Employee Enablement Software for Streamlining the Onboarding Process & Sales Effort


Well, to make things sound simpler to you in layman’s terms, an employee or workforce enablement tool & software helps a company’s top brass to create or build upon a cycle of performance management metrics and personalized learning that empowers employee enablement processes. Such software also helps in getting access to new prospects and leads. It also provides knowledge management solutions that help a company’s sales professional get a better understanding of their customers and requirements. It is not just about sales enhancement, but other employee aspects too. And, there’s a technology partner and expert like “Guidde” that helps companies with such scalable and future-ready tools, software, analytics and performance tracking metrics that ensures a team’s well-being.

Benefits of Employee Enablement Software

The first benefit is measuring customer engagement. With one such employee enablement software by your side, you can check your team’s well-being and understand how they’re feeling, by providing them with all the necessary support. Secondly, you can provide your sales & marketing managers with all the tools, resources, material and content in order to lead their teams effectively, even if they’re far away from you. Lastly, with one such software, you can create a sense of belonging, by aligning everyone around that are participating in an effort or mission and investing in the team’s development. This creates a true sense of belonging among all the members and employees.

A Scalable, Flexible and Powerful Platform

All forward thinking companies require a future-ready and scalable platform that not only helps save time through automation, but also benefits the employees. You can now think of collecting anonymous or non-anonymous employee feedback, apart from enhancing employee performance, leadership qualities and generating reviews. It is by using expert employee engagement templates; you can now activate the drivers of engagement and save time with automated real-time analysis.

Managing your Goals and Aligning your Company

It is definitely thinkable to manage your company employees from top-to-bottom, by understanding team & individual goals through flexible metrics. Through this employee enablement software or virtual platform any company management can now perform productive 1-on-1 team meetings with every employee in an organization or company. This is a highly user-friendly, intuitive and customizable platform that focuses on employees and not processes. It is everything about people analysis, feedback and career development goals of employees that are perfectly understood and implemented. Today, almost all midsize and big companies enhance their people enablement processes with technology partners like “Guidde” that has carved out a distinct niche in this exclusive service domain.

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A Robust Employee Enablement Platform is Quintessential

One such platform, tool or software is probably the easiest way to train, onboard and develop your people, in a remote, hybrid or in-office setup. In the present times, employees of an organization are looking for something more than their monthly salary. They desire a career growth path, want to pursue their future goals & objectives and also have a positive experience in a job role. This is exactly where one such enablement software is able to look into their needs and provide them with the right development platform to grow their skills. The 3 most important functions of workforce enablement software are: Onboarding, Development and Training.

Onboarding refers to the introduction process of an employee that enables them in a perfect start.

Training is basically to assign and engage employees with courses that are based on scientifically proven methods.

Development means to continuously hone the skills of your team members to stay informed and future-ready.

It is basically to create a wonderful onboarding experience that not only provides a boost to your brand or company, but also helps new team members become extra productive, in almost all working environments, be it remote or hybrid. As an employer or an HR management team, you can now run engaging, interactive and user-friendly training programs for your employees on autopilot mode. This is how you can create your own training courses, without having to worry about manual assignments, outdated formats or employee progress tracking. So, now you no longer have to sit in a Zoom call with your concerned employees, rather connect automatically for a casual meet-up and spark meaningful conversations with your sales or operations team. In the present times, almost all forward-thinking companies use one such enablement software & tool to drive engagement, productivity, measure employee well-being and overall work metrics.

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A Seamless Onboarding Process

An onboarding process is a crucial experience for any team member. So, organizations around the globe are rethinking the way they collaborate, meet and upskill with their team through one such enablement tool. It is not only user-friendly for the employees that are using it, but for the company management too. As a majority of onboarding tools are limited to performing ‘dry tasks’, one such advanced enablement software provides motivation, guidance and human interaction  to the next level. This is how your organization is able to onboard hundreds of employees through automated assignments. If you’re looking forward to onboarding within minutes, choose a template, and get going.

Final Words

With the help of one such enablement process or software, you can now access your dashboard to precisely track where employees are in the process, track completion time for mandatory courses and measure the impact of training. This is how all companies are driving product engagement, promotion and knowledge sharing and empowering customers with a full library of knowledge. A lot of companies are now tracking and improving employee engagement, by collective feedback in a real-time environment. It is a ‘strategic’ practice of giving employees whatever they want to improve upon their abilities. The end result; you’re able to increase your employees’ job satisfaction and retain talented workers, by giving them the chance to absorb or gel into your work culture and business ethics. Thus, they become more productive and effective in the long run.


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