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Can I Choose My Own Vehicle Repair Shop After A Florida Car Accident?


Residents of the Sunshine State are no strangers to auto accidents. Car accidents happen quite frequently in various parts of the state. In 2020 alone, there were almost 3,100 fatal car crashes in Florida, recording over 3,300 deaths. When collisions occur, the survivors of the accident are left dealing with the injuries they have suffered and the mountain of medical costs associated with them.

Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyers recommend seeking immediate medical care if you have been involved in an auto accident without concerning yourself with the hospital bills from the get-go because you will likely be able to secure adequate compensation for your losses. However, the medical bills are not the only expense that racks up in the wake of a car accident. Your car might have sustained significant damage due to the accident, and you might be concerned about seeing to its repairs.

With all the complexities surrounding procedures with insurance companies, it is only natural for you to wonder where you can or cannot go to address the auto repairs. Auto accident victims often ask themselves whether they have the right to decide who will repair their damaged vehicle or if they have to stick to a limited selection of providers.

A lawyer would be the best person to go to if you do not know how to proceed. Today’s post will be a guide that answers this important question for you, so you know how to address the matter if you are ever involved in a car accident in Fort Lauderdale.

Can I Choose My Preferred Auto Repair Shop After A Car Accident In Florida?

Simply put: Yes, you can definitely choose your preferred auto repair shop to see to the vehicle repairs after a car accident. There are no laws or provisions in the State of Florida that prevent people from seeking auto repair shops of their choice to get their car fixed. This is typically how things happen, especially when you are recovering the cost of repairs from the at-fault party’s insurance company.

However, you might be forfeiting the right to choose your own auto repair shop if you choose to file a claim with your insurance company. When you file a claim with your own insurer, you have to abide by the terms of the agreement you have with the insurance company. If your insurance policy authorizes you to choose a repair shop yourself, you won’t have any issues.

Suppose that your insurance policy empowers the insurer to define whom you can go to for repairs. In that case, you must not go to any other shop because you risk breaching the terms of your insurance policy. Make sure you carefully read your insurance agreement before you put pen on paper because it can prevent any issues with choosing the repair shop you prefer.

Auto Accident Investigation & Claim Assessment

Insurance companies typically investigate car accidents before they agree to pay any amount in compensation. This investigation happens before the repairs take place. The reason for the investigation is simple: The insurance company wants to establish whether it is a bonafide accident case. The investigation also serves the purpose of determining the extent of the damage done to the car. An insurance company’s investigators make note of the potential repair costs for the car.

Should You Choose A Repair Shop Defined By Your Insurance Company?

Suppose that you were involved in a car accident resulting in some damage to your car, and your insurance policy states that you must use an authorized repair shop. In that case, you have no choice but to go to the repair shop defined by your insurance policy. However, you might not have to go to their auto repair shop if it is not mandated in your agreement with the insurance company.

Should You Trust Your Insurer’s Auto Repair Shop?

Many people are skeptical about going to the auto repair shop defined by their insurance company in their contract. However, the confusion around trusting the auto repair shop should be out of the question. You can definitely trust that the repair shop defined by the insurance company will do a good job of repairing your vehicle.

It is always in the insurance company’s best interest to see to adequate repairs for your vehicle. A poorly maintained vehicle is more susceptible to damage. Many insurance companies often enforce it as a part of the contract to ensure that their customers do not go to repair shops that cut corners or do a poor job of repairing the car.

Additionally, insurance companies will never refuse to properly fix your vehicle. Suppose that the insurer insisted that you go to an auto repair shop that they authorized, and the repair shop did a hasty job, making some of the problems worse. In that case, you can file a legal claim against the insurance company for intentionally refusing adequate repairs for your vehicle.

Insurance companies are very particular about avoiding any liabilities, and they try their best to ensure that their authorized repair shops do a good job.

Work With Experienced Car Accident Lawyers To Receive Compensation

An auto accident can be costly. The expenses to repair your car add insult to injury for all the expenses related to recovering from your injuries you will already have to contend with. Regardless of the auto repair shop you choose, the cost of repairing your car after the accident will be the same. It might be a good idea to seek compensation from the at-fault party for the property damage incurred in the accident through a third-party claim.

However, we highly recommend contacting qualified Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyers if you plan on going that route. An experienced attorney will be better equipped to help you determine the best legal avenue you can take to become financially whole again after the accident. Consider contacting Frankl Kominsky Injury Lawyers to get in touch with their auto accident attorneys if you are looking for experienced lawyers who have a track record for getting desirable outcomes for their clients in accident cases.

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