A website: a must for every business


Creating a site has lots of benefits, but some people still hesitate. Check what the benefits are and how to create a site easily in the guide!

Points to consider when creating a site

Creating a website has advantages that no one can dispute. And the best thing is that it is now possible to build a web page without investing a single penny. You can create a free site utilizing a website builder in just a few minutes. Understandably, it won’t be as high-quality as the site created by professionals, but it is still a nice chance to increase your web presence.

But be careful because not all web creation software is equal. So, how to create a website that is worth it? Can we really succeed on the web without spending anything at all? What is the best strategy to ensure digital success while saving money? Guys from SECL shared some tips, so let’s take a look!

Creating a website for free: is it possible?

If you want to build a website for free, you can only do it yourself. The free offers you can find on the net are not all of the same quality, far from it!

Two options offered

There are two types of online software that can allow you to make a site for free: CMS (Content Management System) and Website builders. But they do not address the same public:

  • If you are used to hacking your computer, and computer languages do not scare you, if you feel great about taking care of technical updates and the security of your site yourself, you can opt for a CMS. With this type of complete tool, you will have great creative freedom.
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However, at the slightest question, at the slightest glitch, you will have to manage on your own like a pro. So make sure you have enough knowledge.

  • If you are not familiar with the HTML code and you want to create a free web page that is effective, and especially if you want to do it quickly, a website builder will be much more suitable.

Be aware that with this type of web design tool, you do not have to worry about the technical aspect, and you are accompanied and supported if you have a particular question or request.

Can we expect real results from it?

Creating a free and quality website is feasible if you choose a good web design provider. But is that enough to build a really effective online presence?

In our opinion, this can be a good option to start on the Internet.

A first step on the web

Creating a platform for free cannot allow you to manage your web pages so finely and gives you fewer opportunities than a paid option, for sure.

But it remains a great way to create a showcase or presentation site and gives you time to familiarize yourself with the web.

It all depends on your expectations

If you decide to create a website for free, be well aware of what you can expect from it and put this in perspective with your web objectives.

If you choose to build a free site, we advise you at least to reserve a domain name: this will promote your SEO from the first online launch, and you will not regret it.

Keep in mind that a free site creation has certain limits, especially if you are professional and expect quantified and concrete benefits from your presence on the Internet.

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The limits

To obtain real results and concoct a truly satisfactory web strategy, it is more effective to opt for a subscription (if you use a website builder or any other software of this type), allowing the creation of a complete, professional-quality site.

It is rather logical, and if you are comfortable with the software of your choice, your website satisfies you, and you want to go further in the web design adventure, you can enrich your web pages, little by little, by evolving your site at your own pace.

Free website creation: the question of SEO

Gaining real visibility on the web requires the implementation of a nice program to work on the referencing of your pages. On your free site, you can start by developing a good architecture, structuring your pages, and inserting your keywords. Don’t neglect SEO – it can do miracles for your platform. 

Build a free site: basic features

Advanced interactive features such as a blog, a forum, a FAQ section, and a comment thread give you the opportunity to improve your quality of service and SEO at the same time by allowing:

  • The regular refresh of your information.
  • Constant addition of new keywords.

Launching a free site means building a digital showcase and leaving the first trace on the net, thanks to the basic web creation functions: videos, photos, graphic elements, and texts.

At the same time, the most advanced tools will allow you to do the following:

  • Convince people more easily.
  • Generate leads in order to expand your customer file.
  • Create and retain a community.
  • Make you better known.
  • Sustainably and profoundly improve your brand image.
  • And possibly to sell directly online if that is your wish.

Building a free website is, therefore, quite possible, and it is even quick and easy when you choose your web design solution well! It’s a great way to familiarize yourself with web creation and to start quietly in the digital world.

However, remember that if you really want to make everything perfect and get truly breathtaking results, you may still have to hire a professional team. Indeed, it will help you save time and effort.

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