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Best Time To Visit Morocco & Weather Conditions In Morocco


From September to November, the weather is good for visiting Morocco. You can also visit Morocco in early spring, from March to April. Of course, these are warm days, but you won’t face the extreme temperatures of extreme heat days and the extremely cold night, but we would like to say that the best time to visit Morocco is throughout the year if you are ready for different weather conditions. Morocco is special for many things, and there are lots of exciting and enjoyable things you can find there for all seasons. This article will discuss why you must visit Morocco in specific weather conditions.


If you plan your next trip to Morocco in the summer, don’t forget that it will be extremely hot. Still, its coastline is a great thing to spend time and see balmy evenings, beautiful sceneries, and amazing views. Visiting Morocco in winter is also super exciting if you enjoy the freezing temperatures. You will find the cooler effects on Sahara. The places won’t be too crowded due to the cold weather, and the rates for your journey will also be cheaper, but you must consider lots of things before planning your trip to Morocco. It includes food, rooms, and prices.

Morocco Is A Beautiful Country:

No matter what type of traveler you are, Morocco has something special and exciting to make your trip memorable. We don’t find any bad time when you visit Morocco because, in all months of the year, you will find something cool there. Still, experienced travelers said that it’s more than just best to visit Morocco in the months of March, April, September, October, or November. These are months when you don’t have to bear too hot or too cold weather, and if you plan your trip in these months, Morocco’s tourism will be at its peak in summer or winter vacation times. 

best time to visit morocco
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The Best Time To Visit Morocco For Sahara:

Do you want to see Sahara? We want to inform you that you must avoid visiting Morocco from March to April and September to November to avoid the extreme high and low temperatures. I will help you find the best stays in the desert to keep your journey and stay comfortable. Hence, the ideal conditions to visit Morocco for Sahara is from May to August, but you must prepare for some unexpected sandstorms. It occurs mostly in April, but be careful in May and June.

Whenever you want to go to the desert, don’t forget that you want to protect your skin. So, pack some extra layers of skin protectors to keep your face good in warm temperatures, dry air, swirling sands, and sunlight. Your clothes will also be good to keep you warm at night because the temperature at night in the desert drops significantly, and that’s too real in summer.

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The Best Time To Visit Coastline Of Morocco:

If you plan your trip to Morocco’s coastline, visiting this country from June to September is best. The weather is perfect for the coastline, and the temperatures are soaring. So, it makes the perfect atmosphere for spending time at beaches. Do you know that you can also join yoga classes there? The average temperature in August is around 25°C. So, it’s ideal if you like swimming, hanging out with local people, and having chargrilled seafood available at the waterfront. Of course, that’s not the ideal Morocco you think in your head, but the enjoyment will be at its fullest.

Do You Want To Beat The Crowd?

There is no doubt that Morocco is one of the busiest tourist destinations because of its popularity, and it will be crowded throughout the year, but there are some days when you can avoid the crowd. Some tourist hotspots like Marrakech, Chefchaouen, and Fes have the strongest possibilities of the high crowd. These places are crowded in the autumn and spring seasons, and when you visit the coastline in the summer, it will be too crowded. These times, finding cheaper stays and affordable meals is impossible. But this place won’t have many tourists when you visit Morocco in extreme weather like sunny days of summer and cold nights and winter. That’s what we call beating the crowd.

If you enjoy the cold nights, snow on the mountains, and island heat, you can avail the benefits of no more crowd, cheap stays, and quality foods at affordable rates. So, you can plan your trip to Morocco from November to January and May to August because it’s the best time to visit Morocco in these months to beat the crowd.

Experience Islamic Tradition In Morocco!

Do you know when it’s the best time to visit Morocco to enjoy Islamic Traditions? You may not even know that most of Morocco’s population is Islamic, having certain religious events throughout the year. You can’t forget that some of the events can quickly influence your trip and travel plans, and it doesn’t even matter in which part of the country you are going. For example, events like Ramadan come in April or May. It comes in the ninth or, say, the holiest month of the Islamic Calendar, and Muslims across the globe celebrate it. It is their time of spiritual rejuvenation, and Muslims don’t eat anything from sunrise to sunset or say they fast from sunlight to moonlight.

One of the biggest Islamic Celebrations, Eid Mubarak, comes after three days of fasting and celebration. Throughout Ramadan, you will find the altered hours of restaurants, shops, and hotels. That’s why you may experience some interruptions to your planned travel dates and times, but don’t worry because it won’t disturb your journey in a way you can’t enjoy because you will know many things about Islamic Celebrations.

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You will witness thousands of worshipers praying in the evening and then appear in the market to enjoy Iftar (which means to break the fast or, say, have meals). 

Visit Morocco To Beat The Heat:

There is no surprise that thousands of visitors come to Morocco every year to beat the heat, but it’s unforgettable that Morocco is hot too! So, suppose you don’t like the high temperatures and want to beat the heat. In that case, you should not go to Morocco in summer to avoid the hot temperature because, in summer, the temperature goes up to 40°C. If you want to visit Morocco to enjoy the sights and island views, this temperature won’t be enjoyable. You can come from September to November or March to May when the temperature is a little warm but not hot like summer.

What Factors Decide Your Comfortable Travel In Morocco?

  • No single factor decides the best time to visit Morocco because many affecting factors will influence your plan. So, keep the following points in mind while traveling to Morocco or any other country.
  • Morocco’s weather is the largest factor affecting your trip to Morocco. Some visitors enjoy summer and heat to enjoy swimming and the coastline, but some visitors don’t like too hot or too cold weather. So, plan your trip according to your comfort. 
  • The basic seasonal patterns of any country depend on its climatic change. You should be ready for what happens in which season and weather. Also, get ready for unexpected things to occur while traveling abroad.
  • Don’t ever plan your trip to Morocco or any other country in the peak seasons of summer and winter because the temperature will be uncomfortable too high in summer. In summer, the temperature will be uncomfortably too cold.
  • Consider and research well about any country or region for its popular traditions and celebrations to avoid disturbing your journey. You may experience delays getting hotel rooms, restaurant food, or travel schedules. 
  • You can meet people from different countries at the same place when chosen the right to visit Morocco. So, give yourself more time and decide the best time to visit Morocco.
best time to visit morocco
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Visit Atlas Mountains:

We highly recommend you to trek one of the best mountain chains, the Atlas Mountains. The best time to visit the Atlas Mountains is to go there in spring, and that time is from April to May. You can also go there from September to October. These are the best days to visit Morocco and Trek Atlas Mountains. Most of these mountains’ valleys have sharper edges, but the weather is not so hot or cold, which is 86°F. Hence, it’s the best time to visit the Atlas Mountains these days.

Wrapping Up:

Do you want to know more about the best time to visit Morocco? In this travel guide tutorial, we have talked about Morocco’s weather, climatic conditions, temperature changes, and special places in Morocco. We also discussed the facts regarding when to visit Morocco and things to consider before planning your trip to Morocco or any other country in the world. Do you want to know what to do at the Atlas Mountains and how to increase the thrill of going to these mountains? Let us know.

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