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Top 10 Easy Accessed Best Free Responsive Blogger Templates


Have you started blogging? Blogger platform allows its users to create and publish their passion their way. It is free to use and provides the easiest way to publish your blog. Google has created this perfect tool to start blogging without making any investment and requiring you to code and design your website. It provides several template options entirely free for all users and lets the users use any other templates not made by Google or team blogger. Therefore, we have shortlisted the ten best free responsive blogger templates you can use on your blog and attract more visitors.

Blogger Overview:

Blogger is the free tool to publish your passion your way, designed by Google. It is a user-friendly and Search Engine Optimized Platform to support new bloggers. If you have used Blogspot, it is a better option to write about any niches you want. It comes with high security and quality standards of blogging. Blogger lets you use a few elegant templates to customize your blog, and you are ready to publish your blog with a few clicks. At the time of launch, it provided a few good templates, but now it gives quite attractive blogger templates that are premium templates. But what if you can get some of the best premium blogger templates free to use?

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Know More About Free Responsive Blogger Templates:

  • It may help you solve your problem regarding the best free responsive blogger templates. There are thousands of responsive free blogger templates that developers have released and still releasing today. Thus, you have a great chance to see through a collection of helpful and responsive blogger templates. These templates have better options to customize your blog with responsive and attractive layouts.
  • Best blogger templates must be super stylish, quickly responsive, and user-friendly. It should support your picture-based blogs and web portable. Of course, blogger is the oldest blogging platform, and it is still famous in the market. One of the best options is to use blogger blogs to attract organic traffic. Several blog writers who ran their blogs through Blogspot make huge money through this platform because they customize their blog with the best available templates.
  • You can see thousands of third-party template providers who design and upload their best templates for people to download freely and easily. You only have to choose one of your desired templates and start building your blog. Here is the list you have to check for the best blogging templates.

Top 10 Best Free Responsive Blogger Templates:

In this list, if free responsive blogger templates, we have put these templates which are better if we consider the SEO, aesthetics, response, accessibility, freely available, used for both picture-based and written content based, customization, attractive layouts, and more things you can do with the templates.

  • Master Blog:

If you download and use the Master Blog template, you will see three columns of blogger templates. Most of the time, event blogs need this type of template. That is why developers have designed this template for event blogs. You can see it as a highly optimized theme having better SEO benefits. By using this template, you can rank higher in SEO and get more chances to earn more because of the organic traffic of visitors. This template is free to use, and there is no need to worry about customization because it is easily customizable.

  • BPress:

Is your blog made like a magazine? Do you want to customize your blog like a magazine? When you think you want to keep your blog like a magazine, you can use the BPress template. Its developer has made it a Magazine Blogger Template, and there is no need to worry about SEO because it has SEO ready. It lets you use twelve different types of content-based featured widgets. We have analyzed and concluded that BPress is one of the most useful and best magazine blogger template available today on the internet. It gives unique features to use, and you can create blogs on any niche.

  • PaperMag:

If you are looking for stylish and professional-looking blogger templates to use on your Blogspot blog, PaperMag is a better option for you. This template works to be suitable for creative and attractive blogs. There is good to worry about the suitability of this blog because it suits best for fashion, food, makeup, travel, OOTD, personal blog, photography, simple magazine, news tech, reviews, sports, and videos. It means if you have published your blog about any of the above-discussed topics and niches and looking for the best available free responsive blogger templates to make your blog even professional, you can use this platform.

  • Pixel:

This blogger template is free to use. It is an open-source blogger template. It has a high level of customization, style, looks, and response. Mostly, bloggers publishing their blogs on news and magazine use this template, but you can use it for any niche. There is no need to worry about its cost. The reason is that you can use it for both commercial and private blogs, and it will cost you nothing to do it. However, there is no support with this template, and you might have to keep maintaining the flow by customizing this template.

  • Newspaper:

A newspaper blogger template is used for news blogs, where you can publish Modern news, day-to-day happenings, celebrity news, or anything you like to share with visitors. You can also use this template for magazines and your general blog in any niches. This template has the best suitability with sites providing news on technologies, fashion, sports, travel, personal care and fitness, entertainment, and other types of news blogs. There are several features that you can use to customize your blog. You can also call it a feature-rich site that takes too low responsive time.

  • Revo:

If you want to use a simple blogger template that is dynamic and quick responsive, this template is best suited for your blog. It is one of the best free responsive blogger templates you can use as the primary theme for your Blogspot blog and magazine. You can use it for magazines, different types of blog niches, personal blogs, fashion blogs, photography blogs, travel blogs, sports blogs, news blogs, and magazines. If you want to make your site more attractive and stylish, this template option is only for you. However, you must be hardworking to make better customizations.

  • Espire:

Aspire is one of the most stylish, multi-purpose, clean, creative, and fully responsive blogger templates that you can use with your Blogspot blog. The ad you already know that this site template is multi-purpose, it means you can customize this site for all niches like sports, fashion, games, news, magazine, technologies, competition exam related news, personal blogs, photography blogs, online education, online courses, and many more you can do. The first and the most crucial thing that matters while using this template is your creativity and enthusiasm to customize your blog like a pro.

  • Lucy Beauty:

If you are looking for a stylish, elegant, and powerful blogger template that is a multi-purpose theme having minimalistic layouts and focuses on simplicity and readability, this template is specifically designed for bloggers like you. Lucy Beauty Blogger Template is one of the best blogger templates and is quickly responsive. There are plenty of and helpful features. You can use it to customize your blog and attract organic traffic.

  • TheBlogger:

The developer of the TheBlogger blogging template has used innovative, better coded, and feature-rich themes to create this blogger template. It has easy customization for all niches of blogs like news blogs, newspaper blogs, magazine blogs, publishing blogs, and review sites. But you can also use it for your blogs, fitness blogs, and any other blogs. It has several features that you can use to make your layout even better and attractive. There is no need to worry about SEO because it supports all blogs. You must be curious to try different customization options and not be stuck with only a few changes you have made.

  • SEO Boost:

Have you ever imagined you can use a blogger template named SEO Boost? Search Engine Optimization is something very hard, according to new bloggers and fresher. But they don’t know that with proper practice, dedication, learning, application of learned knowledge, better template, and research, they can keep their SEO as simple but quick as possible. By keeping this in mind, the developer of SEO Boost has created this template having a quick response. It is one of the best available themes to boost SEO. From its name, you can guess it is an SEO-friendly and SEO-optimized blogger template that can help your blog rank quickly.

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Wrapping Up: 

Did you find your best free responsive blogger template? In this article, we have given a primary idea on how you can choose your free responsive blogger template, and if you have used any of these templates, you can share your thoughts. If you wish to search for more free responsive blogger templates, you can find thousands of options for you.

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