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Digital Marketing Trends: What We Can Expect in 2021


By the time you are finished reading this article you will be better prepared to understand some digital marketing trends that are likely to shape the marketing landscape in the next decade. In particular digital marketing trends for the next five years will likely center around social media, augmented reality, and mobile devices. By the end of this article you will likely have a better idea of what these different digital marketing trends mean for your business and how you can implement them to your benefit. But first let’s talk about the digital marketing trends you should be paying attention to right now. In the next five years, digital marketing trends are going to focus around five key areas.

First, we will touch on the ever-changing consumer. As our generation grows older, they will seek out easier and simpler ways to engage with their leisure time. The next five years will see an increase in digital marketing that focuses on providing entertainment and easy access to content. As our culture becomes more digital, marketers will need to provide more options for consumers.

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Second, there will be a move away from traditional marketing strategies and toward digital marketing solutions. With more companies using digital channels for advertising, marketers will have to develop digital solutions for their client’s businesses. Just as the old saying goes, “you can have everything in print, but you can’t have everything digital.” The focus of this trend will be on easier accessibility to digital content. Whether it be in the form of videos, podcast, or social media solutions like Facebook and Twitter, there will be fewer barriers to access and more opportunities for consumers to engage with your company’s content.

Next, we will discuss the rise of mobile media. Mobile technology will continue to grow and become more mainstream. While some may still think of a smartphone application as something for an Apple user, more people are jumping on board with Android, Blackberry, Windows, and other platforms. Mobile apps provide users with an enhanced way to interact with their company’s products. This is not the same as having an app that sits on the home screen, but rather one that is found on the go and will allow consumers to access your company’s content wherever they are.

Third, there will be an increase in marketing solutions that use existing platforms. The rise of platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, and Magento will mean that you will have more options when it comes to publishing content and engaging with your audience. While some think this will hurt SEO, it actually creates an opportunity to reach more potential buyers and more interested parties. There will be less need for your SEO team to build pages on your company’s website and more need to work on creating dynamic content through your company’s social media channels. You can easily combine SEO with mobile marketing, if you have an established system in place.

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Fourth, you will see an increase in content publishing platforms and services. This comes directly from the fact that you won’t have to build custom websites anymore. Your companies will be able to publish content on the web, on their own blogs, and on their own social media pages. In fact, most companies won’t even have to create a website anymore. Content publishing will help give your company’s brand an injection of personality, allowing them to connect with their customers in an engaging way. Content will be distributed across multiple platforms as well, giving your brand the ability to engage with consumers on a more personal level.

Fifth, we will likely start to see the integration of these five digital marketing trends within our global supply chain. These platforms will start to interlink, meaning that one platform will have additional benefits over another. For example, a manufacturer in Canada can easily publish content across multiple devices, while a manufacturer in the United States might have their content limited to a single website. The integration of these platforms will give every company the ability to market to consumers on a global scale.

Finally, we will start to see more interactive digital marketing campaigns and features on our social media pages. Interactivity is key to growing a business online. If consumers feel like they are talking with someone who actually speaks for their brand, they are more likely to buy from them. This is one of the digital marketing trends that will continue to change the way we think about marketing on the Internet. As new platforms are created and new services are offered, your company will be challenged to evolve and keep up with the changing times.

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