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Top 10 Most Horror Movies With Romantic Stories To Watch In 2022


Do you think the horror movie genre is getting old now? Think again. Even though many SciFi concepts and other romantic comedy movies are watchable, the horror movie genre is never becoming old. These movies are full of romantic scenes like sex and romance, horror scenes like blood, guts, and death. So, you can say horror movies romantic scenes are the parts of movies to keep the film entertaining. So, if you want to watch some of the best horror movie romantic scenes, watch these ten movies we have included in this article.

How Did Horror Movie Romantic Stories Succeed?

Do you know when heroines first came in horror stories? It was a gothic horror novel. The first novel published in 1764 included the concept of horror-romantic stories. Since then, horror romantic genres have been becoming more and more versatile. Nowadays, there are almost no limits on the type of movies available to watch for horror-romantic scenes.

You can quickly explore the internet and watch terrifying movies with romantic scenes and the best thrilling experiences. Do you love watching Horror Movie Romantic scenes? If yes, this article is dedicated to ending your search for the best horror movie romance stories.

Why Do Horror Movies Are So Popular?

When horror movies have combined concepts of love, romance, and sex, with a horrifying situation, terrible scenes, bloody scenes, and even death, they are more impactful on the audience. Of course, there is no limit to seeing a variety of viewers who want to watch movies in different genres.

What Can You Watch Today?

In today’s, world of digital media, you can download or stream live videos of horror-romantic movies. Moreover, there are different types of films in this genre. They satisfy almost everyone’s hunger and desires for several scenes and thoughts. Say, for example, if you want to watch movies where two girls were in love and pleasure each other, it’s possible. So, the following types of horror movies are quickly accessible on the internet.

  • A female vampire falls in love with a human girl!
  • True love concepts of childhood lovers, but one is a vampire.
  • Real-life incident-based horror movies.
  • Moving to New houses and getting attacked by entries.
  • Boyfriend or girlfriend being a psycho killer.

See? These are only a few examples where you can see love, romance, bloody scenes, and even deaths in these types of movies. Horror movie writers use romance concepts to please the audience who is scared watching some scenes.

Top 10 Romantic Horror Movies to Cuddle Up to This Valentine's Day
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Top 10 Best Horror Romantic Movies:

This movie genre is best for couples who have a different point of view for watching movies. See example, a husband wants to watch a horror movie, but the wife wishes for a romantic movie. So, they can both enjoy these movies. These movies have both concepts and storylines. The following films are best for horror romance genres.

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What if you plan to watch a horrific yet romantic movie on valentine’s day with your valentine? However, the film is not only about a love story. It is more than what you can expect. In this movie, the guy is looking to take revenge for his rejection by a woman. He wears a mask after 13 years and begins to become a villain for her life. You can watch full of violence and threats in this film.

After Midnight:

After Midnight, a movie released in 2019, can please you with both horror scenes and romantic scenes. In this movie, a man of age 30 finds himself single after his girlfriend leaves him suddenly. He gets heartbroken because he remembers their relationships. You can watch some romantic flashback scenes. As time passes, the man becomes an unseen monster. So, he terrorizes Hank’s house. It was the place where a new couple moved to that place.

Jennifer’s Body:

Do you love watching demon-possessed human stories? What if you can see two females having some romance with each other? In this movie, Megan Fox is a high school cheerleader. You can find one man-eater who kills some popular boys to make her way. The entire film is shown through the flashback scenes in Jennifer’s friend Needy. She was a Mental Patient and was admitted to a mental hospital. Moreover, you can find this man-eater eating more guys in the plot. So, if you want to watch horror movies romantic scenes, you can watch this movie with your romantic partner.

Sun Don’t Shine

Do you love watching road trip movies turning into horrific journeys and life-threatening trips? This movie, released in 2012, is one of the most successful road trip movies, and in this movie, one couple starts their journey and ends up in the most ominous adventure of their lives. They wanted to begin a new future with each other but had no idea what was about to happen. As soon as you continue watching this movie, you will understand the reason for their trip and how complex the relationship could be.


Horror Movie Review: Honeymoon (2014) - Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life
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Most couples wait for their honeymoon to make it one of the most memorable events and happenings in their lives. But not all honeymoons are typical. It is what happened in this film. Here, you can see a newly married couple reach a Canadian lake to create remote vacationing events. At late night, the wife starts sleepwalking in the forest. And his husband finds her doing this. You can call this movie one of the most emotionally astute movies. Here, you can see a fearful situation for the husband because he chose her and made her his life partner, but what happened is that she turned into someone called a demon who doesn’t have a love for him.


Beast was released in 2017. It is the story of 27 years old Moll Huntford. This film’s horror incidents target some women of her age. In this movie, Moll falls in love with Pascal. They gradually grow their relationship and want their families to be supportive. Moll’s family doesn’t support them. Moreover, some people think Pascal is the murderer. So, they have to keep protecting their relationship and be safe against outdoor threats.

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In this movie, you can see one young American guy, Evan Russells, who spends his life in States. He has just faxed the death of his mother due to cancer. While roaming, he finds a mysterious and pretty young girl Louis. She comes with some of the darkest and dangerous secrets of her life. However, she is not the actual Human, but still, she wants him to impregnate her, whatever it takes. Hence, many people call it a Bizarre yet Sweet Love story. If you enjoy this type of movie, you can watch this whirlwind European Romantic Movie.


Have you watched this movie, Thelma, released in 2017? It’s one of the best horror movies with romantic scenes. In this movie, the main character is moving to Oslo to attend the university. She starts escaping her sheltered life when she believes that she is attracted to a fellow student Anja. There are many inexplicable events she then faces. It is due to her attraction towards that fellow student. Have you ever watched movies where students are the main reasons to create horrifying situations? If yes, you will enjoy this movie without any doubt.


May The Devil Take You (2018) - ALL HORROR
Pic credit- allhorror.com

In this movie, there is one socially awkward and lonely veterinary assistant. She was bullied in childhood because she had lazy eyes. She falls in love with a guy having his perfect hands. However, she finds herself hungry for human blood because she loves the taste of human blood. Moreover, she creates a few dolls from the body parts of humans killed by her. You can say this movie is one of the deadliest yet horror movies. You can also consider it as a black comedy. But this comedy turns into madness and sadness. You can watch horror movies romantic scenes if you watch this movie.

Warm Bodies:

Warm Bodies was released in 2013. Of course, this movie is last on our list. But there are hundreds of movies like horror movies and horror romance genres. In Warm Bodies, there is a man who is a zombie. He finds himself attracted to a beautiful human woman because he got her after eating her boyfriend’s brains. It happened because he ingested the memories of her boyfriend regarding their relationship. They soon bond. The female realizes that it is like any vampire movie. However, she doesn’t become a vampire, but she feels that boy, turning into a human. So, it’s too romantic.

Wrapping Up:

Have you watched any of the horrors yet romantic movies? In these movies, you can watch Horror Movie Romantic scenes. If you have watched any of these movies, then share your reviews. We have discussed the history of horror romantic movies and novels. So, you can understand how it all started. Moreover, if you want to find more films in this genre, let us know.

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