MilesWeb Review: The Best Web Hosting Affiliate Program


Affiliate marketing is all about finding the highest paying affiliate programs that align with your audience. There are companies that provide extensive affiliate programs like Amazon, Walmart, and many others that are quite popular in the affiliate marketing community. I have been doing affiliate work for a while now and haveseen my share of business associates. As an affiliate marketer, I found that Milesweb stands out even among them. I have worked with them as an affiliate and was impressed with their affiliate program. I figured I could review their affiliate program as a well-known web hosting company.

About MilesWeb

Established in 2012, MilesWeb is one of the most popular and fastest-growing web hosting service providersaround. They provide fast, reliable and cost-effective web hosting solutions for all kinds of online businesses. Their web hosting services are world-class as they have datacentersbased all over the globe. They have some of the best plans in the shared hosting arena and provide compelling service as well as technical assistance to their customers.

MilesWeb has a team of trained experts who provide technical support to clients. They even give advice and support to affiliates and are a pleasure to work with. They have built a good reputation among customers and business associates and, they offers cheap reseller hosting. Their affiliate experts even help newbies in promotion activities across various platforms.

MilesWeb Affiliate Program

MilesWeb has developed an affiliate program to reach out to more people through content creators and other digital media influencers. The structure of their affiliate program is very impressive and very easy to understand. Thanks to that, it is very convenient to interact and do business with them as an affiliate marketer. They even have a dedicated platform for their affiliate associates that comes withfeatures like link tracking, payment records, client tracing, and so on. They even help you learn about affiliate marketing if you are new to itviablogs and video tutorials which cover affiliate marketing and current affiliate marketing trends in depth.

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How to Join MilesWeb Affiliate Program?

The signup process to the MilesWeb Affiliate Program is simple.

All you have to do is fill up a form sharing your details as an affiliate associate, your link and start earning commissions. They accept affiliates worldwide and have no qualms or joining requirements. You can join them and provide affiliation on virtually any online platform, making the MilesWeb affiliate program one of the most easiest to joinand earn programs in the affiliate business.

MilesWeb Affiliates Dashboard

MilesWeboffers a dashboardfor its affiliates where you signup and also manage your affiliate account. This platform makes it very easy to manage your affiliate account, keep track of your payments and elevate your performance.

Commission Rates and Rules of MilesWeb Affiliate Program

MilesWeb has a convenient yet rewarding payout system that counts among the best in the business.

  • There is a zero registration fee and you get to join as an affiliate for free.
  • Once the sign-up process is complete, ₹1000 is immediately credited to your affiliate account.
  • There are fixed commissions at the sale of a hosting plan. Commissions range between ₹200 to ₹2000 per product. There are fixed commissions at the sale of every hosting plan.
  • An automatic money transfer to your bank account through NEFT or PayPal occurs as soon as our balance reaches ₹3000.
  • The commission is processed 30 days after the sale occurs.
  • The duration for tracking cookie lasts 365 days, higher than any other web hosting affiliate program.
  • Attempt to claim commission on your hosting accounts or “Self-sign ups” is against the company’s affiliate policies.
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There is detailed information about their Commission Structure in the link given below:

MilesWeb Affiliate Commission Structure

Affiliate Tools and Support

MilesWeb has a team of affiliate experts to help you. They provide you the necessary assistance and support to carry on the affiliation activities.

They have designed multiple web hosting banners in different sizes. You get to choose a banner from their affiliate dashboard or the banners page to use in your affiliate link without sounding too salesy. You can even request a customized banner. The affiliate marketing team will provide you one within 2 – 3 days.

Contact MilesWeb affiliate experts at

Why MilesWeb Affiliate Program is the Best in Business?

MilesWeb provides a variety of budget web hosting plans, especially for small and medium enterprises. Hence, as an affiliate marketer, you can be assured of high conversions. MilesWeb has a solid 8-year history and has consolidated itself as a reliable web hosting company, making it a viable source of passive income for any affiliate with the right buyers in their network. And, it has some of the best affiliate features among the web hosting companies.

  • They have a dedicated team to provide expert advice to affiliates.
  • The cookie duration is 365 days which is the highest for the MilesWeb affiliate program.
  • Commission approval is 30 days after purchase which counts as one of the fastest in the business.

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