How to Make Money From Home in 2021

Working from home has become more common because of the ongoing pandemic. And it is no secret that some people have been taking advantage of the extra free time they have to start a side hustle and make more money. Granted there are some states that are better suited for remote work. Delaware and Washington rank as the two best states with cost of living index scores of 114 and 116 respectively. There will also be different tax situations depending on the type of employment, the type of work, and any expenses associated with such. Don’t fret though because now you can connect with a live tax expert or CPA via TurboTax Live, and all from the comfort of your home in Delaware, Washington, or any other state.

The beautiful thing about today’s tech-infused world is that there are multiple ways to profit on the internet (remotely) as long as you’re willing to work. If you want to improve your financial situation, the ideas below should give you plenty of inspiration.

Idea #1 – Print on Demand 

You can create and sell products with print on demand even if you lack graphic designer skills. The POD venture does not have to be a one-person operation. You can turn it into a joint project and get yourself a partner who knows how to create interesting designs. Meanwhile, you can focus on promoting the store and driving traffic to the website.

According to MerchReadyDesigns, more than 10 thousand Shopify stores have integrated a print on demand in 2018, and the number has grown more since then.

Some would argue that the market is oversaturated by now, and starting a store from scratch would be too difficult. However, there is room for newcomers so long as they can offer fresh ideas and high-quality products.

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Idea #2 – Blogging

Blogging can be more than just a source of income. You can express yourself by writing articles on topics that interest you. As a rule of thumb, it is better to write articles on something you are passionate about. Otherwise, the chances are that you will eventually start losing motivation and quit before making any money blogging.

Once you have a topic in mind, make sure that you focus on the article quality instead of quantity. There are plenty of bloggers who try to publish content every day without thinking about its quality. 

If you were to emphasize quality, the chances of attracting loyal readers would grow. And once you have an audience, you can start thinking about monetization.

There are multiple options. For some bloggers, running ad networks and promoting digital products are the best method. For others, it is offering guest publishing or even creating a crowdfunding page and letting their audience decide how much the brand is worth. 

Idea #3 – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also a good method to consider. You can join Amazon, ClickBank, or another affiliate program and pick products or services you would like to promote.

The goal of this method is to create a website and drive traffic that will convert. People need to click on your affiliate links. If they end up on a landing page that redirects them from your website and spends money while the browser cookies are still active, you will get a commission for each sale.

To make affiliate marketing work, you will need to focus on researching and writing valuable content. Search engine optimization is also an important aspect because organic traffic from Google is worth a lot when someone finds your page after entering keywords with the intent to purchase a product or service.


Idea #4 – Streaming on Twitch TV

Top Twitch TV streamers make six figures. Of course, becoming a top streamer may be a bit too far-fetched, but you can still make a decent living if you have regular numbers.

Attracting viewers and making them stay will be your priority. Think about what you can offer. Is it your personality? Or maybe you have a particular set of skills, like cooking or playing music?

Streamers monetize their Twitch TV channels by receiving donations and subscriptions from viewers, starting a YouTube channel where they post stream highlights, and getting sponsorship deals. 

Idea #5 – Customer Support

Since more and more businesses are shifting their focus online, they need people working in customer support.

The position may not sound that exciting, but it is still a solid way to make money without overworking yourself. For one thing, you can combine customer support with another side gig if the number of queries you have to deal with is not too high.

Your duties will consist of answering customer questions on the phone, social media, emails, and direct messages on the website. The start may be rough, but once you get the hang of work and familiarize yourself with the products or services your workplace sells, there should be few issues. 

Idea #6 – Virtual Assistant

You can find virtual assistant gigs on freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. Virtual assistants carry out the duties they receive from the employer. It can range from simple tasks like data entry and research to more complicated matters, like creating social media content, answering phone calls, or creating a schedule.

A lot depends on the skills you have, but even if you are not that experienced, there should still be one or two opportunities to find virtual assistant work. Besides making money, you can also gain valuable experience that you can use in the future.


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