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What Happened To Skyrim Civil War Overhaul? No Longer Available!


You are reading this post. It means you are a crazy fan of PC games like Skyrim. Hence, if you have played such games, you won’t be happy when the official updates for the upcoming releases change any most popular parts and mods. Or you won’t appreciate when the gameplay of the game changes undesirably, and it is what exactly happened to the fans and players of Skyrim. You may be one of them, and looking forward to seeing what happened to Skyrim Civil War Overhaul and why it is no longer available with its same Settings. Here in this article, we will discuss facts regarding this game and its mod.

What Is Skyrim PC Game?

Bethesda, known for camaraderie with the modding community, has released this game. 

Starting from its scratch, the first thing you should know is Skyrim. It is a PC game and one of the most popular and the best-created PC games of all time. It shows you the fictional world, having a complex political state where your characters interact with too many creatures and races. If you love using RPGs, this game is definitely for players like you. We have seen that the developers are continuously working to improve the mods of this game.

If you enjoy playing most modded games where their mods continuously change and improve to give you a more realistic and practical experience of the gameplay and its environment, you definitely will love to play this game. The most common changes you can see in this game are its appearance and the visual quality with the extension of new storylines, factions, gameplay mechanics, and many more. Its mods keep the game alive of its main story and a tremendous amount of different quests.

Skyrim Civil War Overhaul:

Civil War Overhaul was the mod of Skyrim in The Elder Scrolls V. It came with new quests to the civil war between the Stormcloaks and Imperials. However, players couldn’t see it due to the time limitations. You can see this mode implemented in the complication Epic Gameplay Overhaul.

Civil War Overhaul Mod Information:

  • Apollodown (Original) Schofida (Redux) is the developer.
  • Its appearance in the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition.
  • The original version is 4.03, and the Redux version is 0.4.7.

The Features Of Skyrim Civil War Overhaul:

Have you played this game and this mod? You may have observed that the core feature of this mod is to entirely remake the Civil War Design in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Its Cut Content was holding the capital city battles. Those were restored and then occurred after taking the campaign missions and fort battles. These battles were random. But still, it included Extra Missions. It depended on the number of soldiers killed previously (that is a Murder Mayhem Score). If you fail to win the battles, it will cause an enemy faction to attack one of the cities of yours.

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Skyrim Civil War Overhaul Mod Hidden: Fix To It (2020)
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The improved AI comes with the classes of enemies. The Stormcloaks would gain Giants and Wolves, and Imperials would get Champions who are the Strongest and the hounds that counter to Stormcloaks wolves. 

Both sides gain Mage and Thief class soldiers fighting for their side.

Here Is The Full List Of Changes Made:

  • It featured racial diversity and gave more variety to soldiers in the Imperial Legion.
  • The guards could become hostile whenever you wear your uniform of Imperial or Stormcloaks Soldiers.
  • They’ve added spies for both sides and used them to attack only opposing sides occupying the Hold City Capitals.
  • The Hold Capitals would come under siege and has to defend and maintain the control of Hold.
  • Sometimes, you can see one or two dragons over Hold battles that is Party Crashes.
  • You may lose the battle or even the entire Civil War. Of course, losing the ending of any game is no one’s desire, and it’s like a buggy and broken feeling. 
  • You can switch sides of it during the Season Unending Peace talks. 
  • However, the mod maybe sometimes prone to crash because of the increased use of resources.
  • There are also the possibilities of bugs because of the vanilla civil war bugs. The reason is that there is no carrying forward Unofficial Patch Civil War Fixes. Sometimes, the mode itself has too many bugs. 
  • There is one MCM menu that features that helps to win the Current Hold automatically. It also has a button to win the entire Civil War automatically. You can use them or console commands and reload your previously saved games, but sometimes they might not help.
  • There is some unhidden archived page of the mod available on the internet that you can find here.

Civil War Overhaul Gameplay:

If you have played it, you can agree that it can change just about anything. It is one of the most and best Skyrim Mods called Civil War Overhaul. Modder created this mod, and Apollodown was an absolute for this mode because its goal was present and made the player experience its great civil war that was raging in the fictional world of Skyrim. It was too enjoyable playing this mod till it suddenly was hidden. It came with lots of exciting features. You might have observed that things related to civil war affect the acts of NPC and give different outcomes, and you might lose the war. It is said that it is dangerous to mod any game because regular people create mods who know the designs of the game. They don’t participate in the creation of the game. And that’s why they don’t offer any perfect performance. Still, they are worth trying since you should always back up your saves. The reason is bugs that occur, but all new and upcoming updates fix the bugs.

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What Happened To Skyrim Civil War Overhaul?

In October (15th) 2016, the officials had hidden the mod due to the Statement Of The Author of this mod. This statement was regarding United States politics. However, the mod was again available from 9 to 16 of the month of November. They permanently removed the mod from (10th of) January with the results of the U.S. presidential election and people who disagree with Apollodown politically enjoying the mod. 

Apollodown had made one Reddit Post on r/skyrimmods to announce that he allowed Civil War Overhaul to be put back on the Nexus and released the source code to let the players use them and work on them by picking up from where they left the mod. It happened on (6th of) May, 2020. Do you know the current Skyrim: Special Edition Port of the mod available on the Nexus? It is beta and patching bugs leftover.

Skyrim Civil War Overhaul Changed Suddenly:

Civil War Overhaul mod had gathered thousands of players around the world, but its author decided to hide this mod until November 9 and replaced it with this message:

File Hidden: 

This file has currently had set to hide by the author of the file. You cannot look at this file page or download any files relating to this file until the author makes the file visible to the public again.

The reason given by the author is: All of my works were hidden until November 9.

How To Find The Reason?

The reason for the author’s decision is hard to find, but the author claimed that he received too much backlash from the community since he implemented the “Diversity Day” in this mod. There, he had added NPCs of different races to Stormcloaks. It is a faction consisting of a single race natively by this game. Some people have noticed that the author had disagreed with the opinions he had faced on the Nexus Mod forum where he had banned users calling him out on the addition of the “Diversity Day”

Moreover, Apollodown claimed that this addition is the mere reference for the TV show “The Office”, and that is why he responded to the criticism and called some users Trump Supporters and the Members of the Ku Klux Clan.

How It All Ended?

This whole matter ended with one message. That message claimed that the mod would be restored in November (9th). There were lots of hashtags. They pointed to several movements of such as LGBT rights and Black Lives Matter. It had sparked lots of online debates and was seemed the only people on the losing side that were the active audience of the mod. The mod would lose too many players, and it doesn’t have a known legal way of downloading it.

Wrapping Up:

Have you clearly understood everything about Civil War Overhaul and what happened to Skyrim Civil War Overhaul? In this article, we have gathered the most of information available on the internet about this Epic PC Game, and you came to know that Apollodown allowed the distribution of the mod and shared the source code of the mod through the official Reddit post, and if you still have doubts, let us know how we can help you. If you find this article informational, let other users and players know what happened with the Civil War Overhaul.

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