best time to visit yellowstone

When Is The Best Time To Visit Yellowstone? Things to Know


Don’t you know when the best time to visit Yellowstone is? You might have planned to visit Yellowstone National park, but you don’t know the best time to visit this place, don’t worry because we will discuss this in this article. Before we begin with this article, let’s summarize what will discuss in this article. From April to May and September to October, you will enjoy Yellowstone National Park a lot. These months are cool because they offer mild weather, low crowd, and no roadblocks. That’s why most people visit Yellowstone National park from April to May and September to October.


Do you know why people visit Yellowstone National park in July and August? The reason is that schools celebrate holidays and kids have no school schedules. Also, the weather in these months is not too warm and not too cold. So, it’s better to sleep, and outside weather is also good for kids to perform outdoor activities. Yellowstone National park is not new for people who live in cold weather, and if you are one of them, you don’t need to worry about it. Do you know why did we say it has colder weather? It’s because the temperature in summer drops under 30 during the summer days when you consider some higher peaks. 

Winter is very different in Yellowstone National Park because there is a wide range of temperatures. It ranges from subzero to hardly 20 degrees, but we know that that’s not the reason to stop you from visiting the place. Most people enjoy the plumes of steam rising from their favorite snow and ice blanket. Doesn’t that make you excited? When planning your next trip to Yellowstone National Park, you need to consider a few things: searching for the best tour packages, affordable stays, travel insurance, and more.

Things To Consider:

  • Remember that you don’t need to forget that it’s always best to visit Yellowstone National Park when it’s the perfect time, season, and atmosphere.
  • It would be best if you always focused on the calendar and its date. Give a small round on the dates you plan to visit Yellowstone National Park. 
  • There are some low seasons and high seasons that we will discuss it.
  • Considering the low seasons, you can find the best and most affordable stays, accommodations, and luxurious facilities at low prices. That will be the reminder of your next trip to Yellowstone National Park. 
  • One of the most important things to consider is that you need to find different flights that will be available at affordable prices, and you can do it easily.
best time to visit yellowstone

What Is The Best Time To Visit Yellowstone National Park? 

Now the following sections will be the best things you consider and learn a lot about the best time to visit your favorite place Yellowstone National Park. We will discuss it based on the seasons. So, let’s begin.

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Visit Yellowstone In April-May Season:

Do you know what the season is in Yellowstone National Park while visiting this amazing place from April to May? It will be the spring season. Don’t you think spring makes you too excited? The reason is that while visiting Yellowstone National Park in spring, you can’t predict the weather because Yellowstone is unpredictable in the months of April and May. This season is the best time to visit your favorite place Yellowstone National Park if you want to avoid the crowd. During this time, you will experience average temperature changes, ranging from single-digit temperature to low 60s. Isn’t that too cold? You will experience the real cold at that time. That’s why most people avoid visiting Yellowstone National Park in early April because it’s not the right time. You can plan your trip to Yellowstone National Park from late April to May. At this time, you won’t face blocked roads because they’re clear from mid-April to the end of May. You can make updates and news from the official Yellowstone National Park Service Website because it constantly gives updates about roads closed and open.

Main Events Of Yellowstone In April:

The key event is National Park Week, which is celebrated in April. You can participate in this event and enjoy the local culture throughout the week.

Visit Yellowstone In June-August Season:

The temperature ranges from 70 degrees to 80, but it still depends on the area of Yellowstone National Park because all areas will make you experience different temperatures. This season is a great time and the best conditions for hiking. In these two months, you will find all the facilities of Yellowstone available and open. These are warmer months, and the location is great for tourists. According to the statistics, do you know how many tourists visit this place? Some reports said that, only from June to August, almost two million people visit Yellowstone National Park. This season is full, and you won’t find cheaper accommodations because stays and flights are quickly booked. 

There is no doubt that July is the most popular time to visit Yellowstone National Park, making it the best time for people who like festivals. There are many events and festivals celebrated in July. However, if you plan to visit Yellowstone National Park in June, July, or August, you must know that reservations are quick and book your accommodations as soon as possible.

Main Events In this Season:
  • Cody Stampede PCRA Rodeo (June)
  • Targhee Fest (July)
  • Yellowstone Beer Fest (July)
  • Last Chance (Stampede & Fair (July))
  • Shoshone-Bannock (Indian Festival (August))

Visit Yellowstone In September-October Season:

This season is the best time to visit Yellowstone because it has mild weather, plenty of wildlife scenery opportunities, a disappeared summer crowd, affordable stays, luxury facilities, and lots of fun waiting for you to plan your next trip to this place this month. However, you can’t forget that this is the beginning of winter in Yellowstone National Park, and you must prepare for average temperatures ranging from the mid-30s to low-60s throughout the day. Night time temperature also changes. Do you know that most of the facilities at Yellowstone National Park, like general stores, visiting centers, post office, and others, can be seen closed early in mid-September? It is the beginning of the mid-October season when roadblocks and other things are also experienced.

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Main Events Of Season:

A wine and food festival celebrated by Montana State University Billings Foundation. It is celebrated in September.

Visit Yellowstone In November-March Season:

Of course, winter in Yellowstone is not a good idea to visit this amazing place on vacation. There is heavy snowfall experienced throughout the season. If you can bear a daytime temperature at a freezing point, you can try being here in the winter because hardly the temperature goes above freezing point in the daytime. So, you can think about the night because it will end even colder. While visiting Yellowstone National Park in winter, you can’t forget safety gear like snow tires, booster cables, maps, flashlights, first aid kits, sleeping bags, enough food to refuel your body, shovels, water, and almost everything that you need to spend a day without worry. Isn’t that tedious to do? That’s why it’s the lowest season of Yellowstone National Park because most people avoid being visitors during this season. The driving conditions are worst at this time, and you can’t see some roads open. 

The Northern entrance of Yellowstone will be open for automobiles in winter, but you may experience difficulties with parking facilities, but park headquarters in the mammoth hot springs area are great, but you may not know that almost all park facilities will get closed by December. That’s why you more not have anything else to explore, but roaming and exploring nature are still options for fun.

best time to visit yellowstone
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Main Event In This Season:

In November, Yellowstone celebrates Yellowstone Ski Festival, and in December, it celebrates Bozeman Ice Festival. Do you like ski festivals, or do you enjoy skiing? If yes, it’s the best time to visit Yellowstone for ski lovers.

Tourism Volume In Yellowstone:

Of course, the high season will have a high crowd, and the low season will have a negligible crowd. Do you know how it is estimated? Any tourist place’s estimated tourist volume in high season is predicted based on the number of search destinations made on Google and the internet. You can read about it on the internet.

Wrapping Up:

Have you understood the best time to visit Yellowstone National Park? We have discussed the ideal time in Yellowstone National Park based on the seasons and months. If you want to know anything else about Yellowstone National Park, like flight booking, affordable stays, the best locations to spend nights, and more, let us know with your comments. We will answer your queries in the next articles and in the comment box below. Please share this article with people who want to visit Yellowstone National Park but don’t know when to plan their visit.

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