Pros and Cons of Cryptocurrency

The Pros and Cons of Cryptocurrency – A Mini-Guide for New Investors


A cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency that serves the same purpose as physical money, i.e. to serve as a medium of exchange. It works through blockchain technology to record everyday transactions in a ledger system. Although cryptocurrency can be used to pay for all types of goods and services, it is still more commonly referred to as the speculative investment asset, due to its intangibility factor. 

The most interesting part is that the investors can view cryptocurrency publicly, but cannot control or change it in any way – this is one of the major reasons why it is considered the safest medium for online transactions these days. 

Just like other types of currencies, the value of cryptocurrency is also driven by its demand in the market, but is not backed up by central banks or legal state authorities. Therefore, inflation rates, monetary policies, and any sort of economic crisis do not affect the value of cryptocurrency in the market.

Now, before we get into more details, let’s take a look at the major pros and cons for cryptocurrency in 2022. 

Pros of Cryptocurrency

  1. High Rewards

Currently, there are more than 10,000 types of cryptocurrencies on the market and each one of them has its own perks to offer. From Bitcoin and Ethereum to Cardano and Stellar, the crypto market has a wide range of currencies for investors. However, no matter whatever type of cryptocurrency you choose, one thing will always remain unchanged – the sudden spikes in value. All of these coins bring a huge amount of profit in times of peak growth seasons – their rates are driven by the coin supply from miners, and their demand on the purchasers’ end. 

For example, the rate of Ethereum has been almost doubled from July 2021 to December 2021. Now, that quite seems like a fancy payday for investors who boarded at the right time!

  1. Increased Security

As mentioned earlier, cryptocurrency relies on Blockchain technology to keep track of your financial transactions. Each block in the crypto chain consists of a hash result and a specific algorithm that adds an extra layer of security to your crypto accounts – it prevents unauthorized access to your financial details and keeps your data safe from falling into the wrong hands.

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Hash algorithms are exclusively designed by the developers so that hackers can never alter your text in any way, or use it for their benefit. However, besides this, it is also essential for the investors to use a safe, and reliable internet connection so that they can avoid any online scams, or viruses while using crypto. For example, you can always rely on secure internet connections like Grande Internet to enjoy an ultimate crypto experience.   

The best part is that Grande Internet offers extremely affordable internet plans to all users – its monthly packages are starting from $35.99 only per month. How cool is that?

  1. Round-The-Clock Trade

Another important benefit is that the crypto market is always open – it trades 24/7. So, with transactions being carried out round-the-clock, you don’t have to wait for NASDAQ, NYSE, or any other exchange companies to start your trading for the day. Instead, you can get your hands on crypto whenever you want to.

Interestingly, this has made a huge impact on regular stock exchanges as well – now, they are also finding ways to trade stocks outside work hours due to increased profit rates.

Cons of Cryptocurrency

  1. Long-Term Investment

The concept of cryptocurrency came into being in 2008. Even though it’s gaining more fan-following with every passing day, it’s worth remembering that it has been around us for just over a decade. Whereas on the other hand, other investment options like stock markets have a history that can look up to centuries. 

For example, The London Stock Exchange was founded in 1801 – it obviously makes it one of the safest options for long-term investments. But, if you consider cryptocurrency, it dates back to 2008 only, therefore, nobody really knows what will happen to it in the future. In simpler words, you need to be bold enough to step into these uncharted waters as an investor, especially if you are thinking to invest a big sum of money. 

  1. Scalability Issues
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There’s little to no doubt in the fact that cryptocurrency operates at lightning speeds – it has an extremely high processing speed. However, sometimes, they also run into major issues which create difficulties in rolling the currency out on large scales. Surprisingly, the developers also admit this issue, along with many Ethereum investors who believe that the blockchain has reached “certain capacity limitations”. It causes the cryptocurrency to take longer processing speeds than other currencies on the market.

  1. Takes Time and Effort

Let’s admit it, crypto isn’t for everyone – it takes a lot of time and effort in the beginning to understand how it works, especially if you aren’t much of a digital freak. 

For example, the concept of cryptocurrency features complicated blockchain concepts and a wide range of online risks like phishing, scamming, or even bugs, etc. This could be a big problem for the newbies specifically. So, we recommend you conduct in-depth research about cryptocurrency before investing your money into the business

In a Nutshell

Undoubtedly, cryptocurrency is one of the most profitable businesses ever – you get to double your profit within seconds. However, at the same time, it has tons of risks associated with it too. You can also lose millions within a blink of an eye. So, you need to search about all its pros and cons in detail before investing in any type of cryptocurrency. 

Also, you need to remember that you cannot access crypto without having stable internet connectivity at home. Therefore, make sure you connect to a high-speed internet connection like Grande before accessing the website. It will allow you to enjoy a smooth, and lag-free crypto experience. 

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