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What is a Triggered Email Campaign and Why Is it Important for Insurance Agencies?


Insurance agents are given the task of facilitating communication between insurers and policyholders. It’s up to them to identify risk management strategies and make policyholders understand all of the intricacies of their insurance contracts. They help policyholders make informed decisions when it comes to protecting their businesses, possessions, and wellbeing. Insurance agents also micromanage policyholders’ everyday insurance-related needs, such as; sending policy renewal reminders, making sure regular payments are made, and helping with insurance claims. Some forward-thinking, prudent insurance agents choose to delegate this task to sleek, automated marketing and communication platforms.

Check out the text below to find out why a triggered email campaign can have almost double the click-through rates than any other type of email.

Triggered Email Campaigns, Definition

At their core, triggered email campaigns are created when these aforementioned marketing and communication platforms integrate with a broker’s management system in order to automatically  send relevant and highly personalized emails to each policyholder. 

Information that is stored within the management system is used to allow insurance brokers to seamlessly communicate with each policyholder individually, without lifting a finger. A simple example would be sending out a welcome email to each new policyholder which is registered in the AMS/BMS. These triggered email marketing campaigns also help brokers handle tedious daily tasks such as following up with insurance claims, requesting policy reviews, renewals, and sending billing reminders. Moreover, they allow for an equally high-quality user experience across thousands and even hundreds of thousands of policyholders at once. They ensure every policyholder feels catered to and is kept up-to-date, without exception.

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Triggered vs. Traditional Email Campaigns

In both cases, email campaigns are sent to clients or prospects in order to elicit some sort of response such as completing a purchase, to reading a news article or registering for an event. The key distinction between triggered emails and regular marketing emails is the level of personalization that each recipient will recieve. Traditional email campaigns would result in an entire list of email subscribers receiving the same email. Triggered emails, on the other hand, are more personalized – they are sent automatically to individual clients, triggered by their online action or other criteria. 

Triggered emails are simply more likely to get a recipient to engage. After all, they only received the email because they qualified. A billing reminder, for example, only reaches the inbox of a policyholder who had missed out on a payment. Similarly, a cross-sell offering an auto insurance policy only reaches the inbox of clients who already have a homeowner’s policy.

Benefits of Triggered Email Campaigns

Most of all, triggered email campaigns are precise, timely, and can be highly personalized to only send relevant emails to clients. Each triggered email provides value to recipients and, more importantly, they save the broker a lot of time. This translates into a more solid, trust-based relationship between insurance agents and policyholders. Subscribers are encouraged to make more informed decisions regarding their insurance plans. The worst-case scenario of policyholders only learning which assets are covered once they need to file a claim is promptly avoided. Companies that provide the marketing and communication platforms which are needed to send triggered email campaigns for insurance agencies also provide other services which could be equally beneficial to insurance agents and policyholders alike. For example, policyholders can be given access to all of their policy documents via a dedicated self-service portal which is found on your broker’s website. These portals can also help policyholders make payments, access their proof of insurance, keep an eye on their inventory, and even contact roadside emergency services.

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If used wisely, email can be the most lucrative digital marketing channel by far, with the median ROI of roughly 122%. As of right now, triggered email is the most time-saving, and cost effective email marketing trend, which is only expected to grow in popularity. Any insurance business wanting to remain cutting-edge and repair the industry’s reputation, would do well to consider it.  

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