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Best Tuxedo shoes options that you can wear at your wedding.


At the point when the wedding clothing regulation is a dark tie, a tuxedo is an undeniable decision for grooms, groomsmen, and wedding visitors. Be that as it may, it doesn’t stop there. Tuxedo shoes are the final detail of formal clothing and can go from basic and exemplary to brilliant, finished, and designed styles. The last is great for men that need to feature their character and style; however, an ageless patent oxford, velvet shoe, or patent loafer can offer an attractive expression. 

While picking the right tuxedo shoe, everything begins with the kind of tuxedo you’re wearing. If it’s an exemplary dark, dim, or white tuxedo, you can’t turn out badly with exemplary dress shoes like oxfords, shoes, priest lash shoes, and loafers in the dark. While luxury cowhide can be dressy, we propose kicking things up an indent with a patent, velvet, or glossy silk style for your big day. 

If you’re the strong kind and picking a brilliant tuxedo, we love it! You can decide on dark or earthy-colored shoes to treat the effect of blue-green, cobalt, or burgundy. Or then again, go super strong a go for an apparent shade for head-to-toe tone. If you’d prefer to adhere to a dark tuxedo, yet say something with your shoes, we love a brilliant, decorated, or designed style.

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Get the best tuxedo shoes for grooms, groomsmen, and wedding visitors. 

Here is the list:

Best Patent Leather: Hugo Boss Oxford Shoes 

For the husband to be whose individual style favors spotless, exemplary, and cleaned, you can’t turn out badly with this patent cowhide pair from Hugo Boss that will supplement a traditional tux, not reduce it. 

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Best High-Shine: To Boot New York Venetian Loafer 

This Venetian loafer accompanies a fluid sparkle finish and exquisite grosgrain trim for those searching out an intense tuxedo shoe with ageless allure. We recommend wearing it sans socks for a cutting-edge look. 

Generally Comfortable: Cole Haan American Classic Gramercy Derby Wholecut Dress Oxford 

Cole Haan’s shoes are known to be definitive in solace. For a dress style to match with a tuxedo, this derby oxford includes a formed footbed and elastic forefoot unit for foothold and solidness, components of the brand’s particular Grand.ØS innovation. 

Best Wardrobe Staple: Givenchy Patent Leather 

An exemplary pair of patent calfskin shoes are exemplary for an explanation; they’re immortal and a closet staple that you’ll wear to all future conventional issues. 

Givenchy studded Cruz Derby shoes | Derby shoes, Shoes, Formal shoes for men
Pic credit- pinterest.com

For Minimalists: Suit Supply Black Velvet Slippers 

A sturdier interpretation of the velvet shoe, this pair of dark loafers is impeccably refined for formal clothing. This slip-on style is lightweight and adaptable, produced using delicately finished velvet with trim funneling. 

Generally Classic: Kenneth Cole Chief Advisor Cap Toe Dress Oxford 

At the point when solace is critical, this calfskin cap-toe oxford is a victor. With a gleaming completion, they’re a move forward from your everyday dress shoes, making them the ideal tuxedo sidekick. 

For the Traditional Groom: Brooks Brother Golden Fleece Patent Leather Shoes 

Formal shoes frequently get negative criticism for being stiff and tricky; however, this style offers the adaptability and solace of an athletic shoe with the complexity of a dress shoe. The elastic outsole highlights slippage-forestalling stud tracks. 

Best Under $50: ASOS Design Patent Faux Leather Shoes 

Weddings are costly enough without tossing lucky man and groomsmen extras in with the general mish-mash. So decide on this pair of the financial plan well disposed of artificial cowhide shoes that will peruse similarly as neat in photographs as a portion of the other pricier brands. 

For the Fashion-Forward Groom: Manolo Blahnik Velvet-Trimmed Shoes 

This burgundy velvet shoe is as in vogue as could be expected for a fly of shading with a tuxedo. The sewed silk covering will guarantee long periods of solace. 

For a Formal Wedding: Paul Stuart Grosgrain and Leather-Trimmed Velvet Tasseled Slippers 

A cross between your standard calfskin loafer and velvet shoes, this decorated pair is strong in the middle of style. With tough elastic soles and sewed glossy silk lining, they’re agreeable and strong while looking neat as could be. 

Best High-Shine: Ralph Lauren Purple Label Alonzo Patent Leather Slipper 

Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren Purple Label Patent Black Leather Slipper
Pic credit- grailed.com

For a patent-cowhide shoe that will last a long time in your closet, look no farther than this style from Ralph Lauren’s Purple Label assortment. Smooth and present day, it’s the ideal tuxedo shoe for men hoping to make an immortal venture. 

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Generally Versatile: Paul Smith Black Leather Coyle Derby Shoes 

For a tuxedo shoe that you can wear over and over with the remainder of your suits and business relaxed clothing, this derby shoe is a decision. For a lively pop, we love the rainbow stripe on the tip of the tongue. 

Generally Timeless: Allen Edmonds Cap Toe Shoes 

For the husband to be who needs an expertly created shoe that isn’t excessively sparkling or excessively explanation making, this Allen Edmonds pair is for yourself and will mix inconsistently with a dark tux. 

Best Loafers: Salvatore Ferragamo Bryden Shoes 

A hair-calf loafer is another dressy choice if silk, velvet, or patent don’t interest you. This pair is attractive with each style of tuxedo from exemplary to present day, furnishing surface with a touch of sheen. 

Best Monk Strap: Stacy Adams Desmond Black Cap-Toe Monk Straps 

Hotshot your vivid character in this cleaned pair of priest lash dress shoes. With adaptive padding, they’re however agreeable as they may be intense. 

Best Budget: Calvin Klein Bernard Venetian Loafer 

If a patent oxford isn’t intended for you, what about this high-sparkle loafer? The grosgrain specifying is a raised touch with a touch of surface to set your tuxedo look separated. 

Generally Unique: Belvedere Karmelo Tan Lizard Oxfords 

For a naval force, tan, or hued tuxedo, these earthy colored oxfords are trendy and keen. With a padded insole, you can bust numerous out of here the dance floor. 

Best for Renting: The Black Tux Black Grosgrain Loafers 

For a remarkable loafer to wear with a tuxedo, this grosgrain and cowhide style is super smooth. If you’re not hoping to purchase another pair, this style is likewise accessible for lease. 

For a Winter Wedding: To Boot New York Italian Blue Velvet Shoes 

Simply a trace of shading can perk up your big day look. These majestic blue velvet loafers are the ideal final detail to a proper winter wedding troupe. 

Best Oxfords: Joseph Abboud Soiree Patent Leather Dress Shoes 

A patent oxford is a reliable exemplary with regards to tuxedo shoe. With a plain toe, this pair will be agreeable and have an effect simultaneously. 

What to search for in tuxedo shoe? 

Regarding looking for tuxedo shoes, it’s useful to limit your alternatives depending on your own style and the kind of tuxedo you’ll be wearing. If you’re tossing a dark-tie wedding and wearing a conventional dark tux, you can never turn out badly with exemplary dress shoes like oxfords and loafers in the dark or naval force. For a blue or tan tuxedo, dark actually functions admirably; however, you can go for a dressy earthy colored shoe for a somewhat more easygoing impact. Also, if you’re a greater amount of the assertion-making type, there are many intense shoes available, like velvet smoking loafers and designed oxfords. 


What shoes do you wear with a tuxedo? 

Some famous shoe decisions to wear with a tuxedo are patent calfskin oxfords, velvet loafers, and dark or blue derby shoes. 

Must tuxedo shoe be glossy? 

Customary tuxedo shoe are regularly created from a patent (high-sparkle) material; however, it is totally adequate to wear formal shoes with a characteristic less gleaming wrap up with a conventional suit or tuxedo. 

Do I need to wear socks with tuxedo shoes? 

Most certainly not! A loafer is a totally ageless decision to match with a tuxedo and is the best shoe to wear without socks.


We were just digging into the universe of formalwear, where rules increase, and certain individuals approach them extremely in a serious way. You don’t have to do that. In any case, if you will be wearing a tux, you ought to presumably avoid the Jordan 11s and select a truly spruced-up shoe (except if you’re Jason Sudekis). Patent siphons and trim-ups are the most formal and “legitimate” of decisions; however, you can likewise pull off smoking shoes and surprisingly exemplary calfskin oxfords. The above-mentioned tuxedo shoes styles to attempt, regardless of whether you need to buck the principles or play by them.

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