Best Art Games for Young Gamers


Art games for young players are a great way to introduce them to art and creativity. You can play these games with your young one or let them play them alone. They’re also perfect for use with young players who need a little extra help with their learning. There are so many reasons to love art games. 

Art games also encourage creativity and problem-solving skills, which can help your young one develops those valuable skills as they grow up. And finally, art games are fun. If you’re looking for a way to get young players excited about art without going through all that tedious drawing and painting stuff, then the following art games might be just what you need.

Pixel Art – Color by Number 

This simple game can help you develop your creativity and learn how to draw better. Pixel Art – Color by Number is a simple app that can help you enhance your creativity and learn how to draw better. The app uses a color grid to create pixel art, but what makes it different from other coloring apps is that each pixel has five colors instead of just one or two. 

The beauty of this technique lies in its simplicity: all you need is an iPad or iPhone with an Apple Pencil stylus, some white paper, some colored pencils or pens, and patience. The free version lets users play around with various tools including brushes, smudging tools, and eraser tools which can help improve their ability as artists while simultaneously teaching them basic principles such as perspective lines and shading techniques.

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Draw A Stickman

Drawing a stickman is a mix of a game and a drawing platform. The first part includes drawing your character and coloring, then he will appear in the world where you have to get around the obstacles and enemies to reach the end.

Draw A Stickman is a drawing platform where you can play with your stickman, coloring him and making sure that he survives in the world. The first part includes drawing your character, then it appears in the world where you have to get around the obstacles and enemies. To reach the end of each level, you will have to collect certain things such as coins or stars by completing certain tasks.

Toca Life: World

The Toca Life: World is another game for drawing people, but this one is more about creating stories, characters, and situations. In the game, you can create your own story using different characters like animals and objects. You will also be able to choose a location where you want to set up your story.

The first step in creating an interesting story is choosing the right characters for it. The second step would be deciding on how they interact with each other and what kind of things they do together during their time here on Earth (or wherever). It’s all up to you. You get 100 seconds per day so use them wisely.

How To Draw Anime & Game Characters Vol 1 

If you are into fantasy, monsters, medieval ages, and so on, then this one is definitely for you. It comes with more than 200 high-quality illustrations that will help you learn how to draw different types of characters such as superheroes and villains. Each illustration shows the steps needed to create them. The app also provides live examples so that users can see what they’re doing right or wrong while drawing their character designs.

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Drawing Cartoons 2

Drawing Cartoons 2 is a free app that is available on both Android and iOS. It allows you to create animated characters, monsters, and other creatures by drawing simple lines. The app also has a drawing mode where you can draw your characters and upload them to the community for other users to see.

The interface of this app is very intuitive and easy to use so even young players with little experience in the art use it easily. You can choose from different types of backgrounds including nature scenes, cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse or Superman, as well as various colors to paint on your drawings using pencils or pens.


All of the applications we have listed are a great way to spend time with your loved ones. They are enjoyable and educational, so everyone wins. There’s no shortage of awesome art games out there that will keep the players entertained for hours on end—all you have to do is pick one.

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