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7 Digital Tech Features to Use for SMB Growth


Today, it’s almost impossible to ensure business growth without technology.

Despite these demands, SMB owners don’t have to be afraid of these challenges.

There are many technological features and tools that are either free of charge or affordable for every business owner.

In this article, we’re going to describe some practical tech options that new entrepreneurs can use to constantly grow.

1.Social media feeds

Social networks open perfect opportunities for business people to present their services.

In that light, you should follow social media feeds published by companies relevant to your niche.

So, search several social media to see what they offer from your industry.

For instance, e-stores should pay special attention to Instagram feeds. It’s the most popular social network for selling products online and it will open new chances for SMB owners.

LinkedIn, on the other hand, is a valuable source of business tips, analyses, and connections.

Facebook is a useful tool for following business feeds from different fields.

Additional two cents: don’t follow people in social media to avoid scattering your attention. Use your social media business accounts only to find out more about the current affairs in your industry.

2.Stories in different channels

Closely related to the previous paragraph, new SMB owners should focus on various useful content bits available via different online channels.

For starters, pay attention to stories that other businesses post to social media. Together with the feeds described above, those features will provide you with more relevant information for your needs.

Moreover, subscribe to prominent business channels on YouTube. While there are general entrepreneurial channels, do your homework to find niche-specific content that will help you boost your business.

Also, opt for receiving regular newsletters from relevant companies in your niche to follow the current affairs you may profit from.

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Finally, check out Goodreads and read the most useful books for SMB owners.

By combining different channels available via technology, you can gather a lot of valuable knowledge for your future managerial work.

3.Users’ search queries

If you want to find out more about the operations your competitors are handling, analyze users’ search queries on the Internet.

This will give you a direct insight into the main interests of your target audience. When you have these data at your disposal, you can incorporate them into your content marketing strategy. What’s more, knowing what people are looking for will help you create your own unique selling proposition, i.e. something that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Apart from that, use keyword research tools to see what your competitors are doing. Once you analyze their content strategies, you’ll have more ideas on how to improve your online presence.

4.Track employees’ productivity

Tech solutions don’t only help us to scan our business environment, but they’re useful for tracking your in-house activities.

In line with that, you can use a variety of employee monitoring tools to measure how well your workers respond to their tasks and business challenges.

Use those results to reward the most productive employees and support the ones that don’t manage to always reach their goals.

Make sure to present the productivity rules to your employees to keep things transparent. When they know what you expect from them, they’ll work harder to meet your demands and get rewards and bonuses.

5.Use networking tools

Technology is here to improve our networking potentials, as well.

We’ve already mentioned the power of LinkedIn above. It’s one of the most popular social media in the world and business owners should use it to enhance their business perspective.

Additionally, consider joining different business forums and social media groups to see how your colleagues communicate and what they do.

Apart from that, think about using Shapr to connect with business owners or solopreneurs that do similar things as you do. It’s a business version of Tinder that can help you connect with top-notch entrepreneurs and share your visions or business ideas.

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By connecting with different business entities, you’ll improve your networking skills and extend your knowledge about the niche itself.

6.Rely on cloud tools

The cloud has opened numerous opportunities for business owners to accelerate their business operations and enhance their professional relationships.

Instead of storing your business data on in-house drives, use cloud storage options for small businesses to keep your files secure and constantly available to your workers and customers.

Moreover, turn to online business apps to make your business activities less complicated. From Google Documents and other features of Google Workspace to online accounting elements, there are various cloud-based options that can improve your work experience.

7.Boost the website features

When talking about digital tech features, it’s important to highlight the business website features.

Your website is the online shop window of your entire enterprise. As such, it can easily attract or repel your potential customers.

Because of that, measure and track the functionality of your website.

As recommended by design experts from a Houston web design company, work with your web designer to check the user experience behind that website. The way they react to your arrangement and content will determine your future moves.

Invest in your blog posts and useful content. The more practical problem-solving tips you share with your audience, the more likely they are to start following your business and eventually become your customers.

Growing a business in the modern business environment is both a challenge and a privilege.

On the one hand, many other business people are trying to reach the same goal as you: generating enough customers to keep their business roll.

On the other hand, various technological tools alleviate the entire business management process. They help entrepreneurs measure and track everything they do. Based on those data, business owners can improve their business operations and become more competitive to ensure seamless growth for their ventures.


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