Seven Best Fitness Apps for 2021 (UAE Guide)


Fitness today has been redefined by the digital tech revolution as online programmes & teaching classes enables easier, quicker, convenient & effective workout, more than ever!

The digital world expanded significantly in 2021 as more and more businesses started providing online services.  Same goes for the fitness and personal wellness industry as healthcare experts, workout professionals started hosting live sessions and even provided free-of-charge video tutorials thus adding convenience for everyone.

That said, the internet is flooded with amazing fitness resources but can leave you baffled, especially when it comes to pick a specific one. With almost every other software development company contributing heavily to the fitness industry with savvy apps and websites, there’re a few selected mobile app development companies in Dubai to collaborate directly with fitness coaches and experts to develop customised apps that deliver results.

Here’s a list to save you the trouble from sifting across the app stores just to find the right fitness app; for both Android and Apple’s iOS.

My Fitness Pal

With a library of more than 350 variations of cardio and stamina development sessions, My Fitness Pal is a complete workout suite that can further integrate with above 50 apps and smart devices, synching all your workouts.

The app is sure to get you going and in-shape with a huge database of healthy nutrition and food options for more or less six-million different items that also includes restaurant logger thus ensuring your calorie count remains stable all the time.

My Fitness Pal has received applauses from some of the world’s top publishers due to the app’s endless capabilities and specifically designed for those willing to go for complete gym solution, exercise sessions logs, calorie-metre with each function offering seamless interaction and customisation.

Pro Features

  • Database of more than six-million food items and healthy snacking
  • Devices and apps integration
  • Compare food intake with daily physical activities
  • Custom options based on health goals
  • More than 350 workout sessions and tutorials
  • Restaurant logging menu as an add-on feature


Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer

To all those who’re over conscious of their health, daily workout and budget will find Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer quite handy. The app offers custom workout plans and sessions from 5-to-30 minutes for both men and women, without the hassle of going to the gym. Developed by certified professionals who would guide you on random workouts that may include above 95 different body moves and flexes, this rock-solid app’s sure to get you in shape! With optimistic and praiseworthy reviews, users claim the app strikes a perfect balance between simple to extreme workouts that’ll surely burn all the bad fat.

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Pro Features

  • Exclusively developed by certified health and workout professionals
  • Tutorials and workout sessions designed for homes
  • Free-of-cost basic service, first-class choice for beginners
  • Different workout lengths available for maximum convenience


Zones for Training

A perfect companion for the Apple Watch consumers, the Zones for Training is designed more for cardiovascular workouts or callisthenics that boosts stamina while known to burn up fat, fast! You can exercise while keep a lookout on your pulse, thus helping you stay in the fat-burning zone while pushing the limits. The Zones for Training is more for experienced and seasoned workout individuals who usually get more specific to their goals, thus sidestepping moves that aren’t necessary.

Pro Features

  • An appealing option for seasoned and serious individuals, keen to their workout
  • Feedback add-on feature for fat burning
  • Integrate and works well with Apple watches
  • Real-time heart rate monitoring for cardiovascular and callisthenic sessions
  • Basic service is free-of-cost



Launched way back in 2010 when the smartphone and app industry just started to gain fame, Fooducate gives you honest insight on all your eating habits, dietary intake and calorie consumption. The purpose of the app is to provide user details on foods and drinks they’re taking, what the body actually needs and even prompt you on missing essential supplements like protein, iron so on. If your aim is only to control your diet, consume more low-fat or low-carb diet, Fooducate will surely provide you all the data as well as the macronutrient ratios; all with a user-friendly interface. The app also features a section dedicated for healthy and nutrient-full recipes with real-time community support.

Pro Features

  • Real-time community support
  • Macronutrient ratio display with simple chart plots
  • Barcode scanner further complements easy data input
  • Healthy food recipes and diet tips available with easy-to-understand food grading system
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For keen yogis who wish to achieve the slim, tree-like posture while bend and move in any way they wish to, YogaGlo is surely a must-have app. All users can enjoy customised classes with the programme or yoga session designed on their preference that can be anything from sleep, stress reduction, boost inner strengths, calls positivity and so on.

Each session is carefully planned by professional yoga instructors whereas positive reviews from almost every user, gives the app a five-star rating. The best feature of all is downloadable classes that can be viewed in offline mode and convenience, even during travel whereas customer support service is an added benefit.

Pro Features

  • Best for both beginners and advanced yogis
  • Regular updates and class schedule
  • Works without wireless internet connection
  • Professional teachers and trainers



Whether your fitness goal is exclusive to only strength and stamina, cardio and calisthenics, yoga and stretching or any other, Sworkit is everyone’s favourite, offering personalised classes and training sessions based on different skill sets, endurance level and trainers. With time, the level of workout and severity progresses which makes the app a complete gym with the convenience of your home so there’s no need to buy a gym membership. For queries and concerns, users can even talk to their trainers directly or drop them a message.

Pro Features

  • Customised callisthenics, cardio, yoga, stamina and stretching sessions
  • Seamless integration with many other apps and devices
  • No gym membership or specialised equipment necessary
  • Personalised trainers, for both beginners and advanced users


JEFIT Workout Planner Gym Log

Both a mobile and web-based application as well as handpicked by Google Play Editor, the JEFIT Workout Planner Gym Log is sure to keep you on track throughout the fitness and wellness journey. You can customise your weight-training sessions, track workout with friends, get peer support and keep up with the sessions. The app will further upload all your workout data and logs to the official JEFIT server for real-time insights.

Pro Features

–          Create custom workout programmes

–          Monitor and share progress with peers and other app users

–          Workout library exclusively designed by certified professionals

–          Post-workout analytics are shared

–          Peer support and community login

With so many fitness apps for your exclusive health requirement, now is the perfect time to get in shape and be the new you in 2021.


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