films? You may have recently watched Michael Bay’s action-comedy Movie six underground. Have you enjoyed this film? Here, we have prepared a list of the top 10 best action Movies Like 6 Underground, to watch in 22 and beyond. You can watch these similar movies of the action thriller six underground. First, we will start with the overview of six underground and discuss more movies similar to it. So, hold uptight and get ready to watch more action films at your home. Let us start with the overview.

Six Underground: A Netflix Debut

Do you know that Michael Bay debuted on Netflix with this film? It became one of the most successful action films. People never expected this movie but enjoyed it too much. They made it a groundbreaking film. Hence, this movie takes the action genre again into the limelight.

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In this movie, Ryan Reynolds is a leader of the Uber-cool group. This group fights for injustice and ends the crimes to bring peace. So, the audience enjoyed this movie very much. Do you know that audience is demanding the sequel of it? You may be one of them. However, as for now, you can watch similar movies to six underground.

So, we take you on the journey of ten best action films like six underground that you can watch on Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and more. However, you can download some movies on your smartphone or PC. Many internet users use Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other online video streaming platforms to watch movies and TV shows.

10 Best Movies Like 6 Underground:

If you are a Netflix user and have watched six underground, a debut movie for Netflix by Michael Bay, these 10 movies are a must to watch and feel the real thrill of action movies. These movies can easily please you and satisfy your hunger for action films.

However, if you have not watched six underground on Netflix yet, you can still watch it because it’s still streaming on Netflix. Or if you have watched it and willing to watch its sequel, you have to wait for it. Till then, this list is only for you.

In this list, there are the 10 best movies. You can watch it if you enjoyed six underground. We will discuss comic book adaption movies too. Do you enjoy movies based on comic book concepts or ideas? Many action movies are some of the best inspiring comic book adaptions. So, if you enjoy comic book-based movies, you can also consider this list.

1. Mission Impossible – Fallout:

One of the most blockbuster films in the action thriller genre is Mission Impossible Fallout, released in 2018. It became one of the most super hit and biggest movies of 2018. You can relate it with six underground. So, it will be best for you. Each of the action film lovers knows about the franchise Mission Impossible.

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Here, Tom Cruise has always served the audience with his charm and spectacular action scenes by acting skills. You can find this film full of tension, risks, unexpected turns, and the best action scenes. So, go, and watch this movie right now before waiting for the second part of six underground.

2. Skyscraper:

So you love watching movies of Dwayne Johnson the Rock? He’s one of the most popular wrestlers and Hollywood stars. So, if you are a fan of the Rock, you can watch Skyscraper. However, many fans believe it’s not one of the best films written. Still, we believe this movie deserves its place on this list because all-stars have given their best. Don’t you like movies with big explosions?

This movie takes the audience on the adventurous journey of a collapsing skyscraper. However, the film is enjoyable according to many viewers. So, it’s one of the 10 most popular Movies Like 6 Underground that you can watch in 2022 and beyond.

3. The Dark Of The Moon (Transformers):

It’s again a Michael Bay movie that you can watch in the category of similar films to six underground. You can find some of the best dialogues in this movie. The Dark Of The Moon, Transformers is one of the best movies of the franchise.

However, fans call it a little silly for some places, but the most essential part is the action. You can watch this movie because it’s similar to six underground. Moreover, both movies were created by Michael Bay.

4. The Hitman’s Bodyguard:

Have you watched this movie released in 2017? In this movie, Ryan Reynolds’s bodyguard works by teaming up with Samuel L. So, it’s one of the greatest action movies. If you enjoy watching action-thriller films, you can try this one.

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This film was quite hit and popular among fans. So, the audience was waiting for the sequel. That’s why the movie makers released The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard. It’s the sequel released in the next year. So, you can watch both these Movies Like 6 Underground.

5. Wanted:

Do you know that the wanted movie was a comic book adaption? You may have heard of MCU that took off and made several best movies of all time. Similar to it, Timur Bekmambetov’s comic adaption is wanted, released in 2008. You can find some of the best action scenes and thriller experiences. Watch this movie.

In this movie, you can see a new professor x. He’s an office worker. Professor X discovered a new and hidden talent for assassination. So, he joined a group of professional killers. You can give it a try if you like R-rated movies.

6. The Expendables 3

Expendables 3 was released in 2014.  Do you want to see one of the most actioned filmed of all time? Try watching expendables 3. You won’t think you wasted hours watching a boring movie. It’s one of the most R-rated movies. But the audience doesn’t believe like that.

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There are more explosions, action scenes, the best one-liners, and dialogues. You can say it’s the best movie of the franchise Expendables. So, go and watch it today. The Expendables franchise has always served the audience with thrilling experiences in their movies.

7. American Assassin:

In this movie, a young American man becomes obsessed because he saw his girlfriend die in one terrorist attack. However, he couldn’t take his revenge. The reason is that the United States Forces took down the terrorists. So, he felt disappointed. Then, he thought to get recruitment and use his rage against the targets.

You can understand how a man feels when he loses his target, and someone else takes down that target, even if the man wants to take revenge. So, if you love watching this type of Movie Like 6 Underground, watch American Assassin.

8. Kingsman The Secret Services:

Do you want to watch an entirely shameless action-comedy film? Watch The Secret Services. It’s the first movie of Matthew Vaughn for the comic book franchise. There is a full of thrilling and exciting adventure in this movie. If you enjoyed six underground, you can watch Kingsman The Secret Services and entertain yourself.

The movie was too successful when it comes to a comic book adaption. So, if you are a regular comic book reader or like to watch movies like comic book adaption, try this movie.

9. Triple Frontier

Triple Frontier is available on Netflix. So, you can watch it online. In this movie, you can see some former special force operative soldiers reassemble. They aimed to perform a specific heist in South America. However, they didn’t want to serve the country but were doing it for their benefit.

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It was the most dangerous mission for them. They tested for loyalties, skills, morals, and more to conduct the heist. It makes the movie Triple Frontier one of the best action movies. You can watch it if you knew six underground.

10. Reservoir Dogs:

You can watch reservoir dogs on Amazon Prime and Netflix. Do you want to see a movie where some criminals are unknown to each other, but someone assembles them? The leader aimed to conduct one of his biggest heists, some diamonds worth millions. These guys do not know each other.

However, one power gets them together and assembles as a team. All of these six were criminals. But they didn’t know each other. In this movie, you can see action, tension, thrill, and good turns. So, you can say it’s one of the greatest movies similar to six underground.

Wrapping Up:

Have you understood about these 10 Movies Like 6 Underground? We have brought you a list of the ten best action movies and action-comedy films that you can enjoy if you enjoyed six underground. Moreover, if you are a fan of comic books inspired movies, you can watch some of the movies from these 10. They’re comic book adaptions by famous filmmakers. Do you want to know more about other movies similar to six underground? Let us know, and we will discuss further.

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