CryptoGames: A Reliable Web-Based Crypto Casino for Beginners


Crypto-based gambling websites are now seen more often around the internet as cryptocurrency use is rising. Most of them are successfully up and running with the honest intention of blending the latest online components with the classic entertainment resources of gambling. Gamblers are moving to many online gambling platforms as they serve using the latest cryptocurrencies on their websites. Internet users are forming higher perceptions of online casinos based on how they are doing their cryptocurrency users. Mainly, players are seeking user-friendly crypto casinos with developed features, games, and safety policies. This is where CryptoGames can be mentioned for its user-friendly, entirely crypto-based casino system offering a range of popular games for 10 popular cryptocurrencies. The website’s efficient functional design offers live data validation techniques and fair betting policies. The casino rewards each gambler with fair payouts on every win. The casino provides an open space where players can freely learn and form strategies for any of the games by using the casino’s free Play Money. Each of the fun at the casino also offers extra features when they play the games.

Introducing CryptoGames in Short

CryptoGames is a safe and responsible cryptocurrency-based casino operating under MuchGaming B.V’s consistent administration and the Curacao Government’s facilitation of the gambling platform from the city of Curacao. CryptoGames services’ first and foremost aim is to enable various gambling policies that prioritize safety and fairness for every single player on board. The casino shaped its architecture to allow free gaming opportunities from the beginning. For this purpose, the casino created Play Money. This unique free feature is enabled right after a player creates a basic account. Through this, all beginners dive right into the games without hesitation of losing their own money. This also points towards the casino’s architecture which is founded on a straightforward user interface, compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones and tablets of lower specifications. 

Free and Fast Registration for Newcomers

CryptoGames registration procedure is free to access without providing any personal information. The steps for creating a new account are simple and fast for new players. The simple steps to create a profile at the casino require a unique username and the players to agree to all terms, policies, and conditions. The registration window pops up once the players click on the Play Now tab or any other games. The basic account, however, limits the players’ transaction options, so they must rely on the free currency, Play Money, to explore the casino. 

Secured and Fast Banking System

CryptoGames created its transaction systems to support deposits, exchanges, and withdrawals within the shortest time after keeping the requirements of advanced crypto in mind. The casino provides a comprehensively secure and encrypted system that consistently monitors every transaction operation processed by the players. On the website, the players will find two methods to choose from to complete their transactions. Out of the two methods, one is an advanced system that supports credit card fund transfers as well as crypto exchanges from over 240 cryptocurrencies. The advanced system for credit card users is available through a third-party aggregator named Onramper. The advanced method allows players to use a highly modern exchange system through ChangeNOW. This third-party exchange service makes gambling at CryptoGames easy for different cryptocurrency users. The casino also enables seamless transactions through its traditional method that supports on-site Deposits, Withdrawals, and Exchanges. For completing the on-site Deposits and Withdrawals, players must create their dedicated addresses in the My Account tab. If they choose to proceed with the advanced method, then they can avoid registering at various locations to exchange their funds. CryptoGames provides a list of recommended e-wallets in the FAQ for people to check out in case they want to rely on the traditional method to make their transactions. However, all players must finish their registration process with an email address, password, and other information required at the casino to utilize the transaction systems. The secured banking system at the casino supports the following list of cryptocurrencies for completing any transactions: 




Bitcoin Cash, 



Ethereum Classic, 




Security Measures that Protect User Data and Fund

As mentioned above, the CryptoGames system is secured with advanced security measures to provide a safe online gambling experience. After each account is created, the casino enables SSL encryption and google’s 2FA features for protecting the users’ data and funds. The applied methods ensure that the system completes the transactions only once the user completes the verification. The added security measure also enables email verification to protect the funds even when 2FA is disabled in the user account. 

Explore A Modern Library of Casino Games

The following section briefly describes all the games with their respective house edges. Players get to explore 9 of the following games with Play Money. To learn more about the games in depth or to read about the strategies players can use to enhance their winning chances, the Blog posts on the casino’s BLOG can be helpful. In need, players can also rely on the Forum to join in open discussions with other players. Each game’s page will have “HOW TO PLAY” guides along with their payout table and hotkeys or keyboard shortcuts. The games are:

Dice: (House Edge- 1.0 %)

Dice is the first game that pops open once the players go to the Play Now tab. All 10 cryptocurrencies and Play Money credits are available for the game. The gamblers find a 0.000-99.999 winning range for all the bets they place in the game. The simple rules of the game are ideal for new gamblers. For every player, Dice offers the freedom to adjust the payout multiplier and winning chances. At the end of every winning bet, players get compensated according to the payout multiplier they have chosen before the game begins. To win Dice, players must guess the result correctly before rolling the Dice. If they choose to roll over a certain amount, then the result must be over the given number. Otherwise, it must match the amount they have bet against. The game offers an Auto Bet feature and progressive jackpots. 

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Blackjack: (House Edge- 1.25%) 

Blackjack is one game that requires clear and careful strategies to play at the casino. To win the payout, players must finish the game by beating the house with a total that sums under 21. They can also win the bet if they score exactly 21 points from drawing their first two cards. For anyone curious about card games, Blackjack is a perfect match to explore different strategies and card game rules. Players get to click on the betting chips representing the total bet amount to be placed for the round. In each round, players can use their Play Money or any of the 10 cryptocurrencies. Suppose the players keep themselves well informed regarding the value of each card. In that case, they can easily keep their hands total under 21 with the dealing options. To win, they must maintain the lower sum and beat the dealer by turning theirs more than 21. 

Lottery: (House Edge- 0%) 

The Lottery is the only game in the whole library offered at CryptoGames that is available for the users of 4 chosen cryptocurrencies. This means that players must use any one of the 4 cryptocurrencies to purchase their lucky tickets in Lottery. For processing every Lottery draws, CryptoGames implements their provably fair gambling policies and the application of Random Picker, a third-party generator. This way, the casino ensures that Lottery winners are picked with complete fairness. During each ongoing round, players may use, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin to purchase their tickets. Each cryptocurrency will have a different amount of rewards, tickets, pots, and days for the drawing. There are 3 winners picked for each cryptocurrency individually. And the casino applies its unique zero house edge policy for all three winners. 

Roulette: (House Edge- 2.7%) 

One of the highly famous table games at all casinos, Roulette is available at CryptoGames with a digitally designed wheel that presents 37 numbers with a single 0. This is the European version of the game where the house edge is half of the American version and is better for the players. Players can use any of the ten cryptocurrencies and Play Money to play Roulette. To win a round, players must successfully place their bets on the correct neighbor bet numbers located on the betting mat. The betting mat represents the 37 numbers the wheel consists of. CryptoGames Roulette allows the players to use their dedicated Neighbour Bets feature, which is specially designed for the game, along with the Auto Bet feature. In the Neighbour Bets feature, players will find four random layouts named Neighbours of Zero, Orphans, Third of the Wheel, and Zero Game to utilize. Players can also enjoy Progressive Jackpot in Roulette.

Plinko: (House Edge on Average- 1.72%) 

Plinko offers an entirely different architecture to its players by providing 4 other house edges based on the game’s four different colors of balls. The design of Plinko also includes an automatic feature that allows players to run unlimited rounds for a defined bet size and setting. All 10 cryptocurrencies and Play Money users can play Plinko for the 4 different house edges. The four colors available are: red, green, blue, and yellow. Players are compensated if they can land into one of the color-specific reward slots. The reward amounts are entirely based on the value of each colored Slot and their respective house edges. Plinko is one of the most well-recognized game players for its famous appearance on the television show “The Price is Right”. 

DiceV2: (House Edge- 1.0 %)

DiceV2 offers the same thrill as its original version, Dice, with an advanced architecture that leads all the players to double the fun. DiceV2 players can use all ten cryptocurrencies on board and the Play Money in the game. The modernized rendition offers the same winning odds as Dice, and its upgraded architecture offers the players an advanced option to change the settings for their bet payout and winning chances with the slider. The game requires the players to roll their dice into the winning green zone located on the slider. At the end of the round, players get compensated for the payout multiplier they had picked at the beginning. DiceV2 also offers Auto Bet and Progressive Jackpots to add the classic themes for the players.

Minesweeper: (House Edge- 1.0%) 

At CryptoGames, Minesweeper’s classic version is modeled in completely modern architecture to cater to the advanced gamblers on the website. Minesweeper comes with a simple set of rules requiring players to clear their selected minefield level for larger reward amounts. The unique side of CryptoGames Minesweeper is that it allows the players to withdraw any sum of payout they have won without hitting a mine at any time. The free cash-out option is only available as long as the players don’t hit any mine on the field. The players must clear out the entire minefield to win the complete round. Otherwise, they have to clear as many mines as they can to win a fair share of rewards. Players get to use the Auto Bet feature along with the Random Pick feature for the game.

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Video Poker: (House Edge on Average- 2.09%) 

In modern casinos, Video Poker is another card game that is similar to Poker. At CryptoGames casino, players also get to enjoy three different varieties of the original Video Poker. They can use all 10 cryptocurrencies along with Play Money and switch from one version to another from the toggle tab on the game board. They will find Jacks or Better, Tens or Better, and Bonus Poker to pick from. The casino’s versions of the three varieties come with their house edges and payout multipliers. Players may select any of the three options before placing their bets. To win Video Poker, the players have to make sure they choose to keep or discard the right cards from the deals. In the game, all players get to use the Auto Bet, and the Smart Hold features to enhance their game time.

Keno: (House Edge- 1.0 %)

This year, CryptoGames brought its newest game on the list, known as a similar game to Lottery. In the most recently presented game Keno, players can use all 10 cryptocurrencies along with Play Money. The 10th game on the library has its own uniquely created lightweight architecture and entertainment features. To win Keno, players aim to draw a poll of lucky numbers from a field consisting of 40 numbers. The players get to win their share of payouts based on the number of correct guesses they have made from the field. They also get to use the Random Field, and Auto Bet features to play the game.  

Slot: (House Edge- 1.97%) 

Players of all ten cryptocurrencies and Play Money can play Slot following the simplest rules for a 49.73% winning chance. The game requires the players to use very few techniques and strategies as it is very easy to comprehend. The version at the casino is based on completely modern architecture to complement the classic version found in many offline casinos around the world. To win a Slot bet, players try to keep their aim on the 7 winning combinations built for the reels. If they land any of the combinations, they can easily win their payout amounts dedicated to the combinations. Players can also run more than a single bet using the Auto Bet feature. 

Every Bet is Processed Under Fair Policies

At CryptoGames, the systems treat every bet the gamblers place fairly in every game. The players choose the bet amounts they want to place, all according to their total funds. The players can also put their bet amounts in Play Money to understand the games for free before using their crypto amounts. As the players place their bets, the games process the bets with complete fairness in every round under provably fair gambling policies. For double validation, players can also get open access to all their gaming records and live data.

Moreover, the provably fair gambling technology also bans the players from cheating or applying any unfair means to win their way through the games. Ensure that all players can use the hashes and seeds according to the guidelines to validate all their gambling data. Players can also similarly check their Jackpot data through the live data validation list, which the casino keeps publicly disclosed all the time. Every game on board is entirely luck-based, and the players have full control of how they choose every move to be placed in the bet. 

Exciting Rewards for Monthly Membership Winners

Every month, along with the regular gambling events, CryptoGames hosts highly competitive events that bring together the players to win Monthly Memberships, AKA VIP Memberships. The main purpose of the monthly events is to reward the players with monthly VIP memberships that boost their gambling expertise. Through healthy competitions, the gamblers learn how other gamblers form their strategies and engage with them. The casino’s monthly events also increase the players’ strategic applications in the competitions as they try to secure their winning spots on the monthly leaderboard. The top players on the leaderboard will earn VIP Memberships and all the privileges that come along with them. The privileges include a Dice game with a .8 % exclusive house edge, uninterrupted and lag-free processing of bets, exclusively higher and better exchange limits, VIP chatroom access, and many more exciting privileges.

Play Classic Games Under a Modern Casino, CryptoGames

To learn more about casinos influenced by technological advancements and Cryptocurrencies, CryptoGames is an easy pick for all keen gamblers. A casino is a great option for those on the go to find advanced gambling features suited for their devices under one roof. Moreover, as CryptoGames ensures no malpractices in its application or service, it is also a safe choice for beginner-level gamblers. as a part of its services, CryptoGames serves interested gamblers with responsible futuristic recreation through a growing library of innovative features and games. There are also vastly informative BLOGs, FAQs, and FORUM that help gamblers find necessary information regarding the casino and its games. There are detailed posts regarding each game. The detailed posts help the players to enhance their gambling experiences by making the most of the existing features and freely interacting with others. Players can also use different channels to use multiple languages to interact with players from other countries. The casino has become a medium that caters to professional and rookie gamblers for a lifetime of global fair gambling experience. CryptoGames modern games, intelligent transaction systems, and fair gambling policies are all gambling is also one of the most prominent revolutionary sources of entertainment. 


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