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The Development of Laptop


The origin of laptop dates back to 1979, Grid Compass 1109 computer. It is the first attempt made by human beings to laptop. Since it was used in the U.S. Aerospace field at that time, ordinary consumer groups could not contact and use it. In February 1984, IBM released IBM5155 portable computers. Until 1985, the first laptop T1100 was launched in Toshiba, Japan. As a result, the prelude of laptops is opening.

More than 30 years have passed since the birth of the first laptop. In recent years, the development of laptops has been advancing steadily. With the gradual increase of consumer demand, laptops are moving towards new goals. All brands of laptops in the market have achieved the speed of updating one or two models a year. It shows the rapid development of laptops.


The progress of laptops was focused on the performance of CPU. After a certain improvement, the hard disk and graphics card were enhanced. At the same time, the hard disk was improving the processing speed of computers. In recent years, various brands have tried their best to do better in the areas that consumers pay attention to. A series of research investments have been made in shell materials, appearance design, screen display and setting up service equipment. This is a win-win situation for enterprises and consumers. It is conducive to social development.

What more laptops are pursuing is to be lighter and more portable. I believe this will be the development trend of laptops in the future. But there are some gaps in terms of the current technical level. Although there have been some “super books” on the market, their prices are expensive. It is difficult to apply it to the life of ordinary people. It is difficult to give consideration to long endurance while having a high-performance processor. However, the future development has always been unpredictable. Perhaps this technology will be broken through in the next few years.

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The development time of laptops is not short. But their price positioning belongs to the high ranks. Fortunately, however, the laptop price in UK is not too high. The price positioning is stable. This gives everyone some unnecessary troubles when purchasing laptops. For example, it is necessary to consider the market premium of products and fall into a more tangled situation.



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