Should You Be Pursuing Data Science or Devops?


DevOps and Data science are great career paths to pursue. Both are great career paths to take. A better question however is which one would be the best career path for me to pursue? Data science basically has a variety of fields to work with mathematical algorithms, statistical data, and complex mathematical formulas. These are three extremely difficult fields to get a degree in and yet many people still have jobs in the IT industry because of their expertise.

DevOps for data science

While Data science does tend to be very difficult to understand, the field itself can easily be broken down into various sub-fields and each sub-field can be further broken down into specific areas of data science. For instance a person with an engineering degree who has some experience in computer science can specialize in computer science. It is a bit more difficult to find people who have experience in data science as it requires a much larger degree program and the type of education required for a job like this tends to be much more in depth than someone with an engineering degree in general.

While this is a somewhat simplistic example, it can be used to really get a handle on the data science field and what it takes to become an expert in it. However, I will leave it to you to decide if your field of expertise is in this field or not. What I will do though is give you a quick overview of each of the fields that Data Science deals with. These are some information that can help you decide if you should pursue a career in Data Science or devops.

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Data science deals with dealing with big data and processing large amounts of data to provide valuable information to an industry. The field of Data science is often related to the computer science field and is also heavily related to mathematical programming. People who work in Data science are able to deal with large amounts of information and complex mathematical equations in an effort to create useful information which is helpful to industries.

Which is better data science or DevOps?

In terms of the actual data itself, Data science can be broken down into the following areas. These are:

Data analytics deals with using computers to process large amounts of data. This type of Data science often deals with analyzing historical data for certain reasons and then using the information to generate certain types of information. One example of this is a company can use historical data for determining how much fuel they have saved over the years and use this to calculate how much fuel they have left in their tank. There are a variety of different fields that Data Analytics deals with but there are also many different ways to do this type of analysis. It is also very important to note that data analytics is very different from traditional statistical analysis.

Data warehousing deals with organizing and storing large amounts of data. Data warehousing can be applied to any kind of data such as product reviews, customer service data, or information from different studies. This data can then be used in different ways to help companies develop new products or improve the way that they operate. Data warehouse management is also an area that is very important for this field.

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Data engineering deals with designing the physical infrastructure that stores the information such as the infrastructure and the network. This includes all of the processes that are involved in handling large amounts of information and storing it for use in different types of applications. There are a variety of different ways to store data engineers may be responsible for designing these processes.


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