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Programmable Logic Controller is a small industrial computer with customized control processes automatically designed modular components. PLC is often widely used in factories to control police, pumps, lights, conveyor belts, boilers, fans, circuit breakers and other equipment. 

HMI is the main point of communication between a machine or process. Bangladesh Automation Technologies is one of the leading automation companies in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Automation Technologies is a PLC Inverter HMI buy and services centre. A well-designed HMI control system works only with the Programmable Logic Controller and provides an operator with HMI activated functions.

Industrial automation process

Industrial automation or factory automation is a control system such as computers or robots and information technologies to manage different kinds of processes and machinery in an industry to replace an industry. The industrial automation control system is another process of mechanization in the scope of modern industrialization. 

Where PLC, HMI, VFD are widely used including PLC, and HMI is one of the most fundamental parts of the industrial control system. The HMI is originally working with PLC. A variable frequency drive is sometimes called a frequency inverter. It is also called regular speed drive, the basic working principle is that an AC motor adjusts the power supply of a VFD with a synchronous frequency and voltage change between a motor speed and output torque of the motor.

HMI Common Uses

HMI, programmable logic controller, and inputs, communicates with output sensors and view and display information for users. HMI Screens can be widely used for monitoring and tracking, or to perform more sophisticated activities, or how to use more sophisticated activities, which can be used to increase switching speed or increase production speed.

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HMI uses HMI to optimize an industrial process by digitizing data for a viewer and concentrating an industrial process. By leveraging the product through Human Machine Interface, operators used to view the information displayed on graphs, charts, or digital dashboards and to view alarms and manage alarms and connect with a Programmable Logic Controller with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition and MES systems.

Industrial repairing service

Our skilled and professional automation engineers manage your site units, handling, and controlling on your machine and are always ready to connect everything in your machine or the production line, and always install them in the production line. Free running and units are all the activities connected to the required energy and service sources. 

Bangladesh Automation Technology is one of the best electronics repair centres in Bangladesh. Our electronics lab service centre is very well equipped for your industrial electronic repair needs. Our technicians regularly repair various types of PLC, inverter, HMI, industrial control as well as other industrial electronic equipment. We can deliver your product to you by repairing it very quickly without sacrificing quality. Our first goal is to always provide quality service at a competitive price. 

Modern control systems use a programmable logic controller (PLC) to control valves, pumps, motors and other machines used in a process. You can communicate with the PLC control system with a computer-based industrial HMI based control product. A well-planned combination of PLC and HMI will serve as a solid foundation for business process automation needs.

If your business needs support from both PLC and HMI, you can contact Bangladesh Automation Technologies. We offer PLC and HMI programming to different clients. With our knowledge of current development platforms, and extensive control system history, we can provide proven technology that will enhance your industrial control process skills. Bangladesh automation technologies are PLC Inverter HMI buy and services centre.

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Why Electronics Repair is important?

PLC inverter HMI service and repair is a process that means reactivating a faulty electronics device. plc inverter HMI or electronic devices can be fixed by investing a small amount of money considering the purchase price of that device. So permanently removing the device is not always a wise decision. If you are considering a good electronics repair centre that will give you a good economic response. 

The main advantage of repairing faulty electronics devices is saving money as well as reducing downtime. We have extensive experience in the repair of different types of complex industrial devices. Our technicians will visit your site and try to fix it in urgent. On the other hand, you can send your faulty tools to our lab (PLC, HMI, VFD). Then we’ll find the problem and discuss with you about the cost and delivery time. If you need a quick supply, you must notify us before and we’ll tell you the fastest delivery time.

Our viewpoint may resolve the best industrial automation in Bangladesh, we believe in quality and services. We’ve experienced engineers and technicians to provide you with the best service as well as support. In addition, we would like to give a cost-effective option for clients to ensure good productivity and service.


Bangladesh automation technologies are one of the best PLC Inverter HMI buy and services centres in Bangladesh. We have very professional industrial automation engineers and a well-equipped automation product (PLC, HMI, VFD, Servo) service centre. For this reason, we can assure you that we can provide you with quick service. You will be glad to know that we provide automation service in your factory or your industry if you have a small problem or if you require urgent service. For this reason, you may contact us to get your reliable and authentic service.

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