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BCCI Salary Report & Hardik Pandya Net Worth 2022

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Hardik Pandya Net Worth and BCCI Salary Report are here. Do you want to know how much Hardik Pandya earns from his cricketer profession? This Indian cricketer’s net worth is around $10 million in 2022, but you can say that it is 77+ crores in Indian rupees. In this post, let us discuss his net worth. We will also discuss his sources of income and the BCCI Salary Report. We will also discuss Hardik Pandya Annual Salary and Hardik Pandya IPL Income.

Indian Cricketer: Hardik Pandya and his Net worth

In this article, we will be discussing Hardik Pandya Annual Income, salary, net worth, IPL Income, average earnings, assets, brands’ endorsements, and more to figure out his net worth. Let’s get you brief about this Indian cricketer.

  • Real name – Hardik Himanshu Pandya.
  • Hardik Pandya Birthday – October, 11, 1993.
  • Professional Career – cricketer
  • Hardik Pandya Nationality – Indian
  • Approx Net Worth – 77+ crores.
  • Hardik Pandya Monthly Income – 1 crore
  • Hardik Pandya Salary – 11 crore

Hardik Pandya:

One of the richest cricketers, Hardik Pandya, is an Indian international cricket player. He’s been appearing for Baroda domestic cricket and Mumbai Indians franchise for his IPL matches. Do you know Hardik Pandya is an all-rounder player? He’s been known to be one of the fittest cricketers from the Indian team. Of course, he’s been living a wealthy lifestyle. Hardik Pandya has married Bollywood actress Natasa Stankovich, and these guys have a baby boy.

Hardik Pandya Might Announce His Retirement Soon
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Hardik Pandya is known to be one of the richest cricketers as his net worth is in crores. So, we will be discussing Hardik Pandya Net Worth in 2022, BCCI’s report on his Annual salary, IPL Income, fees, and endorsements.

Hardik Pandya Cricket Career:

Without any doubt, Hardik Pandya has a fan following all over the world. So, if there is any cricket enthusiast, it’s impossible for him to not know Hardik Pandya. This Indian cricketer was born on October 11, 1993, in Gujarat, India. His schooling was not so impactful as he didn’t perform well in 9th grade. Thus, he dropped out and focused entirely on cricket.

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Hardik Pandya debuted his cricket career as a right-handed batsman and right-arm bowler. He can bowl fast-medium. After entering cricket, he took no time to achieve records and endorsements. Initially, he played for different teams in IPL. It helped him rank higher and become one of the richest cricketers in the world.

Hardik Pandya: A Man With Victories

In India, people follow cricket blindly, and most youths are crazy about it. Of course, one of the stars like Hardik Pandya and other cricketers made it possible. He’s been playing an essential role in Indian National Team. This man is popular for his tremendous hard work and dedication to his cricket career.

Currently, he’s owning $10 million or 77+ crores of Indian rupees. The major part of his net worth and income comes from cricket. He’s been having several endorsements because he’s one of the highest reputed and brand-valued cricketers. He earns through National Cricket Matches and the Indian Premier League. He’s made 11+ crores as his salary from professional cricket for the year 2021.

Hardik Pandya IPL Income:

Currently, Hardik Pandya is playing for the Mumbai Indians franchise in the Indian Premier League. Mumbai Indians franchise has been paying Hardik Pandya an average of 10+ crores per year. In IPL 2021, MI paid him 11 crores. The same was paid for the years 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2017. It makes him one of the highest-paid Indian cricketers.

BCCI Salary Report: Hardik Pandya Income

BCCI said Hardik Pandya receives three crores annual salary as a B grade BCCI player. Additionally, he’s receiving ₹ 3,00,000 per test match for ODI. He’s getting an amount of 1.5 lakh per T20 test cricket. So, if you consider Hardik Pandya Net Worth in 2022, he’s one of the wealthy cricketers who make money through professional cricket matches.

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Hardik Pandya Income Sources (Not Cricket)

Apart from his cricket earnings, Hardik Pandya makes approximately 12 crores from popular brands like PUBG, BoAt. OPPO, and more. So, his annual income is more than 20 crores that we can say.

Hardik Pandya’s Assets:

If you think Hardik’s net worth includes only his income from cricket, let us share the following details with you. He owns a luxury ascetic one luxury house in Gujarat that he purchased in 2016. It is worth approximately more than two crores. Also, be owns many real-estate properties in Indian and other countries.

  • He’s not a big fan of cars and kept his Cars collection minimal. Still, he owns Mercedes and BMW cars. Of course, he loves to invest in real estate properties and keeps buying different properties.
  • However, his annual income depends on his recent performances and the winnings. That he contributed to the country, and that’s why he’s one of the deciding sportsmen for India who plays and serves the country.
  • It helps him generate a high income from his professional career and popularity.
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Hardik Pandya Business Deals:

If you think Hardik Pandya increases his net worth through only professional cricket and real-estate investments, let us discuss further. He’s got some brands’ endorsements and deals. You might have seen him in ads of Monster Energy, Gulf Oil, Hala Play, Gillette, Zaggle, Sin Denim, boAt, EUME, Star Sports, and OPPO, and he earns a minimum of 1.25 crores from the deals. Recently, we have got news about him. He has changed his charges from 1.25 Crores to 1.5 crores per brand’s endorsement. So, he again increases his net worth.

More About His Assets:

Hardik Pandya’s house in Gujarat is 6,000 square feet. His Mercedes AMG G63 SUV is worth approximately 2.19 crores. He also owns a Lamborghini car, I Huracan EVO, worth 3.73 crores. Apart from that, he owns BMW and Audi cars. They make his collection small but luxurious.

Wrapping Up:

Have you understood how Hardik Pandya Net Worth changes? In this post, we have shared BCCI Salary Report on Hardik Pandya Net Income and Annual salary, and additionally, we also discussed his IPL Income and monthly salary. This Indian cricketer is becoming wealthier and wealthier since his popularity among cricket enthusiasts. Do you know anything about Hardik Pandya IPL Income or Net Worth? Let us know.

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