how to remove nail polish from clothes

How To Remove Nail Polish From Clothes? Save Your Favorite Clothes

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Are you painting your nails with nail polish? Minor accidents are always expected when you are excited to get ready for the party of anything, and what will you do if you accidentally spill your nail polish on your newest clothes? No one wants to have that nightmare, but it happens with many women and girls are getting ready. Of course, you can change the clothes when they have nail polish, but what to do with spoilt clothes? That’s what we have covered in this article, and by reading it till the end, you will understand how to remove nail polish from clothes.


If you don’t know how to remove nail polish from your clothes correctly, you will likely panic and will stay shocked to cry on your clothes, but don’t worry because it’s outstanding that you mistakenly spill nail polish on your cloth, and of course, it’s a bad dream, but you can fix it. Many times girls say that whenever they paint their nails, they use a protective layer to cover their clothes because they have seen many accidents of spilling nail polish on their clothes and carpets. It left a sticky, coloured, and unwanted nail polish sign that they couldn’t remove from the clothes. So they had to stop wearing those clothes when it happened to them. Without any doubt, we can say it’s a nightmare because you never wish to stop using your favorite garments. 

how to remove nail polish from clothes
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But who can influence or stop some happenings? Right? Of course, some bad things or unwanted things happen to your clothes, and nail polish is one of the most stubborn, gooey, and sticky liquids that won’t easily or permanently get removed from your clothes. But don’t worry because, in this article, we have shared some proven and practical ways you can use to remove nail polish from clothes to carpet and furniture to wooden floors. So, are you ready to learn how to remove nail polish from clothes?

We Advise To Keep Nail Polish Remover:

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Do you know whether your clothes are made from fabrics and fabric comes in many materials? Hence, each fabric type has special instructions for protecting that particular fabric against certain things. This information is a must to remember when you clean carpets or wash clothes. Still, when it comes to removing nail polish from your clothes, you can’t use the information because it won’t work on it, but of course, you can keep those points in mind while using anything to remove nail polish from the clothes and wash them. Many nail polishes need acetone to tackle their stubborn spots. 

How To Remove Nail Polish From Clothes?

No matter what, you mistakenly spill the nail polish, but when it comes to the cloth, you can’t stop carrying and getting frustrated with yourself if you don’t know how to clean it. Right? But don’t worry. We have taught here how to clean or remove the nail polish from the cloth. So, get ready and be happy with it. Of course, it’s challenging, but not impossible. So, here is how to do it.

1. Take a bottle of your old or new nail polish remover. Nail polish remover has some specific chemicals that are effective nail polish removers because of their chemical process.

2. The second is hairspray. It is also an efficient nail polish remover because of its chemical content. Some types of cleaning solvent are also used to remove nail polish from the cloth. 

3. If your white clothes have spilled nail polish, you must consider hydrogen peroxide, which is used to bleach the stains gently. If these chemicals have removed the color, you can wash your clothes without any issues as you did previously.

4. Sometimes you may mistakenly spill nail polish on the clothes like wool, silk, or polyester; you must first check the cleansing chemical on the other side of the cloth that is not exposed. So, you can determine whether that chemical cleansing harms your cloth quality. Undoubtedly, most nail polish removers, dedicated cleansers, and detergents can help remove nail polish from your clothes. But, while doing so, remember to scrub cautiously and avoid damaging garments.

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What Are The Best Tools To Remove Nail Polish From Clothes?

The best tools to remove nail polish from clothes are those that don’t damage the color, texture, and quality of your clothes and still can remove any stubborn spots of fallen liquids. So, according to one research, the best products that can perform this task well are the detergent you use for washing clothes at home. You can soak clothe in the slightly warm water with detergent mixed and let them stay in the water for a few hours.

Some nail polish spots are tough and dried. So, you can add a few drops of nail polish remover to it, remove nail polish, and it will clean more than 95%. After that, you can soak the clothes in the detergent liquid. Hence, you will get the cloth cleaned without extra effort.

How To Be Careful While Painting Your Nail to Avoid Stains?

The best thing you can do to avoid damaging your clothes with nail polish is you should be more careful with the painting task. Here are some things you can consider and see how you never need to know how to remove nail polish from clothes. 

Avoid nail polish painting by putting your hands on the clothes. So, women are habited to get ready and then keep their hands on their palms to paint nails. That can cause an accident.

how to remove nail polish from clothes
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Always remember to put a cotton cloth below the hand to ensure that nail polish, if it falls, falls only on the waste cotton. So, your favourite, costly, classy, and fashionable clothes don’t get spoiled. 

Use different types of nail polish like quickly drying nail polish, fast absorbing nail polish, thick liquid, and more. To handle the accident, you must always get the respective nail polish remover handy. Then, when you have nail polish remover handy, you can use it promptly.

Wrapping Up:

Did you understand how to remove nail polish from clothes? In this article, we have shared different ways to clean your clothes when you have accidentally spilled nail polish on your clothes. Let us know if you have any issues with the nail polish remover guide tutorial. Do you want to know more about removing nail polish remover from your carpet? We have discussed various fabrics you can protect against nail polish in different ways. So, read about them too and solve your queries.

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