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Top 10 Best And Must Watch Movies Like The Old Guard


Did you like Netflix’s old guard? Most old guard viewers have given positive reviews on The Old Guard’s film. Therefore, if you have watched The Old Guard movie and liked it, you can watch these ten movies with action and adventure. This article has shared the top ten must-watch movies like The Old Guard. So, go through the sections and learn what films are best and suitable for you to have the same thrilling experience. Let us dive into this action-adventure article and find the ten best movies to watch if you liked The Old Guard. 

The Old Guard:

Netflix has produced the action-adventure film, The Old Guard. This latest movie from Netflix is a big budget. It covers tremendous actions and adventure. You can see some immortal assassins that want to balance the world. The film is, of course, entertaining, and most of its viewers are eating for the successful sequel too!

In July 2020, Netflix released The Old Guard, starring Charlize Theron, Kiki Layne, and other actors. The Old Guard is a graphic novel adaptation. This movie has an exciting and engaging story that reveals immortal soldiers that fight against those who betrayed them.

If you have watched The Old Guard, you may want to watch similar movies with enough action and adventure. So, the next section is dedicated to this.

Top 10 Must-Watch Movies Like The Old Guard:

If you enjoyed The Old Guard, you might be wishing to see its sequel as early as possible. But waiting for any film’s sequel is irritating. So, we came up with ten movies like The Old Guard that you can watch in your free time. Let’s discuss these movies in brief.

1. Widows (Max Go):

Do you want to watch a movie that falls under the category of action thriller crime genre, mainly when a female leads it? This movie tells the story of 4 women from Chicago that gets together to heist $5 million. Their motive is to repay the debts of deceased husbands—the lead role played by Viola Davis. 

This movie is one of the greatest films, led by female actors. Suppose you enjoy the action movies of female actors. You can try watching this movie

2. Highlander (Amazon):

If you don’t like the new action movies and enjoy the old fantasy films, let’s talk about this 1986 fantasy film. This fantasy story is all about Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert). He was an immortal swordsman from ancient times who fought against the Villainous Kurgan, who wanted to kill MacLeod. If he succeeds, he gains power and becomes even more powerful. 

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Of course, when two legends fight, we only see one winning. So, if you want to enjoy this movie like The Old Guard in the fantasy genre, give it a try. 

movies like the old guard
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3. The Town (Netflix):

Do you watch Ben Affleck? You will enjoy this film if you like Ben Affleck Movies. He went on double duty in the 2010 robber thriller in this film. If you want to see something about the city of Boston, you can watch a movie like The Old Guard. Here, you will find things changing quickly and learn that anything can happen promptly.

If you are a fan of The Old Guard movie, you will, without any doubt, enjoy this film. This movie is full of action and adventure. So, before you can watch the sequel of The Old Guard, let yourself entertain yourself through this film.

4. Watchmen (HBO Max):

Do you know Alan Moore and his graphic novel with the same name? You will get excited to watch this adaption movie, Watchman 2009, by Zack Snyder. This movie falls in the alternate America of the 1980s. It is a place where you can quickly find some superheroes. The film shows the death of the leader of some masked men. 

It goes like the team’s investigation that wants to solve the mystery of the death. But the team couldn’t solve the mystery as they wished to and ended up with an even more confusing plot. 

5. The Punisher (Showtime):

Are you interested in Marvel Comics and Marvel Movies? If you are curious about Marvel comics and movies, try watching punisher. The film is an acclaimed Marvel comic book series with the same name. Here, the movie’s main character wants revenge for his family’s brutal murder.

He gets himself some arms and weapons to get ready to take revenge. You can see tremendous actions and adventure in this film. It’s one of the most appropriate films like The Old Guard.

6. Extraction (Netflix):

Netflix released the extraction before The Old Guard. Did you know this movie had broken the records of streaming services? It’s too popular among people because of the actions and storyline. Here, the main character of the film does not have mercy. 

You can see an ex SASR operative officer that goes to reduce the crime lord’s son. The movie had a unique storyline, and you can enjoy it if you like The Old Guard. You can find enough actions and adventures to satisfy yourself in this film.

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7. Atomic Blonde:

Atomic Blonde is a stylish movie on this list. If you love watching gory spy action movies, you can give it a try. The story starts in Berlin in the 80s. The character goes to a covert mission where retrieval of essential information is a must. 

movies like the old guard

Do you enjoy spy movies? If you don’t have any problems watching spy movies like The Old Guard, you can watch this movie. Also, if you don’t have any ideas about the 80s Berlin, watch Atomic Blonde. 

8. Red Sparrow:

2K18’s one of the best movies is Red sparrow. Jennifer Lawrence played the lead role in this movie. The main character had turned KGB agent and got the official training secretly to become the tracer of a CIA agent male gaze. 

If you watch the training scenes and the committed performance of the character in this film, you will ultimately lose in the story. It connects to the hearts and feels natural. Watch this film like The Old Guard.

9. Salt:

Salt is also one of the best movies of 2K10. If you are ready to watch a spy thriller action movie, watch Salt. Moreover, the film’s lead role is played by one of the most beautiful, gorgeous, and blonde actresses, Angelina Jolie. She becomes a CIA agent to entertain you. 

While streaming this movie on your device’s screen, you can’t even go to the washroom or think about having breakfast or some refreshments because it keeps you engaged and entertained throughout the movie.

10. Close:

The film Close is the inspiration from the main bodyguard, Jacqueline Davis. He has the client Nicola Kidman and the British Royal Family, and it is another action thriller movie that you can watch without any issues. 

movies like the old guard
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Here, the bodyguard is so clever to protect his clients like the royal families. He plays the role of counter-terrorism expert. Don’t you think it will be a unique experience for you? If you are looking for the best movies like The Old Guard and want to find the same level of entertainment and thriller experience, try watching these movies that we have discussed in this article. 

Why Do You Want To Watch Films Like The Old Guard?

If you have watched The Old Guard, you can understand why fans admired The Old Guard’s team and its work. The fans of this movie are waiting for the sequel part of this film. But there is no explicit notification when and if the sequel is releasing or vo.

Moreover, the comic book adaptation movies are excellent, and their storytelling methods are the best. So, if you want to entertain yourself with good stories like The Old Guard, you can watch these ten movies. 

Of course, there are hundreds of movies available to watch in action thrillers and role-playing stories. But we have filtered out these ten movies because they will entertain you as The Old Guard did.

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