Books! Selling Knowledge on Amazon

Books, Books, Books! Selling Knowledge on Amazon


“They say a reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.” The average American reads more than 13 books per year.  So many books, such little time! People are ready to spend  an obscene amount of money on buying books and sometimes even forget about their existence. However, whether we want it or not, books are continuing to remain one  of the best selling items both in physical and online stores. Selling the knowledge on Amazon.

And Amazon is not an exception; let’s not forget that the retailer giant started its journey as a bookstore, only later, it  started to add other categories of products to its platform. 

Why Books?

Books are essential objects for most people; more than 700  million books are sold per year, and the biggest part of them are sold through Amazon. Hence, selling books on Amazon can turn to become quite a profitable business, especially now that people avoid visiting public places, cinemas, and libraries, , and  prefer to spend the entire time at home, without risking their lives. And Amazon is the best place where people can buy different stuff without leaving their houses. They can get their products in a matter of days, sometimes hours. 

How To Sell Books on Amazon!

One of the first  steps that you have to implement is  creating a seller account on Amazon. Generally, Amazon provides its users with two main options for implementing this process, since  you can choose by yourself whether you want to run your business on Amazon using an individual or a professional account. If you’re a beginner and are not going to invest much money in your small business, then it is better to choose an individual account, since you can convert it into a professional one once your business starts to grow.

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ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a special barcode which allows sellers to differentiate millions of books from each other. As a rule, an ISBN has 10-13 digits which you can find on the back and front of the book. Keep in mind that you have to also include crucial information such as SKU, price, condition and the quantity of the book that you are going to sell.

Another vital part regarding selling books on Amazon is that you have to choose the condition of the book that you’re going to sell through Amazon. Generally, Amazon provides five main categories regarding book condition:

  • New
  • Like New
  • Very Good Books
  • Good
  • Acceptable

Books continue to remain one of the most popular product categories on Amazon. So, it is the exact time to start your book business on Amazon and let your customers travel without leaving their homes. But, before launching this process, there are several vital aspects  regarding selling on Amazon that you should be aware of in order to protect your business from what is called an Amazon suspension. First of all, you have to work only with authorized supplies, otherwise, you can find your Amazon account suspended for violating Amazon’s policies. Another crucial aspect is that you have to set a fixed price on your products, and  not raise it, since Amazon can suspend your seller account for sales velocity limits violation.

Another mistake which may lead to an Amazon suspension is not fulfilling your orders in due time, or having out of stock items. In this case, your ODR will exceed the number specified by Amazon, and guess what? Your account will also get suspended. It doesn’t really matter why your account is suspended, since there are Amazon suspension specialists out there who are able to fix any issue when it comes to suspensions! So, do not hesitate and  put the first stone towards building a successful online bookstore on Amazon!

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