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Aamir Khan Hit And Flop Movies List With Movies’ Collections

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You may have heard that the film industry is not for everyone. However, the thing is that it’s not true for everyone, but those who don’t know how the film industry works may not find it their place. Still, it doesn’t mean every superstar with respect and fan following will see their movies hit every time. Therefore, even if you are one of the perfectionists like Aamir Khan, you may have some flop films also. That doesn’t mean it can stop superstars from shooting another one because they have a list of hit movies too, and hence, in this article, we will discuss Aamir Khan Hit And Flop Movies List

Aamir Khan (A Perfectionist) with Hit And Flop Movies

You have clicked to land on this page and read. It means you very well know who is Aamir Khan, and what he does. Aamir Khan is a Bollywood Films actor, director, filmmaker, and TV talk-show host. He’s been in Hindi Film Industry for 30 years. It makes him one of the most influencing actors of Indian cinema of all time. Aamir Khan has been honored with different awards, like 9 Filmfare Awards, AACTA awards, and 4 National Film Awards. The government of India has honored Aamir Khan with Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri Awards. 

Aamir Khan’s Film Career:

The above information must have grabbed your attention towards knowing his hit and flop movies list. But do you know how many films did Aamir Khan give from his film career? According to the reports, Aamir Khan has contributed to 49 flicks in his Hindi Films Career that you find in this Aamir Khan Hit And Flop Movies List. Most of his movies are hit, blockbuster, and super hit. A small number of films from Aamir Khan are flops. Hence, we have dedicated this article to showcase his hits and flop movies list his fans and audience, which is curious to know about that. 

Aamir Khan reveals his thoughts on nepotism within Bollywood
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Aamir Khan’s Debute To Film Industry:

Aamir Khan first appeared in Hindi Film Yaadon Ki Baaraat as a child artist. His uncle Nasir Hossain gave this movie in 1973. The first feature film that Aamir Khan gave was experimental Holi in 1984, where he played this role in the adult age. After that, Aamir Khan decided to pursue his full-time career by performing his leading role in the tragic romance Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak film in 1988, and he established himself as the lead actor in Hindi Film Industry in 1990, and it could happen because of several successful commercial films by Aamir Khan. It includes Raja Hindustani and Dil.

Do You Know?

If you think Aamir Khan is one of the leading Bollywood Actors of all time, you are right. But, you must know that he earned respect from the industry because hit movies he gave to the Film Industry. The first Indian actor who brought the concept of One Film At A Time was Aamir Khan. However, many actors now follow this concept to give their best. You would be happy to know that Aamir Khan has taken Bollywood to the next level. He did it by conquering the China Box Office. We are glad to share Aamir Khan Hit And Flop Movies List to encourage people to know more about him.

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Aamir Khan’s Movies List:

This article is a Filmographic article that we have dedicated to Aamir Khan. It includes a detailed analysis of Aamir Khan’s Films. We will discuss the Detailed Box Office Collection of some of his movies (if available from the reports) and which movies are hits and flops. 

What Makes A Movie Hit Or Flop?

Before we proceed to Aamir Khan Movies List, you have to know a few things. Do you know what makes a movie hit or flop? Of course, you’ll think it is the storyline and the acting of the cast. But these two factors don’t play the entire game to make a movie hit or flop. The following factors are also responsible for movies to become hit or flop.

  • The interest of the audience in the movie genre affects 
  • The fame of lead actors and the audience’s love for them affect.
  • The production of the production house affects. If the story is not told and shot well, it goes flop or else hit. 
  • Sometimes, the audience doesn’t recognize the context and concepts of movies, even though the lead cast paly well. Hence, movies may be a flop. 
  • The repetition of similar stories and concepts with big stars may also make movies below average or flop. 
  • The competition of movies with others releasing big stories can also affect the film’s popularity. 
  • Actors trying new concepts instead of their original acting and popularity may also affect films’ reputation. 

Hence, this list is long, and we want you to understand that only the actor’s acting and the story don’t define if the film will be a hit or flop. 

Aamir Khan’s Hit And Flop Movies List:

The upcoming sections include the lists of Aamir Khan Films in different categories. We will discuss these categories like blockbuster films, hit films, average films, flip films, below-average films, disaster, super hit films, and films without any data available. We periodically update this list when we find new data and information. Therefore, you can always find updated details about Aamir Khan Films in this article.

Aamir Khan Blockbuster Films:

Yes, this perfectionist has given several blockbuster films and all-time blockbuster films that we always love to watch again and again. It includes the following films.

  1. Blockbuster film Rangeela was released in 1995, with a collection of 20.22 cr.
  2. All-time blockbuster Raja Hindustani, a film released in 1996, collected 43.14 cr.
  3. 2008 film Ghajini was a blockbuster with a collection of 114.10 cr. 
  4. 3 Idiots, released in 2009, was a blockbuster film collecting 201.37 cr.
  5. All-Time Blockbuster film Dhoom 3 collected 260.63 cr. (2013)
  6. All Time Blockbuster film PK (2014) collected 337.72 cr.
  7. All Time Blockbuster movie Dangal (2016) collected 374.53 cr.
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Super Hit, Hit, & Semi-Hit Aamir Khan Films:

Aamir Khan gave some of the best and super hit films in his Film Industry Career. Here are those. 

  1. Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak movie 1988 was hit.
  2. Dil Movie in 1990 was a super hit.
  3. Ishq in 1997 was a super hit with the collection of 24.93 cr.
  4. Ghulam in 1998 was a hit with a collection of 13.35 cr.
  5. Sarfarosh, in 1999, was hit with the collection of 18.76 cr.
  6. Lagaan, in 2001, was hit with the collection of 34.30 cr.
  7. Rang De Basanti was a hit in 2006 with a collection of 53.08 cr.
  8. Fanaa in 2006 was a super hit with a collection of 51.87 cr.
  9. Taare Zameen Par was a super hit in 2007 with a collection of 61.83 cr.
  10. Talaash (2012) Semi-Hit with 91.23 cr.

Average/Below Average Aamir Khan Films:

These are movies that you can not say flop or even hit. 

  1. Love Love Love in 1989 was below average.
  2. Tum Mere Ho in 1990 was an average.
  3. Afsana Pyaar Ka in 1991 was an average.
  4. Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin in 1991 was average.
  5. Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar in 1992 was above average.
  6. Hum Hai Raahi Pyaar Ke in 1993 was above average.
  7. Mann in 1999 was average with 16.64 cr. 
  8. Dil Chahta Hai in 2001 was average with 20.02 cr. 
  9. Dhobi Ghat in 2011 was below average with 13.67 cr.
  10. Secret Superstar in 2017 was average with 62.63 cr.

Flop Films Of Aamir Khan:

  1. Deewana Mujh Sa Nahin in 1990 was flop.
  2. Jawani Zindabad in 1990 was flop.
  3. Isi Ka Naan Zindagi in 1992 was flop. 
  4. Daulat Ki Jung in 1993 was flop.
  5. Parampara in 1993 was a flop. 
  6. Andaz Apna Apna in 1994 was a flop with a collection of 5.29 cr.
  7. Baazi, with the collection of 5.09 CR in 1995, was a flop.
  8. Aatank Hi Aatank in 1995, with the collection of 2.54 CR, was a flop.
  9. Akele Hum Akele Tum with 7.64 crores in 1995 was a flop.
  10. Mela, with the collection of 15.18 crore in 2000, was a flop. 
  11. Mangal Pandey – The Rising with the collection of 27.86 crores in 2005 was a flop. 
  12. Thugs Of Hindustan, with a collection of 138.34 crores in 2018, was a flop.

Disaster Films Of Aamir Khan:

Of course, disaster means those films that were totally flopped and unpredictably collected worst. It is never a good thing for stars to handle, and still, Aamir Khan was never stopped by these films. 

  1. Raakh Film in 1989 was a disaster.
  2. Awwal Number movie in 1998 was a disaster. 
  3. 1947 Earth movie was a disaster in 1997 that collected 3.79 cr. 

Films Without Records:

The Following Films Don’t Fall In Aamir Khan Hit And Flop Movies List. The reason is, there is no legit and trustworthy source that we can refer to you.

Aamir Khan: India Bollywood actor stands by intolerance remark - BBC News
Pic credit- bbc.com
  1. Yaadon Ki Baaraat in 1973.
  2. Madhosh in 1974.
  3. Paranoia in 1983.
  4. Manzil Manzil in 1984.
  5. Holi in 1984.
  6. Zabardast in 1985.
  7. Pehla Nasha in 1993. 

Wrapping Up:

Have you gone through the whole Filmographic article about Aamir Khan Hit And Flop Movies List? In this list, we have tried to cover as much information as it was possible. Hence, if you liked this article, you can let us know the names of the celebrities on whom you want similar content next time.

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