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Must-Know Things About Furries Before Buying Furry Costumes


Do you want to buy furry costumes? Have you ever seen anyone wearing the furry costume? You may have decided to buy a furry costume for kids, so you are reading this article. Here, we will discuss the facts about furry costumes. If you don’t know such things about these costumes, let us discuss them now. We will start with the basic introduction to Furries. It will help you remember a few facts about furries. Some of the topics may be new to you, and some are well-known facts. But I will cover everything you need to know before buying a furry costume for you or your kids. 

What Are Furries and Furry Costumes?

Furries are people who have interested in anthropomorphized animals. For example, you may know Pokemon or Sonic, the hedgehog. These are anthropomorphized animals. In simple words, people who talk about animal characters like above are known as furries. When people like animal characters, they call themselves furries. 

The furry costumes are fursuits that represent the character that the wearer likes. Furry people use these costumes when they’re going to meet or conventions to make the conversation and representation somewhat funny by playing a character.

The entire point of the attire is to portray oneself as a non-human being. The majority of the outfit is based on human anatomy and features such as appendages (two arms and two legs). They also employ motor facial jaw to mimic human speaking patterns on occasion. It’s a means for people, known as furries, to employ furry costumes as a form of artistic expression. Simba, Bolt, and Garfield are some examples of well-known characters.

But many people say that they use furry costumes and prepare for conventions only because they want to hang out with friends, keeping some artistic looks or art or badges with them. These people discuss the characters, episodes, shows, and auctions. Hence, it only means people keep their fandom to the panel discussion, avoiding sex in a furry costume.

Wearing a furry costume is just a part of art and artwork that makes others entertained and thrilled with the feeling of their favorite animal characters.

Do You Know About Fursona?

The Lion King in Nala 15 is the reason why we know Fursona. It is an avatar, inspired by the furry theme. Many people use this theme to represent their love for Nala and the Lion King. Do you know how to make Fursona? It is not only limited to the lion King because you can craft Fursona, choosing real or mythical creatures and represent yourself as that character. The process starts with the mythical animal’s design and gives the name to that character. Then, it is an artwork of your Fictional characters and makes their avatars, making them wearable costumes.

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Different Themes For Furries:

Do you think you can only make ideal costumes that are identical and look similar to that character? Of course not. You can go ahead with the different themes based on your conventions. For example, if you are getting ready for a music party, you can become a dummy musician and create your artwork with musical themes and pictures. It makes the look cool, and you can feel special because you can customize your furry costumes according to the event, even though the main character and the costume remain the same.

Furry Costumes
Pic credit- sofiagray.com

What Do Furries Do?

Furries may have two tasks. Either they have fun activities in online fandom, or they can go to conventions. Both these are exciting and interesting because they use an analogy to SciFi and comic book fandom at the strongest level. But, of course, if you are not a comic book fan, you can’t enjoy these events like the crazy fans do. Some of the furries like online fandom, but most of this furry community finds the fun in conventions. They use furry-related musical themes, costumes, events, panel discussions, and do lots of fun activities. 

Are Furries and Bronies Same?

No! You can not say they’re the same, but they’re not even disconnected from each other. Bronies represent the show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, and mainly, the make fans are Bronies. But Furries are both men and women. So, your gender doesn’t matter, and someone can not predict who’s inside the furry costume, but if you are a Bronies, you can be predictable. Do you want to become one of the craziest Furries? It would help if you got ready to make your customized costume and go to the events. Let us know your favorite character and his abilities in the comments too.

Who Can Be Furry?

The people who have the skills and abilities to perform some rehearsals for musical events and furry tales are good furries. They spend nights preparing for the best event without even thinking about sleep and rest. Mainly, those in their mid-20s become Furries and enjoy the events. There are no cast or religious barriers for people who are Furries because anyone can be a fan of comic book characters and Fictional stories characters. Are you a comic book fan or a tv shows fan? Have you ever tried to make a furry costume at your home?

Do Furries Feel Like Animals?

Do you know how to decide if someone feels like an animal or not? Of course, it is not very easy, and you can not say if someone of the furries thinks like they’re the real animals, not humans in the furry costumes. We have done a survey and found that 33% of people who use these costumes to become Furries think they’re not 100% humans. Most of them are crazy and feel like animals, but what if they remove their furry costume and become human again? Will they still think or feel like their favourite Fictional character? I don’t think so. 

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Let’s experiment. Tell yourself that you are a lion King (only if you are his fan, choose your favourite animal) and put on the costume to look similar. After that, feel, act, behave, think, and walk like your favourite animal character. Can you do it 24/7? Of course, not. It’s because anything you do for a long will stop making you excited about it, and you will feel bored. 

Furry Costumes
Pic credit- atlasobscura.com

How To Design A Furry Costume?

To design a furry costume, you need to consider a few points discussed below. 

  • First, furry costumes are only makeable when you want to feel like an animal with furs on the skin. Right? Yes! And for that, you must be a fan of furry animals. 
  • You must watch videos about that particular animal and learn how that creature walks, behaves, thinks, acts, and runs in the open space.
  • However, the most important thing to consider is to understand if you are making your furry costume because you are a fan of the comic book animal characters or Fictional animal characters or they’re real animals. 
  • If you make furry costumes for real animals, you must search about these and consider how they live in this nature. If a Fictional character inspires your furry costume, you need to learn how to give that costume the human characteristics. Most animal characters in TV shows and comic books think like humans, walk like humans, speak like humans, fight like humans, and behave like humans. 
  • Add some themes of the events that you want to attend. Then, you can do it by painting or, say, colouring your costume with some specific themes but not changing the looks and identity of the animal. You can make your furry costume at your home, but remember that it must be furry enough to make you look like even real animals. 

Wrapping Up:

Have you understood what did you need to know about furry costumes? Do you think you are one of the furries or Bonnies that need a better costume to look different in your part, conventions, or events? Have you ever been in a panel discussion about furry costumes, furries, fictional animals, or your favorite real animals? We have explained the process of making your furry costume at your home. You can follow these simple suggestions and shock your party-loving friends and family members or colleagues with your furry costume.

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