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Top 10 Best Anthology Movies To Watch In 2022 And Beyond


Do you think the anthology genre, or say subgenre is the movie category that is dated now? Even if the concept is old for moviemakers, anthology movies are mostly admired by the audience because it serves them some of the best short films in a single film. So, if you are looking for the best anthology movies, be with us. In this article, we have discussed the ten best anthology films that are horror and most entertaining. If you love watching short films in a single series, this could be the better collection of anthology movies.

Best anthology movies: When Did Anthology Category Come Into Picture?

In 1916, D.W. Griffith’s Intolerance, a storytelling device, came with the concept of the anthology genre. It used to tell some horror stories. Some speakers used to tell stories that were dark and horror. By then, the word anthology and making short stories were conceptualized. Since then, there was no limit to creating anthology content, and modern filmmakers have acquired this idea to make some movies in this genre.

What Is Anthology Movie Making?

The term anthology means to maintain a consistent flow of similar content or anything. So, anthology filmmaking means keeping all short films similar to each other when it comes to the genre or concepts. Any anthology movie may have a minimum of three films per video content. However, some of the best anthology movies have more than five films at a time.

All of them make those video content most entertaining because the audience gets something new every 15 – 20 minutes.

What Are The Best Anthology Films?

The anthology category has the full potential to keep people entertained while watching the films. Any anthology movie consists of three to five short films of the same genre and shoots in a cinematic way. All these short films provide the same kind of entertainment to the audience. Say, for example, horror movies.

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Making these movies is not easy but a tricky task. All the short films must have a well-described or happy ending and conclusion. Moreover, as the major film proceeds, there must be more entertaining and meaningful content for the other short film. That is what we call the best anthology film. The following are the ten best anthology films.

Top 10 best anthology movies To Watch:

There are hundreds of anthology movies available to watch. But as a viewer, you want to find some of the best films. So, we have analyzed the films available in this genre and got the top 10 best anthology films to watch in 2022 and beyond. Hold uptight, and let us take you on the journey of horror and entertaining short films.

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Ghost Stories:

Ghost stories are an anthology-based movie of 2017. Throughout the film, you can see the confidence of the actors and the storyline. It takes you to the world of ghosts with short stories. It was inspired by a successful stage play. If you are looking for something that has recently been released in this category of movie, watch ghost stories.

Three supernatural cases will be a huge source of entertainment when you watch these short stories. It’s one of the most haunted stories available to watch in films.

The Field Guide To Evil

One more latest released anthology movie is The Field Guide To Evil, released in 2018. There is a total of eight tales to take you to the world of imagination and the anthology genre. There, you can see some of the worst and horrific nightmares that characters have to face in this film. You can watch this movie online or offline.

These all eight tales are different. But have the same concepts and style of narration. So, you don’t have to watch a lengthy movie if you like watching short films. Thus, it could be a good choice for you.

Sin City:

If you want to watch a slightly aged movie, try watching Sin city. It is one of the most popular and best movies of 2005. The film is inspired by graphic novels. Some hyper-styled hard-boiled stories keep your mouth open to say “what?” Do you know why these movies are so popular? The cast and crew don’t have to work longer for the same projects.

However, the main thing that actors have to keep in mind is to justify the short films. They must act well because the content is short. So, the audience must be able to catch it immediately.


Have you watched XX? It’s one of the scariest anthology films ever shot in the world. Here, you can see some youngsters trek to get into the wilderness to have fun and recreation. So, if you are ready to watch movies where youngsters are targets, you should watch the movie XX. It’s one of the most horror and scary anthology movies of all time.

This movie was released in 2017. You can also see some creature features too. Even though it’s a scary movie, you can not stop laughing because the plot has some comedy also!

Fear(s) Of The Dark:

The filmmakers released this film in 2008. So, if you want to watch something old enough to have some more bold scenes, good plots, Concrete Content, and nicely written stories, watch this film today. From the name of this film, you can say that you’ll get to watch some darkness and fears too. There is some animation too.

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If you like to watch horror and crispy movies, you can try watching this movie. There are some of the best scenes and stories. You are looking for in the category of best anthology movies.


V/H/S’s filmmakers made and released this movie in 2012. So, you can say it’s almost a decade old. But that’s more exciting about this film because the plot and stories are too good. This one is a horror anthology film. When you watch this movie, you will agree with us. It was an anthology film that was better with a few stories than many ones.

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It’s also one of the best anthology films that have some crispy and creative short stories. These are best to pass your 15 – 20 minutes without feeling bored. So, go and watch it online or offline.


The following year, after the first part was released, the filmmakers came with the sequel in the next year, 2013. Now, you guess how much this movie has earned fans’ attention. If filmmakers have given the second part of the movie, it means there is something meaningful and valuable created and served by them to the audience.

Similar to its first part, the second part has also hit screens and entertained people the same way. Some stories are uncommon and unknown to many people. So, watch this film.

Three Extremes:

From its name, you can say the movie has three short films shot in a cinematic way and combined as parts of an anthology film. Here, you can see some East Asian Horror stories. Once stories play from this film, you won’t even know when the first extreme finishes. These are some of the most popular and talked about short films.

If you are looking for something more horrific and scary content, try watching three extremes. Once you finish the movie, you will agree that those stories are extreme and worth watching.


Again it’s one of the latest movies, but as time passes quickly, the movie looks somewhat old. The southbound film is one of the most valued anthology films of 2016. You can see some tricksters and demons in this film. Moreover, it has stories of some serial killers. So, if you are a fan of some of the best and good movies in the category of serial killers, watch this movie today.

Trick ‘r Treat:

It’s the last film on the list of the best anthology movies of all time. If you want to know more exciting stories that make you entertained through the combined concepts of anthology and horror movies, you can give it a look. The filmmakers released this film in 2007. However, it’s still one of the most talked-about anthology films.

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Do you think that when anthology movies proceed, they get something boring to the audience? If you are, you should watch this anthology film. It turns well from the middle and serves more than you can expect.

Wrapping Up:

Have you understood why anthology movies are best? We know that anthology films service audiences with different short and crispy content. These stories are well-written and explained through cinematic shoots. If you have found some of the best anthology movies from this article, share them with others too. Moreover, if you want to find some more horrific and short films, let us know. We keep updating the lists as per the audience’s reviews. So, you can share your thoughts here when you watch these movies. It will help readers know the feedback of these films.

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