HR Software: 5 Benefits Of Employee Self-Service


From cutting down paperwork to streamlining employee data, technology has helped the business world to witness numerous transitions. Often organizations are in search of new ways to boost workforce productivity and accuracy. When employees are completely involved in searching and consolidating data, it does not just waste their precious time but also restricts them to contribute their best to vital tasks. The only way to solve this problem and make things easy for them is by switching manual methods with automation tools such as employee self-service (ESS). With the emergence of technological advances, the Indian market is filled with HR software that offers ESS features to businesses. Using such software, companies can help their employees to concentrate more on their core duties instead of juggling with paperwork for long hours.

Employee Self-Service typically allows employees to access and edit data related to human resources, payroll, benefits, and more. When the ESS feature is provided, every individual in the workplace will have the autonomy to update and control their own information. This indeed eliminates the administrative burden for HR professionals and enhances the self-dependency of the workforce.

Let’s dig deeper to know the 5 evident benefits of using Employee Self-Service:

Cuts Down Administrative tasks

From marking attendance to requesting leaves, employees have the liberty to do everything on a single platform using ESS. With the best HR software in India, employees can say goodbye to sending emails and waiting for approvals. Most importantly, no HR manager will have to chase down each employee for collecting their personal data. Using ESS, both employees and HR managers can save time on a host of administrative operations, thereby focusing on other productive responsibilities at their hands.

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Improves Transparency

With the ESS, employees can check and assure the accuracy of their data at any time. From their vital payroll documents to crucial company policies, they can access them wherever they want to have a view. Besides, details such as leave balances and attendance can also be used to avoid misunderstanding. All in all, no individual will have to keep tracking his/her email threads and approach the HR professional with endless doubts.

Up-To-Date Employee Data

Updating employee data on a regular basis is believed to be one of the best HR practices; however, it is really time-consuming.  Not every company out there has the required bandwidth to do data entry every other day. This is when Employee Self-Service comes into play! Using it, HR professionals can avoid the risk of incorrect records as they have employees helping them by their side. When employees have complete access to their own data, they can update it whenever there is any change/correction.

Enhances Employee Morale

As mentioned earlier, ESS offers a single platform to every individual in the workplace where they can convey their ideas and work as a team for important project completion. Need to mention, ESS also offers an employee directory that includes various employee details including contact details, birthdays, work anniversaries, and more. This helps the workforce to engage more and improve the spirit of fellowship. When social cooperation between employers/HRs and employees improves, employees will feel considered and thereby make more valuable contributions.

Improves data security

It’s no news that traditional tools and manual methods are highly risky. When important employee information is stored in files and folders, there will be always a risk of misusing, data loss, and damage. Fortunately, organizations have a solution to this challenge today, i.e. HR software in India. Using the best software, businesses can easily migrate their sensitive data to the cloud and make sure of high security thereafter. From personal details to benefits, all data can be stored safely on the cloud, allowing only relevant people to access them using passwords.

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With evolving business culture, you should also stay ahead of the curve. We hope this blog helped you to understand the advantages of ESS and implementing HR systems. Now it is time for you to empower your workforce by investing in one of the best HR software in India.


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