amlodipine side effects

An Overview about Amlodipine Side Effects


Amlodipine tablet is an oral tablet available as a generic drug, and you only have to take it through your mouth. Amlodipine tablet helps maintain blood pressure by controlling high blood pressure and helps in angina and coronary artery disease. The first thing you need to understand about any medicine is that it causes side effects because any drugs that cause good effects on your body to treat any symptoms also cause side effects. Of course, amlodipine side effects are also unavoidable because many people use it frequently. Let’s discuss things you must be aware of about amlodipine tablets.

Overview Of Amlodipine Tablet:

Amlodipine tablets’ main and common side effects are extreme sleepiness, swelling of your ankles or legs, tiredness, stomach pain, nausea, dizziness, warm or hot feeling in the face, irregular heart rate, and fast heart rate, abnormal muscular movements, and tremors.

If you notice any of these amlodipine side effects, and if they’re mild, you will experience them going away in a few days, or it may take up to a couple of weeks. If the symptoms of these side effects are severe, they won’t go away quickly, and you need to talk to the pharmacist or doctor.

Severe Side Effects:

If you notice severe side effects of this amlodipine tablet, you need to immediately ca your doctor. If you think the symptoms are threatening, or if there is a medical emergency, you need to call an ambulance immediately. The following are severe Amlodipine Side Effects.

It may cause low blood pressure with synonyms like severe dizziness, lightheadedness, and fainting.

amlodipine side effects
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Sometimes, you may experience more chest pain or even a heart attack, and when you start taking this medicine and increase the dosage, the chest pain will increase, which may invite a heart attack. Its symptoms include the following.

  • Discomfort or chest pain
  • Upper body discomfort
  • Shortness of breath
  • Having cold sweat
  • Unusual tiredness
  • Nausea
  • Lightheadedness

Things To Consider:

  • Each medicine will cause different effects on different people based on their body’s response. Hence, this article’s side effects are not experienced by a single person or someone who takes medicine. Different people have experienced one or some of these side effects.
  • If you are allergic to amlodipine oral tablets or any ingredients, you must avoid using this medicine. 
  • If you have an allergy to this medicine or it is not affecting you, you can ask your doctor to advise some alternatives to this medication.

What Do You Know About Amlodipine Tablet?

Amlodipine is a prescribed drug available in tablet form, and you have to take it through the mouth. If you buy this medicine under the brand name Norvasc, you can do it. This medicine is also available as a generic drug, and if you buy generic drugs, they cost less than brand-name drugs. 

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You may take an amlodipine tablet with other heart medications.

This medicine lowers your blood pressure, and you can take this medicine alone or with other heart medicines available.

It also helps to improve the g

Why Do People Use Amlodipine Tablets?

  • blood flow to your heart, especially when the arteries of your heart are blocked. 
  • Amlodipine helps treat CAD (coronary artery disease) and chest pain or angina.

How Does Amlodipine Tablet Work?

Do you have any ideas about drugs used for calcium channel blockers? Amlodipine Tablet comes under this medicine. That’s why amlodipine drugs are used to treat this kind of condition. They block calcium and don’t let it enter the specific tissues and arteries. This effect makes the tissues and arteries relaxed and lets the blood flow more quickly and easily to the heart; ultimately, it helps to reduce blood pressure and the risks of heart attack and stroke. Some patients take this medicine for chest pain, and if you are one of them, it will help reduce the risks of getting hospitalized or getting surgical treatment done to reduce the chest pain. 

Amlodipine Interacts With The Following Drugs:

It works best to increase interaction with heart medicines like diltiazem. Together they can increase the level of your amlodipine in the body. If it happens, you may see adverse effects.

  • If you take antifungal medications with amlodipine medicines, you will see an increased level of this medicine. It also causes side effects.
  • Medications like clarithromycin taken with amlodipine will also increase its level, and you can see adverse effects on your body.
  • Some men have erection problems, and if they take medicine for erection problems and use amlodipine, the risks of low blood pressure will be observed.
  • If someone takes medicine for cholesterol and amlodipine tablets, the level of cholesterol medicine may be increased, and it will cause side effects.
  • Drugs taken for a better immune system can not be used with amlodipine tablets because it will increase the power of drugs taken for the immune system, which will also cause a problem.

Warnings Before Using Amlodipine Tablet:

If you have an allergy to amlodipine tablets, it may cause several issues like trouble breathing, swelling of the tongue or throat, hives, and any other systems. If you observe these amlodipine side effects, you need to visit the clinic immediately.

All these symptoms prove you have an allergy to this medication, and you don’t have to take it again. 

  • Suppose a patient with a liver problem takes amlodipine medication. In that case, they may have to see adverse effects because the liver processes this medicine, and if that patient’s liver can’t function properly, this medicine may stay in the liver, and side effects may be seen. So, patients with liver problems have to talk to the doctors before taking medicine.
  • Patients with heart problems like narrowed arteries may increase the risks of health issues by taking this medicine. After taking this drug may cause low blood pressure, increased chest pain, or a heart attack. So, call your doctors before taking this medicine.
  • Pregnant women need to talk to the doctor before taking this medicine. Tests on animals show that this drug can cause negative effects on the developing fetus, which may be a risk of health issues for developing children. So, before taking an amlodipine tablet while you are pregnant or planning to have a child, you need to talk to the doctor.
  • Amlodipine may pass into the breast milk, and you have to avoid taking this medicine if you’re breastfeeding. Or else a child may have to face amlodipine side effects.
  • After ageing, your body becomes weaker to process certain medications, and if you keep the medicine for a long time, it will harm the organs, and you will see side effects.
  • Children younger than six years must not use this medicine because their body is not ready to process powerful medicines. 
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Taking Amlodipine Tablet:

The exact dose for this medicine or any other medication depends on the patients’ health conditions. For example, the dose, type of medicine and its form, and how to take it depends on the following.

  • The age of patients
  • Conditions to treat
  • The level of severity of the illness
  • The type of medical conditions
  • The body’s reaction to the medicine
  • The form of medicine
  • The power and results of the medicine

Typically, the average dose of amlodipine starts from 5 mg taken once a day, and it goes up to 10 mg per day, but for children above six and teenage (only when prescribed by a specialist and certified doctors), 2.5 mg to 5 mg per day, taken by mouth.

How To Increase Amlodipine Dosage?

Don’t ever try to increase the dosage of any medicine or amlodipine tablet because you may never know what can happen—the doctor only has to see your health conditions and vary the dose prescribed to you. Let your doctor check your blood pressure periodically, and they will decide the amount of dosage based on the blood pressure goals. 

amlodipine side effects
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If doctors see no results and the blood pressure is not under control within two weeks, they may increase the dosage, and you have to take 10 mg per day instead of 5 mg per day. You can not forget that taking Amlodipine Tablet to treat your health conditions is a long process, and any medicines you take for a long may cause side effects. And to avoid severe Amlodipine Side Effects, you must take the medication as per the direction only. If the doctor says to take it in tablet form, don’t dilute it in the water.

Wrapping Up:

Have you understood the possible amlodipine side effects? We have discussed how to take medicine, how to increase the dose, its side effects, the amlodipine tablet and its use, and other essential things about these medications. You can ask us in the comment if you have any queries regarding this blood pressure control medicine. Also, let us know if you want to know about others medicines and their side effects. We will discuss all medicines in detail and let you know the possible side effects of certain medications.

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