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Why do we see “Instagram Couldn’t refresh feed,” and how to fix it?

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Is it happening that you are trying to see your Instagram account but get a blunder message saying, “Couldn’t refresh feed”? This blunder is probably going to be an indication that you are feeling exceptionally frustrated. You might have tried to uninstall and reinstall Instagram or reset its reserve multiple times. It didn’t matter how frequently you tried to fix it. Instagram support is almost non-existent. This article will clarify why Instagram continues to say “Instagram Couldn’t refresh feed,” how it can be fixed, and answer other frequently posed inquiries. 

For what reason Do I see “Couldn’t refresh feed” on my Instagram? 

Instagram is down is the most well-known explanation you get the “Couldn’t refresh feed” mistake. This could be because of a blunder in your date/time or a glitch. Down Detector will assist you with determining if Instagram is disconnected. Post for spikes in the diagram. 

Instagram continues to repeat the expression, “Couldn’t refresh feed,” therefore. 

Here are the reasons:

  1. A Third-Party App Has Been Used 

First, Instagram might have shown the “Couldn’t refresh feed” mistake if you utilize an application or automation tool from a third party. Second, assume you have been performing actions. 

For instance. If you’ve been utilizing a third-party application or an automation tool to like or comment, Instagram will temporarily incapacitate your feed. Instagram may temporarily hinder admittance to your feed if you have utilized an application or automation tool from a third party. 

  1. You Have the Wrong Time or Date Set 

If you have an incorrect date or time, you might get a mistake message as you try to see your Instagram feed. Instagram will adjust the date and time with your gadget settings. Your gadget might have some unacceptable date or time and cause the “Couldn’t refresh feed” mistake. Instagram can be exceptionally frustrating if you have some unacceptable date or time. The application can make blunders if the date and hour on your gadget are not equivalent to Instagram’s. Verify that the date and time are correct. 

  1. Instagram Has a Technical Downtime 

Instagram is down is the last explanation you get the “Couldn’t refresh feed” blunder. Instagram has been down many times throughout the long term. Thus, it’s not uncommon for Instagram to be down at the moment. 

Because of a server outage, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp went down for 6 hours on October 4, 2021. Down Detector will tell you if Instagram is down. For updates, you can likewise visit Instagram’s true Twitter account. 

  1. Limited Data Usage 

One factor in issues within our account could be expected low cell Internet bandwidth. Sometimes we may not be getting sufficient information about how much traffic courses through these networks, which dials back internet speeds at times, particularly during top hours or at the end of the week. 

  1. Outdated App 

If you are utilizing the outdated adaptation of Instagram, then likewise, you get into this trouble. If you are still utilizing the outdated form of Instagram, then you will probably encounter this often. You may not refresh feed on any gadget running a more seasoned application variant until you do the vital update. 

  1. Instagram Cache Is Full 

At the point when the Instagram reserve is full, it might prompt execution gives that prevent clients from getting to their feed. Reserve records assist speed with increasing stacking times on your telephone and make for a smoother client experience, generally speaking! 

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How to fix “Instagram couldn’t refresh feed”? 

You’ve presumably utilized Instagram for quite a while, and you realize that Instagram support isn’t accessible. Don’t stress. This issue has been looked at by numerous Instagram clients previously. Virtually this load of clients had the option to restore their feeds. So if you at any point go over the feared “Couldn’t refresh feed” message, don’t freeze. You can do a couple of things to fix this and start perusing your Instagram feed once more. The first thing to try is restarting your telephone or tablet and opening up Instagram once more. If that doesn’t work, take a full breath and follow what we will clarify. 

  1. Really look at INSTAGRAM SERVERS 

This is one of the superb purposes for Instagram couldn’t refresh feed mistake. Because of unprecedented interest from Instagram’s one billion+ clients, the server might get over-burdened and throw mistakes to clients. 

You can go to the down detector website and quest for Instagram. If you notice substantial outrage spikes reported by other clients, then it’s waiting and watching for you. Unfortunately, you have no option but to wait for Instagram to fix the issue from their side. 

You can likewise go to Twitter and check trending topics to affirm if Instagram is down or not. 


Not every person has a habit of updating applications consistently from the App Store or Google Play Store. But sometimes, you need to update your everyday drivers like Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. that guarantee better stability and reliability. Open the Google Play Store or App Store and update the Instagram application to the latest form accessible. Then, open Instagram and try to stack the landing page once more. 

  1. Empower MOBILE DATA FOR INSTAGRAM (iPhone) 

iPhone permits you to restrict portable data in certain applications to not get carried away with data consumption. For instance, if you have impaired portable data for Instagram, it won’t stack the feed. Instead, follow the steps underneath to empower it once more. 

  • Step 1: Open the Settings application on iPhone. 
  • Step 2: Scroll down and discover Instagram. 
  • Step 3: Enable Mobile Data from the accompanying menu. 

With Reels, Stories, and recordings, Instagram requires a strong internet connection to stack the content for you. If you are dealing with a lazy internet connection, switch to a better network to refresh the Instagram feed. For instance, getting to Instagram on the public Wi-Fi network might prompt an absence of refresh feed mistake in the application. Those public Wi-Fi networks are normally over-burdened with countless gadgets connected to them. 


Like Force Quit on Mac and End Task on Windows, Force Stop on Android completely shuts down each application-related activity behind the scenes. You can utilize the method and resolve Instagram’s couldn’t refresh feed blunder. 

  • Step 1: Find Instagram from the home screen or application cabinet and long-push on the application symbol. 
  • Step 2: Go to the application information menu. 
  • Step 3: Tap on Force stop and affirm your choice. 
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Reboot your Android telephone and open Instagram once more. 


Instagram collects reserve behind the scenes so it can stack your frequently visited pages and accounts rapidly for you. In any case, a corrupt store might leave you with couldn’t refresh feed blunder. Here are the means by which you can clear reserve and storage on Instagram on Android. 

  • Step 1: Long-tap on the Instagram symbol and go to the application information menu. 
  • Step 2: Tap on Storage and reserve. 
  • Step 3: Select Clear storage and Clear reserve from the accompanying menu. 

Open Instagram again, and you will see the application stacking new content for you. 


Android offers a neat Data Saver mode that assists you with restricting data use on the telephone. In any case, when Data Saver mode is on, it might interfere with Instagram and show couldn’t refresh the feed on the home screen. 

You don’t have to handicap the Data Saver mode entirely. Instead, you can give Instagram unrestricted data utilization admittance to function typically in any event when the Data Saver mode is on. 

  • Step 1: Long-push on the Instagram application symbol and open the application data menu. 
  • Step 2: Go to Mobile data and Wi-Fi and empower Unrestricted data utilization toggle from the accompanying menu. 

This trick has worked for some, so it’s worth trying out once. First, you need to open the Instagram application, go to account> More menu > Settings. 

Look down to the bottom and log out from the application. Try signing in again and check whether it has fixed the issue or not. 

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The Instagram application is a great way of sharing and following your favourite content creators, but sometimes you might not be able to refresh the feed. If this occurs or if you see a blunder with the “Instagram couldn’t refresh feed” message on Instagram, we have extensively examined a few steps that can assist with fixing it. Apart from fixing, you can generally utilize Instagram from another gadget or opt for the Instagram web rendition to really look at the latest timeline. In addition, if you are tired of Instagram or want to take a break from the online media platform, you can permanently deactivate or delete your Instagram account.

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