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Know about the best time of the year to visit Seattle and top things to do

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Seattle is one of those destinations that can be visited any time of the year, regardless of the weather. Tourists may find something to do each month. Seattle is best seen between July and mid-October when temperatures typically range from 15°C to 23°C. There is little rain during these months, and one can choose from various outdoor activities. Additionally, it implies that Seattle’s peak season is during these months. The best time to visit Seattle Pike Place Market, restaurants, and museums is mid-October and February. By that time, the summer crowds will have dispersed, which is a great time to book a room at a discount. In addition, April and May are the most incredible months to go sightseeing.

Advice for Seattle travelers

When selecting clothing for your vacation to Seattle, you can typically rely on stable temperatures. Because of the city’s temperate climate, anything that drops more than a few degrees below freezing or soars into the 90s for several days straight is likely to make national news. Even the extremes rarely endure longer than a week before a significant Seattle rain washes the snow or heat away.

  • There is no such thing as the Seattle Freeze. It alludes to the reality that Seattle residents aren’t the friendliest lot. Don’t let it bother you. You would also be like if you didn’t get enough vitamin D.
  • Seattle experiences a modest quantity of rain daily, not a lot. Therefore, unless you’re traveling in July or August, bring quick-drying shoes and a rain jacket. You are welcome to bring an umbrella, but using one in Seattle will mark you as a tourist.
  • Even though the average daily humidity is relatively high (76%), you wouldn’t know it unless you looked it up. Seattle won’t feel humid if you’re coming from a place noted for its humidity (like New Orleans or Florida).
  • The Seattle area had a wildfire season in August a few years ago. The smoke cannot be avoided even though the city hardly ever sees the fires. If you are sensitive to smoke, pay attention to Seattle’s air quality index between late July and early September and plan appropriately.
  • The worst traffic in the nation is now widely acknowledged as in Seattle. Avoid traveling anywhere between 2 and 7 p.m. and before 9 a.m. Alternatively, make a fantastic playlist to jam out to when you’re stuck in traffic.
  • Though it’s improving, parking downtown is typically a hassle, and Seattle isn’t recognized for having excellent public transportation. If the closest stop on the Light Rail doesn’t exactly get you where you’re going, take into account wearing walking shoes and looking into rideshare services depending on what you’re there to do.
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best time to visit seattle
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Best time to visit Seattle for festivals and events

There is always something interesting to check out in Seattle, from dining to film festivals. There are many outdoor festivals in the summer, of course, but there is also a tonne to do in the spring, winter, and fall.

  • Spring

Every year, about 200,000 people attend Seattle’s roughly one-month-long International Film Festival, which screens more than 400 films from around the globe. A range of independent short films, features, and documentaries, 70% of which won’t be seen in theatres, are screened at the festival, which typically runs from May through June. There are also films from renowned cinematographers and producers.

  • Summer 

Bumbershoot, Seattle’s annual music and arts festival, may be the city’s most well-known event. Since 1971, comedians, musicians, dancers, and other performers have performed at this renowned event. The festival’s name, “Bumbershoot,” honors the city’s legendary weather. Other highlights include a range of food sellers, morning yoga, and even an electronic dance performance.

  • Fall

The Museum of History & Industry will be illuminated by light art displays and a multimedia video mapping competition created by artists and technical experts in October. The Borealis Festival of Light takes place over four evenings in the Lake Union Park district and includes live music, light art installations, and street art performances. Visual light shows are produced by artists from all over the world and are projected onto structures. Food and beverages come from nearby vendors.

  • Winter

Seattle doesn’t typically see a spike in tourism during the winter, but from late November through December, there is plenty to do during Winterfest. There are ice sculptures, ice skating, live music, a dance party in the Fountain of Light, and a New Year’s Eve fireworks display to celebrate the occasion.

The Ideal Season to Visit Seattle Dependent on Your Personal Preferences

  • Ideal Season for Adventurers

Mid-July through September in Seattle is consistently sunny, dry, and warm for hikers, bikers, and boaters. Avoid visiting Puget Sound from October to June when the temperature rarely rises beyond 13°C if you plan to travel there. When the weather is often chilly and damp, the same thing holds for Mount Rainier. Plan your trip to take advantage of the snowboarding, skiing, and snowshoeing opportunities available during the winter, which begins in November and lasts until the first few weeks of May.

  • Best Time for Foodies

The best dining establishments and vineyards in Seattle may be found in the nearby town of Woodinville, a fantastic destination all year long, although it can get hectic in the summer. The Copper River salmon, which often becomes available in local markets and restaurants in May and is popular until June, is famous for this city area.

During Seattle Restaurant Week, which happens twice a year in April and October, many of the city’s most excellent restaurants create and provide three-course dinners at a reduced price. The Bite of Seattle, the largest food festival in the town, is held in July. At the same time, you might be able to attend Taste Washington if you arrive in late March or early April.

  • Best Time for Shoppers

Any time of the year would be an excellent time to visit Pike Place Market, which has many covered vendors, pubs, restaurants, and galleries. The best time to experience everything the market offers is when the sky is clear, and the flowers bloom. Be prepared for many visitors when you go in the spring, summer, or fall. The best time to visit this market if you want to escape the crowds is during the winter months, which are also very beautiful.

  • Best Time for Marine Lovers

Best time to visit Seattle is between March and October if you enjoy whale watching. The species of whale are most likely to appear at this time.

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In March and April, the first grey whales arrive in the area. The best time to observe orcas is between May and September, while the best time to see humpback whales is from October through November.

  • Best time for Anthophiles

Do you cherish blooms? Seattle is one of the top destinations for that! Spring is ideal for folks who appreciate seeing beautiful flowers because the city is in full color. Every year in March and April, when the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is held, the famous cherry trees at the University of Washington blossom.

The Rhododendron Species Garden’s primary blooming period runs from mid-March to mid-May. Of course, you may find vibrant bouquets of blooms at many Pike Place Market stalls throughout the year.

  • Best Time for Music Lovers

Two of the most significant music events in the country, which are often held in Space Needle, mark the beginning and conclusion of the summer in Seattle. The Bumbershoot Festival takes place over Labor Day weekend, which falls on the first weekend of September, whereas the Northwest Folklife Festival is held over Memorial Day weekend. The Earshot Jazz Festival in October is another fantastic festival if you consider staying a little while. The Seattle Chamber Music Festival takes place in January, whereas the Seattle Symphony’s season runs from mid-September to mid-June.

best time to visit seattle
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  • Best Time for Hikers

The best times to visit Mount Rainier National Park are in July, August, and September. Now is the time when the snow has already melted, and the hiking routes are beginning to reappear.

Early August is when the mountain’s wildflowers are most abundant, and the first part of October is the best time to visit if you want to view the vibrant fall colors. The road to Paradise is open all year long, so if you intend to drive to the mountain, go ahead and enjoy. Many parks and highways are entirely closed in preparation for winter.

We sincerely hope our advice will improve your trip preparation and help you choose the ideal time to visit Seattle. Please share any additional advice on the best time to visit Seattle with other travelers in the comments section below.

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