Electric Scooter App Development Cost in 2022

Electric Scooter App Development Cost in 2022


Kicksharing or automated electric scooter rental is a service that appeared relatively recently and is now very actively developing. People rent a scooter for entertainment or as a so-called “last mile” transport if they need to quickly get to the office or a cafe. The personal mobility system allows people to move around the city without traffic congestion and without harming the environment. You don’t have to pedal. You just press the gas handle, and the electric motor sets the scooter in motion. People are willing to pay for this, and therefore it is time to start an electric scooter business in this area. However, not every entrepreneur knows where to get an electric scooter app, what are the peculiarities of electric scooter app development, and how much it will cost. In this article, we will answer both of these questions.

What kind of app do I need for electric scooter?

There are many electric scooter apps available in the Play Market and App Store for users. The first group includes official applications from manufacturers. The second group includes universal applications (usually from independent developers), suitable for most popular models of gyroscooters. Neither of these is suitable for doing business. To fully conduct business you need to either order a custom electric scooter app development from scratch, or the application on the franchise white label with the ability to add the identity of his brand. Basically, you’d need a user app and a manager’s app aka CRM.

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When starting the electric scooter app development it is necessary to clearly understand what should be in the electric scooter app, as it will affect the cost. In particular, the necessary minimum during electric scooter app development  is as follows:

  • GPS

Also, you can not underestimate the importance of secondary features, which are not a necessary minimum, but can become a competitive advantage.

  • Secure payment gateway from multiple sources
  • Adding social media accounts
  • The feedback form 

How much does an electric scooter app development cost?

The approximate electric scooter app development cost is strictly individual. It is influenced by many factors. Including:

  • Payment methods integrated into the software
  • Number of scooters and their models
  • Specifics of doing business in the country (taxes, other expenses)
  • Additional software functionality

In addition, depending on whether you decide to perform an electric scooter app development from scratch or buy a franchise, the cost and timing will also be different. Buying an electric scooter franchise requires less money and allows you to launch a business quickly. It gives you direct access to a supplier to purchase scooters, as well as an app that you can customize to your unique brand. 

The electric scooter franchise cost consists of the first payment for setting up the application and programs and monthly subscription fees. The first payment can cost from $5000 to 7000. Subsequently, depending on the number of scooters you pay a monthly payment of about $ 300 – $ 500

As for the electric scooter app development from scratch, it takes more time and costs more. The price is made up of the specialists’ time and the cost of an hour of their work. 

  • Design – 80h; 
  • App development – 360h; 
  • Back-end development/App API – 280h; 
  • Super Admin CMS – 140h; 
  • Device API – 160h.
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Let’s assume it will be developed by a team from Eastern Europe (Ukraine), the average rate of which is $35-40, This way, the electric scooter app development will cost you around $40,800.

The idea of renting scooters (especially electric scooters) in the big city has caught on: traffic jams impose restrictions on car traffic (and as a consequence, on carsharing), and the almost total lack of bicycle lanes – on bicycle rental. At the same time, electric scooters fit into the urban landscape perfectly – the pace of travel is almost the same as on a bicycle, but you do not even need to pedal and can ride on the pedestrian paths. Yes, it is not always safe, and gradually the population’s fear of this type of electric transport is growing: after all, when someone rushes along the sidewalk at a speed of more than 20 km/h – there are reasonable questions. But so far, the number of electric scooters – both private and shared – in major cities is growing steadily. Take your piece of the pie with RexSoft.

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