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Find The Best Web Scraping Tool For Scraping The Internet


Experts have created web scraping tools, particularly software, that can simplify the data extraction process from several websites. Although data extraction is quite a helpful process used by millions of people, it can turn messy and take a lot of time and effort to get completed. Hence, web scrapers are used to extract data without turning it into a mess.

Bots are used by web scraper software to collect structured information and content that is available in a website using underlying HTML code and the stored data in the database. There are a lot of sub-processes that go in the process of data extraction. Some processes are mentioned below:

  • Preventing your IP from getting banned
  • Generating data in a compatible format
  • Parsing the source website correctly
  • Data cleaning

Fortunately, this process becomes easier and reliable when you use web scraping and data scraper tools. Generally, the information stored online is extremely large and should not be extracted manually. Generally, various companies use web scraping tools to extract all the data quickly at a lower cost. In the long run, these companies can stay ahead of all their competitors.

The data is extracted automatically as well as manually using different types of web scraping tools. They can collect and store the latest and updated data for the users. Anyone who needs data from the internet regularly can take advantage of these tools.

For instance, you can use web scraping tools to gather hotel data from the best travel websites, real estate data and review data for e-commerce portals. Here is the list of the top 4 web scraping tools based on their features, price, and ease of use.

1 – Scrapingrobot.com

Scrapingrobot.com Company is headquartered in the United States and specializes in data scraping. With top-notch infrastructure, they can scrape and structure the data in a much more organized manner compared to other web scraping tools. Data scraping is done not only to collect data but also to structure it to make the user easily check the most relevant information.

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Although you can do it manually, Scraping Robot can automate the process and save a lot of time and increase productivity. They can pool huge amounts of data from the internet to use it for the business in an organized manner. Moreover, you can contact their team, who are ready to assist 24/7.


  • Usage and stats
  • JavaScript Rendering
  • Metadata is parsed
  • Guaranteed successful results
  • No proxies required
  • Post requests and screenshots of browser (coming soon)
  • Output to Sheets and session management (coming soon)


Sign-up is free. You can complete 5000 scrapes without any charge in a free account. In a business account, you will be able to scrap 500k times, and for each scrap, the charge is just $0.0018. For enterprise account, you might have to contact them. Then, you will be able to do more scrapes, and it will cost as low as $0.00045 per scrape.

2 – Scrape.do

Scrape.do is another easy-to-access tool used to scrape data from websites. According to the speed, cost-effectiveness, and features, this tool is also recommended to provide scalable results. Moreover, the pricing of the tool is also affordable for business owners. You don’t have to pay extra for hard-to-scrape websites like Google.

Scrape.do provides one of the best performance ratios compared to competitors for Google scraping (5000k SERP for $249). Within 4 seconds, you can collect data from Instagram anonymously. The success rate of data extraction using this tool is set to 99%. Additionally, Scrape.do offers mobile and residential proxy access much cheaper than its competitors.


  • Fully customizable
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Rotates every request that API creates
  • Charges only for successful requests
  • Protection against data center IPs
  • Super proxy parameter
  • JavaScript render
  • Geo-targeting option for more than 10 countries


You can create a free account without using a credit card. With a free account, you can only scrape 1000 times. The hobby plan starts with only $29 per month for 250,000 API calls. You can get the business plan at $249 for 3,500,000 API calls. In the business plan, you can get access to the mobile and residential proxy.

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3 – Scrapingdog

You can use the Scrapingdog tool to easily scrape data from websites, handle browsers, CAPTCHAS, and proxies. In each API call, you can get access to any webpage’s HTML data with the help of this tool. Another great feature that users find in Scraping dog is the availability of LinkedIn API. Scrapingdog is a powerful tool for any business owner as well as a developer.


  • Webhooks
  • Headless Chrome
  • Rendering JavaScript
  • Doesn’t get blocked
  • Bypass every CAPTCHA
  • Rotates IP address with each request


You can get started with a free account. However, to get access to more features, you have to create a Lite account at $20 per month. In the standard and pro plan, you can get JS rendering and US Residential Proxies features. If you want to get access to LinkedIn API, then it is important to get the pro plan at $200 per month.

4 – AvesAPI

Developers and agencies can structure data from Google Search using the AvesAPI tool. This SERP API tool has a great focus on the data getting extracted. Hence, most SEO agencies and marketing professionals utilize this web scraping software to save time.

A Smart distributed system is provided by this web scraper that can extract a large number of keywords easily. Usually, this means you don’t have to manually check SERP results and avoid CAPTCHA.


  • Parse product data on shopping
  • Geo-specific search for local results
  • Get top-100 results from any language and location
  • Collect structured information in HTML or JSON in real-time


Compared to most web scraping tools, the price of AvesAPI is extremely affordable because it is still new and less popular. You can try creating a free account. For 25K searches, you have created a paid account at $50 per month.


We hope now you understand the best web scraping tools that can be used to get access to information and content. You should try creating a free account to try all the features and find out how useful it is for the business. Web scraping tools are getting used by all the big companies for staying ahead of the competition.

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