how to game share on ps4

Do you know Game Share On PS4? Learn How To Use Share Play Feature


Do you want to learn how to game share on PS4? You may have heard about the new feature introduced by PS4 developers that allows you to play with your friends on a different console. Generally, PS4 has two ways to share games. Either you can design a different console as the primary PS4 or activate share play. If you use share play, it lets you invite your friends to take control of your game remotely. It also lets you play with multiplayer mode for 30 minutes. Let us discuss in detail how to share games on PS4 and make sure you can do it effortlessly. 

Why Do You Want To Game Share On PS4?

Maybe you want to share games with family members or friends. If you are playing Sony PlayStation 4 at your home, you know that it lets you play with different PS4. Of course, you can play your game with your friends or family members on it even if both the players don’t have the same game. So, you don’t have to worry about it. This article will guide you through a detailed and easiest process to game share on PS4. 

how to game share on ps4
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Things To Consider Before Game Share On PS4:

  • Of course, game share on PS4 is the best-introduced feature on PlayStation.
  • In this feature, both the players don’t need the game they are willing to play. 
  • One person having the game can allow the next user to Borrow It. Thus, you are ready to go ahead. 
  • However, if you want to do it, you must have PlayStation Plus. Both the users must have PlayStation Plus subscriptions.
  • You should only share your game with one subscriber and ensure it only happens. Sharing your game with multiple players is like a risk on your account because it can be blocked and abrupt. 
  • You must identify the person physically with whom you share your game. Please do not share it with people whom you don’t even know. 

Here Is How To Game Share On PS4:

Are you ready to game share on PS4? This section will cover a few crucial steps to correctly and legally share your game with other players. I must say, you can not skip any steps to avoid the failure of game share. The steps are simple and easy to perform if you have been playing PlayStation for a long time.

  1. The first step is to log in to your PlayStation account.
  2. Go to Settings on your PlayStation 4.
  3. Navigate for the account management option.
  4. From the account management option, select the option of Activate (as only Your Primary PS4). It is mandatory to let the users play the game on the same console. 
  5. There will be an option to select the activation. Choose Activate, and the process will start and finish the set-up. 
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It’s enough, and you don’t have to perform more complex steps. Once you finish this task, your friends can quickly see all the games you have kept in the library. It lets them download the games you are about to play and play with them.

Note:- you may require deactivating your console (as a primary PS4) to start sharing games.

How Can You Use Share Play On PlayStation 4?

We already discussed that choosing this option means inviting a different player on PlayStation 4. If you do it, they can let them see the game screen of your console. These players are visitors to your game. You can share your game control with them to monitor it. It lets the visitor player play the game as an owner like you. If you don’t share the controller with them, they can ask you to join and play it together. 

If you want to allow your visitor friend to play this game by joining your console, you must have subscribed to the PS plus subscription. Also, the member you allow to this game must have a subscription.

how to game share on ps4
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The following steps are essential to use game share on PS4.

  1. On your home screen, choose Party and Start Party.
  2. Choose Create Group. 
  3. Select Add Players and invite your friends to play the game. 
  4. Start your game as you want.
  5. Kill the Press button from your controller.
  6. Select Share Play on your screen.
  7. Choose the friend you want to allow this game. It will send the invitation.
  8. Once the visitor player accepts the invitation, able see a 60 minutes timer on your screen, and the game begins. 

How To Share Game Control With Your Player?

When wish to share the game controller with your friends or family members that have accepted the invitation, do it the following way. Quickly follow the steps given below and do it correctly.

  1. Go to your controller and press the share button.
  2. Navigate to the Go-To Party (to Share Play).
  3. Look for the option Give Controller and choose it.
  4. It also lets you decide if you want to allow your guest player as you or not. Do it after deciding it.
  5. People’s Reviews On Game Share On PS4:

If you think you are lucky because you can share games with friends or family members, or because you can play the games your friends play, you are right. 

Did you try this way by sharing the game with your friends or family members? If you have tried doing it, let us know. 

Once, our family member wanted to get access to my PS4 account. So, I searched the internet and learned how to game share on PS4. Before that, I didn’t even know what to do.

When I did the same, I thought I should have shared it with people because many wanted to know the exact process of sharing games on PS4.

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If you enjoy the process and think that it is easy to do it, you must go through some warnings and precautions you should know. Some users had faced serious issues when they had violated the rules of the PS4. That’s why I’m sharing some important points with you guys.

Warnings & Cares:

Do you think this process is something you don’t have to take care of? Now, when you have understood how to game share on PS4, you must know what you need to care about before doing it. 

  • While thinking about adjusting your PSN account, you might have to restart your process. 
  • If you have shared it with the other person, you must make that person shut down and terminate the device as the primary system. It may not let you perform the task correctly if you don’t do it.
  • You should not share your account and games with people you don’t know. It may be risky for your account.
  • Deactivate your console remotely. Must be aware of using a handy PlayStation Account Management Tool. Find this tool from the browser and use it in an unanticipated situation
  • Do you know that you can only do it once in six months? If you don’t have access to your PS4 primary console, you can not access the game library. 
  • Do you trust your internet connection? If you think your internet connection is good and stable, you can do it. However, if your internet connection kicks out suddenly, you can not play the PlayStation Plus title. Moreover, you can not even access the game or anything you have saved in your cloud.
  • Do you think you can share your PS4 account with multiple users? Yes, it is possible, and you can do it without any complex process. Don’t be so excited because there is a trap in this. You can only share this account with one person at a time. It means you don’t have to try to play with three or more players. It means that you can play the game on two different consoles simultaneously. 

What If You Shared The Account With Many People?

You know that you can share it with different people, and you don’t have any queries about how to game share on PS4; you may try to let many people access your account. 

how to game share on ps4
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If you do it, the authority may immediately block your primary account, and you may not even have access to it. It means you don’t have access to the library and anything you have saved on the cloud storage.

Wrapping Up:

Did you enjoy my tutorial on how to game share on PS4? In this article, I have shared the exact and the simplest process of sharing games on PS4. If you understand this process, you must also learn a few things about your care. I explained how to share games with family members and friends on PS4 and let other users access your gaming account. If you understand this article, you must know the consequences you may face if you share it with multiple people simultaneously. So, limit the number of people you allow to use your gaming account.

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