What Is BitLife? Things That Parents Should Know About BitLife


Are you a proud parent that wants the child to know the reality of life? Have you ever heard of a simulator app knowns as BitLife? BitLife is all about teaching and educating your child for life’s facts. It starts as the new life begins. If you are a player, you will get to play it to live a simulated life. It is where you may choose to play straight life or making numerous riskier decisions. Those may have an impact on one’s life. Without taking much time, let us start to understand this app and how it is helpful to learn about life. Click here,  to know more about Satta Matka.

Know Everything About BitLife:

First of all, BitLife is a life simulator that begins with the animated sperm. It represents life that how it begins. The Player lives this simulated life to get the chance of playing it straightforwardly. Or he can take riskier decisions. There might be one-night stands and threesomes to murder family members to drop the school early and ignoring their health. There are no consequences of your choices. However, you as a player be in jail for some decisions. It may also result in breaking up with a spouse or paramour and dying. It means the life you choose will depend on the choices you make to this simulator. There might be some unexpected pop-ups you may see from time to time.

Is It Good To Get Your Hands On This Life Simulator?

You may have to agree that this life simulator is considered an entertaining distractive tool for adults. However, it lets users see the matured content and be the best for adults and older teens. Still, it depends on your stance on all subjects available in the app. Don’t you think it will be fun to play this game? Yes, of course, it is. There are lots of options available for your to make it Awesome Playing This Game. You may visit a night casino, getting plastic surgery, not factoring in your financial situation, and experimenting sexually. You can not forget that it doesn’t have anything appropriate for kids or, in some cases, teens.

The First Life Of The Review:

The first review of this app says it started with the Character’s Mother’s Occupation. She was a Porn Actor, and it kept promoted her. This game was offering drugs and alcohol to your Player. It encouraged to hook up with Strangers and Coerce a girlfriend/boyfriend into having a threesome. BitLife is also encouraged to gamble. 

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BitLife Life Simulator Language:

It has a bit bawdy language. Still, it meant in a humorous vein. You can always have a chance to murder a character, and it does it in a light-hearted fashion. It means those (older teens and adults) who understand the tongue-in-cheek approach can use this mature content to get a kick out of the simulator. That’s why this life simulator is not for kids and younger teens.

Discuss With Your Kids Abou The Following:

  • Families can discuss the way sex and relationships are presented in this life simulator. You may have questions about life that does it have any consequences to any of this behavior? Should it have any unwanted results? If yes, why?
  • Families can discuss the impact of life choices that when someone chooses a crime, being dishonest, being cruel to someone, and does not care about the consequences, will see critical results in the life.

BitLife Life Simulator App Details:

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad.
  • The basic version is free.
  • The price is free, but you can perform an in-app purchase to remove ads by paying 1.99$. Pay $4.99 to become Bitizen and for more content and $.99 for Time Machine to revisit your choices. 
  • The app was released on December 11, 2018, with the category of simulator apps.
  • Its download size is 53.60 MB with the version of 1.7.1.
  • Candywriter LLC has published this simulator with the minimum software requirements of iOS 8.0 or later.
  • The app was last updated on July 21, 2020.

The Overview Of Life Simulator:

Do you believe that you can learn from your past to make your future better? This simulator lets you do that with its unique features. It has this basic rule of living and teaches how to live life. You might have played roleplaying, strategy, and action games but might not have experienced anything real in the game. You can not compare BitLife with the fantasy world because it’s a different thing. Here are the things you should know about this game. The reason is, when you play it, it teaches you how to make the right decisions in your life.

BITLIFE GOD MODE UPDATE - Adoption, Optometrists and MORE! - YouTube
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Things You Must Know & Learn About This Game:

  • You must make your choices wisely to avoid regretting your decisions in the future. 
  • Learn more about bitterness, reality, sweetness, imaginations, decisions in real life, and goals. 
  • It teaches about various addictions, crime controls, various jobs, and several ribbons. 
  • You can learn wisely about relationships, customizing your character, unlocking Bitizenship, and many more that are the reality of life.

How To Get Life Simulator For Mac And Windows?

There are some steps you can perform to get this app running on your Windows PC.  The following steps will guide you to get this game running on your Windows Personal Computer.

  • Download the BlueStacks from its official website. It has to be your first step before using BitLife on your Windows.
  • After that, RUN its Setup.exe file to begin extraction of BlueStacks files. 
  • Once it is done, it will show you the BlueStacks starter screen with the Install Button. 
  • Click on the Install Button to install BlueStacks on your Windows PC. It will configure it with a PC.
  • Then log in with your Google Android Account and enter your ID and Password. If you don’t have Google Account, you have to create it.
  • Download BitLife on PC, Mac, and Windows.
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Performing Exorcism On Life Simulator:

Have you ever thought you will perform an exorcism on this life simulator app? Do you agree that sometimes, ghosts may have existed in somebody’s home? They need to perform an exorcism to make ghosts get out of the house. It is the same thing as the challenge available in this life simulator. Two previous BitLife Life Simulator challenges had ended on September 22. The first was to perform an exorcism, and the second was exorcising the ghosts out of the home. It covered the current ongoing demon slayer challenge ending on September 22. Here is the entire guide to perform an exorcism on this Life Simulator App.

Learn Performing Exorcism On Life Simulator:

If you wish to perform an exorcism, you must own a haunted house where spirits appear in this game. Those spirits may be random, but you may also see the character’s deceased family members in the home. How much the house is haunted will determine the number of ghosts that may appear in the home. You can know it while purchasing the house. However, if you are married, your partner may not support you in buying such a haunted house.

Once You Have Bought A Haunted House:

It will start showing up the Spirits Tab and a Hauntedness Bar. Once you select this tab, it will let you see the number of spirits currently appearing in your house. You can open the profile of the Ghost. It will give options to exorcise or summon it. If you decide to exercise, you will have to exorcise that ghost on your own or hire someone to do it.

When You Start Exorcising:

Spirits have both stats, activeness, and friendliness. These will determine how likely the Ghost can attack you if you try to exorcise it. If you will fail to exorcise the Ghost, it will be more active and less friendly. If you choose to let the Ghost roam in your house freely without trying to perform an exorcism for that Ghost, it has the chance to attack you. You might have Chances To Develop random diseases like PTSD, a heart attack in extreme cases, or high blood pressure. Therefore, it becomes essential to exorcise the spirit or to sell your house to prevent any life-threatening happenings.

Download BitLife MOD APK 2.7.1 (Unlocked Bitizenship, God mode)
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Once You Are Exorcist:

If you become an exorcist and start performing your first exorcism, you get closer to completing your fifth and final task of the Demon Slayer Challenge in this BitLife Life Simulator App. You can also search for more challenges that are available. Research the challenges that are over in this life simulator on the internet. Go to the internet and perform a search about the challenges you can perform.

Wrapping Up:

Have you understood what is BitLife Life Simulator is and how it is helpful to people who want to enjoy and learn life through simulator games? In this introductory article about this Life Simulator App, we have discussed above its basics, app requirements, how to use it on your computer, and how to perform an exorcism on this simulator app. If you have used this app, you should share your experiences with the readers to make them excited too!

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