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How do Experts fix PS4 Blue Light of Death (BLOD)?


As a computer game enthusiast, there could be no more regrettable inclination than turning on your PlayStation 4 just to be met with the flickering blue light of death (BLOD). The light commonly shows up in the focal point of your control center alongside a message demonstrating that you have powerlessness or no sign. Now and again, fixing the PS4 blue light of death is simple and doesn’t need more than a restart, and in different cases, it is problematic that it requires an expert to fix it. Before the flickering blue light sends you into a winding, have confidence that there are a few techniques to investigate this issue. 

PS4 Blue Light Of Death (BLOD) Description 

The ps4 blue blinking light of death is an issue that happens when the ps4 neglects to turn on in the wake of being controlled up. It happens regularly when there are firmware issues with the control center. At the point when the glimmering Blue Light Of Death (BLOD) happens, you can’t get to anything on your PS4; even Safe Mode is distant, or say: inaccessible. The PS4 screen will not turn on, or it manages without signals. This passes on you with restricted choices to fix this issue. 

What Causes the Light of Death? 

Shockingly, there aren’t any precise reasons concerning why the blue light of death is caused in the PS4 framework. Be that as it may, a few groups accept the PS4 squinting blue light of death could be brought about by issues with the PS4 inner hard drive, a flawed PS4 power line or force supply, and inadequate PS4 designs card, general software issues, or contrary TVs. 

You need to ensure that the light you see is the blue light of death (BLOD) and not something different. The BLOD will turn on and off and not simply stay blue or turn a different shading. Then again, please make sure to check your screen and check whether there is anything on it. If you don’t see anything on your screen or a notification that advises you there’s no sign, you’re in a tough situation. Many individuals quickly attempt to restart their PS4 by holding down the force button; however, sometimes, this doesn’t work. 

Fixing the PS4 Blue Light of Death (BLOD) 

You can attempt to fix your PS4 alone; however, now and then, your gadget may require a professional fix administration. Thus, how about we attempt each conceivable method to fix this issue before taking the PS4 to a professional. 

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Turn Off the PS4 

The primary thing you need to attempt is to detach the PS4 from the electrical force then, at that point, stand by a couple of moments before turning it on. Here you need to turn off the PS4 power line from the electrical plug and leave it like this for 3-5 minutes until you plug it back into it. 

To figure out how to turn on/off the PS4, kindly view this segment from the official PlayStation®4 User’s Guide. Presently, when the PS4 is wound down, please turn off all links associating with it, regardless of whether it’s the force link or some other link having a place with a fringe (for example, outside HDD or headset). 

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Your following stage will be to plug the entirety of your links back in and walk out on. If you at this point don’t see the blue light of death and see a white one, all things being equal, it would be a great idea to go. If the squinting blue light of death shows up, nonetheless, the issue hasn’t been fixed

Check the PS4 Internal Hard Drive 

If you feel comfortable around a PS4, your following stage is an attempt to see whether the PS4 inward hard drive is the issue. A shift in the hard drive could cause the blue light on your PS4 to show up. Do the several means that we referenced before to check and check whether the PS4 interior hard drive is the issue. Mood killer your PS4 and turn off the entirety of the links from it. 

At that point, you will need to eliminate the PS4 hard plate cover and assess the interior hard drive. Verify whether the arrangement is right and if it isn’t, then, at that point, you should realign it. This will include some serious unscrewing; however, it will be great if it fixes your concern. 

After you have changed the arrangement of the PS4 inside the hard drive, supplant the cover and re-join the links. Then, at that point, power your gadget back on. If you did everything effectively, your squinting blue light of death ought to be gone. If not, possibly you missed a stage, or you have a lot more pressing issues on your hands. The PS4 hard drive may be fizzling and failing. If it’s not too much trouble, read our lengthy aide on fixing PS4 hard drive disappointment for additional subtleties. 

Check the PS4 power association. 

You can check and check whether the issue is the PS4 power association, regardless of whether it’s the force rope, power supply, or even the electrical plug. Like with the remainder of the investigating strategies, you will need to begin by winding down the PS4 and turning off every one of the links from it. 

You will need to examine the links and ensure that they aren’t torn or broken in any capacity. If you do end up discovering an imperfection in them, it could clarify why your PS4 isn’t working accurately and why you continue to see the blue light of death. If this is the situation, make certain to supplant whatever links have defects in them before stopping them back into your PS4 and verifying whether this has fixed the issue. 

Supplant CMOS Battery 

The PS4 blue blinking light of death may be a reason for a dead CMOS battery. The CMOS battery is a little round battery that allows you to store the day, time, and month on your PS4. It permits you to wind down your PS4 for a lengthy time frame and still have the right time and date set up when you utilize your PS4 once more. All the more critically, the CMOS battery takes care of the CMOS chip with the force that it needs to store the PS4 equipment settings. These saved settings empower us to identify what equipment is on the framework and gadget drivers to utilize. 

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When the CMOS battery is powerless, the CMOS memory loses information, and the PS4 can begin to break down. One of the manifestations is the PS4 blue light of death. You can attempt first to clear the PS4 CMOS memory and check if it works. I don’t figure it will work since it’s more about the battery than whatever else, yet you will not lose anything if you attempt. 

PS4 Software Issues 

In conclusion, you can attempt to check and check whether your PS4 is experiencing a software issue. To check this, hold down the force button on your PlayStation 4 until you hear it blare twice (Read more on PS4 Beeps). Ensure you then, at that point, put your PS4 into protected mode by proceeding to hold the even conservative get-togethers that have wound down. It should just require a couple of moments for the protected mode to kick in. When it is in protected mode, you can feel free to push down on the PS button you see on your regulator. 

From that point, you can reestablish your PS4 to its unique settings. Then, at that point, restart it. If you pick this choice, in any case, remember that any information that isn’t saved will be lost. If this technique doesn’t work, your smartest option is to take your PS4 to a professional and have it looked at there. 

Would it be able to overheat? 

A few clients may believe that the PS4 squinting blue light of death is brought about by overheating. Indeed, that is a bogus case that the truth doesn’t uphold. The truth is that the PS4 light changes to red shading when it is overheated, as it were. In this way, don’t connect the squinting blue light of death to overheating; there’s no relationship. Great to say, however, that if you begin to see this red light come up on your gadget, make certain to control it down preceding the circumstance deteriorates. 

Overheating is an issue all alone and will require other investigating strategies, or we will likewise expect you to take it to a professional (figure out how to fix an overheating PS4). If you track down that even a professional can’t fix the issue, it very well may be the ideal opportunity for you to get another gadget. If you begin to see this light come up on your gadget, make certain to control it down preceding the circumstance deteriorates.

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Sorting it Out all alone 

Although it is intended to educate the client when there is an issue with the PS4 framework, it doesn’t stop for a minute precisely what the issue is. That is why it tends to be amazingly baffling to attempt to discover what is causing the issue. Suppose you have attempted the entirety of the previously mentioned investigating alternatives, and the squinting blue light of death hasn’t disappeared from the PS4. In that case, odds are the issue with your PS4 is a lot further than simply your hard drive or defective links, and you should have it looked at by a professional. 


The PS4 blue light of death, as its name suggests, is a frightening situation that we don’t wish to happen to anyone. It demonstrates a significant issue inside the PS4 that should be settled as quickly as time permits. In this manner, don’t belittle it and believe only a paltry issue will disappear over time.

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