Top 4 Wealth plans offered by the banks


Wealth plans are the types of plans that help individuals to increase their wealth by investing in them. Many companies that provide these plans collect the premiums from the policyholders and support them in debt and equity funds. The significant benefits of investing your money in wealth plans are that they help people to grow their portfolios while paying this premium. 

They also provide live coverage to the policyholders. They also have a variety of ULIP policy that caters to different demographic and has many investing goals. 

  1. Mera wealth plans

The Mera wealth plan gives you ample opportunities to take the benefits of the market and fulfills your risk appetite. It is designed to help build the funds, so the individual’s life goals are fulfilled through strategic investment in the market. You are eligible to get the benefits of the loyalty additions with the mera wealth plan. 

  • Flexible premium payment options
  • Receive payouts in the form of the lump sum 
  • Receive the loyalty additions
  • Protect the investment from life coverage
  • Tax benefits
  • Benefits to opting for the systematic transfer option.
  1. Smart platinum

The bright platinum plan can enhance the investment portfolio with the benefits of the six different funds. The value of the payout of this plan is based upon the fund’s performance that you select. You get the following benefits from this wealth plan.

  • Coverage till the age of 99 years
  • Flexible options to change the sum assured as per your needs
  • Premium payment terms for the five years, ten years, and the entire team
  • Partial withdrawal options.  
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  1. Smart one

The Smart one plan is a unit-linked insurance plan. With this plan, you can quickly get peace of mind after confirming that your family is protected in case something happens to you. It does not participate in the bonus but provides the opportunity to take the benefits of the market heights. This intelligent plan has dual protection and investment benefits under one plan. This plan can give you access to the six different unit-linked funds. This plan is an excellent way to secure the living and status of your family under their standards. You will get the following benefits from this plan.

  • Get the benefits of protection and investment in the single plan
  • Enjoy the fund’s liquidity with the partial withdrawal option 
  • Pay on the single premium only
  • Get the help from the loyalty additions
  • Give the protection from market lows 
  • Get the tax benefits under the Income Tax act


Many banks in the country offer top-notch services plans. There are many reasons behind the benefits of the wealth plans, such as protection for up to 99 years, flexible payment premium options, auto rebalancing options, a 15-day free look period, investment in different funds, and variety in the policy terms, and many more. 

Hope you get the information on the wealth plans and their benefits. 

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