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Top 15 Best Animal Planet Shows For Animal And Wildlife Lovers


You might be wondering what is the best animal planet show. If you are a fan of wildlife photographers, videographers, and documentary creators, you might have watched some of the best animal planet shows. You can see cute stuff like dogs, deadliest creatures like crocodiles, and other wildlife animals on the animal planet television. Therefore, in this article, we have concluded with the top 15 animal shows you might have watched and can watch on animal planet. Without taking more time, we will start. We will start with this article to see what is exciting for you here.

Best Animal Planet TV Series:

Which animal planet TV shows do you call best? Ones that cover only wilder sides of your favorite animals, or ones that cover only positive sides of all animals, or ones that cover the entire lifecycle of creatures and animals? Of course, the shows that give you everything about creatures and animals are the best. The reason is that they can help you know more about wildlife and explore it. Additionally, most shows are full of adventures, entertainment, enjoyment, risks, and safety measures that you can say are the best among shows.

Top 15 Best Animal Planet Shows:

In this list, we have covered the TV shows that will provide you with more entertainment, enjoyment, adventure, and knowledge, and skills to handle situations and thrilling experiences. Let us start with my favorite show, The Crocodile Hunter.

  • The Crocodile Hunter:

Steve Irwin and his wife were hosting this wildlife documentary TV series. His wife Terri was too helpful to him in going on adventures. This show had become one of the most popular franchises due to the unconventional approach and Irwin’s approach to wildlife. Several projects are separate projects spawned by them. The only best (others are also entertaining) project is the feature film Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course and Two TV spin offs. The first is Crocodile Hunter Diaries, and the second is Croc Files.

  • River Monsters:

Jeremy Wade goes on to hint at some of the freshwater fishes that he calls River Monsters. He explores the dark side of nature that mixes action and adventure with mysteries, edges, seat chase, and the battle of the strong wills of man against the river monsters. You can also say the fight against the supernatural beasts that swim in the freshwater rivers. He explores them and puts them back in the water once he finishes the shoot.

  • Whale Wars: Viking Shores

You all know that man has been hunting animals and fish for thousands of years. Of course, the hunting whale is not exempt from that. When it comes to a proud trade, men have never thought about the sea creatures and animals or their existence. In this TV show, Captain Watson pulled all the stops with his new arsenal of secret weapons. You can see their two ships are patrolling the coast. They always try to find the whales before the locals do. People like this show and call it one of the best animal planet shows.

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  • Crikey! It’s The Irwins:

Have you watched Steve Irwin performing on the screen against the crocodile? Did you like the show? If you ever have seen Steve on the screen, you would never want to miss his children doing some of the stuff as Steve did with the wildlife. Yes, they are Irwins. They work tirelessly and thoughtfully to carry the mission of Steve to people who are close to animals to strengthen the connection between men and nature.

  • Treehouse Masters:

Do you know what a tree whisperer is? Have you ever heard of Pete Nelson, the tree whisperer? Most of his co-workers and people who know Pete Nelson call him a tree whisperer. They said Nelson let trees talk and listen to them. He’s a well-known world’s renowned treehouse designer and builder. He launched this series of documents about the work he and his team of craftsmen do. It includes his son Charlie, and they create incredibly unbelievable designs for homes and businesses.

  • My Cat From Hell:

Have you ever thought a cat could put their owners in the hospital? Relationships with cats and dogs are the best when it comes to pet animals. But when cats like violent felines put their owners in the hospital, it becomes weird. Fellow Jackson brings this unique understanding of cats to desperate their families and presents to the people. It became one of the best animal planet’s shows that people enjoyed and appreciated.

  • The Haunted:

Do you love shows exploring the entities and the spirit world? Of course, this show brings you the supernatural beings where they haunt the dreams of children. It inspired peculiar horror films and books. Have you ever imagined yours trapped in the middle of your own ghost story? Do you ever imagine your home as the scene of a terrifying fire 100 years ago? It shows how the basement was in use for violent and deadly experiments. There are unexplainable bloody handprints on the walls around the baby’s crib.

  • Meerkat Manor:

This Animal Planet series follows the whiskers, a family of meerkats struggling to survive Africa’s Kalahari Desert. It took ten years of the Cambridge University Study to film this series. Bill Nighy from the United Kingdom, Mike Goldman In Australia, and Sean Astin in the United States have narrated the story of Meerkat Manor. If you love this tiny animal from the wild, you must be watching this show.

  • Tanked:

Wayde King and Brett own Acrylic Tank Manufacturing. It is one of the best caters for fish lovers. Do you call yourself a fish lover? They are brothers-in-law. They together created and built some of the best and the biggest. Or say the Most outrageous fish tanks. The show tanked, attracted a big audience, and became one of the most popular and best animal planet shows.

  • PitBulls And Parolees:

Have you petted Pitbull dogs? Or you might be trying to adopt one because you have heard that they are friendly, trustworthy, and enthusiastic friends of humans, said by the credible canine organizations. However, some of them are gang members, dog fighting, and attackers. They became scary for most of the people who wanted to pet them. This series introduces this dog’s greatest ally, who’s not a man. She is a fiery redheaded leading lady. The forty-nine years old mother is the top pitbull trainer and the founder of Villalobos Rescue Center.

  • Jeremy Wade’s Dark Waters:

Biologist and Angler Jeremy Wade has uncovered the bizarre. It is Mysterious and Weird, according to his investigation. He reveals the mysteries beneath the surface of dark waters.

  • Lone Star Law:

You, as a viewer, can get access to more than 500 agents of Texas Parks and Wildlife Wardens that embark on dangerous missions to apprehend people who commit crimes against mother nature and its natural beauty. There are more than 60,000 arrests each year made by the wardens when they execute the undercover stings. They work on the investigations and protect their territories.

  • Gator Boys:

You may know that alligators owned South Africa before men’s intrusion. After the time changed, there was a daily routine struggle between the men and these beasts. The Gator Boys, Jimmy Riffle, and Paul Bedard are among us because of this struggle. They have operated an animal facility in the Everglades, aiming to capture nuisance gators and other wildlife. They have 30 years of experience between them, and this show is one of the best animal planet shows.

  • Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet

Have you ever thought about a regular day? But it is not such a thing at Denver’s Planned Pethood Plus veterinary clinic. They have more than 80,000 clients with their pets. They have one last hope as Dr. Jeff Young, who better knows the difference between life and death.

  • Monsters Inside Me:

Do you love detective stories with a little bit of horror? Then you will enjoy this show. It is a part medical detective story with a part horror movie that depicts the happenings when people fall prey to an infection from a parasite. Parasites are nasty microscopic creatures you can see in the water, soil, and air. This show retold the stories of victims and how doctors and scientists have taken steps before getting too late.

  • North Wood Law:

It is a new Hampshire to feature the conservation officers of New Hampshire Fish and Game. They work tirelessly to preserve and protect the natural resources found in the Granite State. There is a wild and rugged landscape. It makes the state’s most popular and premier destination for outdoorsmen and women.

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Wrapping Up:

Have you watched these best animal planet shows? Which one of the most popular animal planet shows is your favorite? You can share what type of animal planet shows you wish to watch, and let us know if this article could take you to the adventure of old, new, and unknown (for you) animal planet TV shows. We have given a reward of one more TV show for readers who read the full article.

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