Growth hacking Tips for Startups and E-commerce business

12 Best Growth hacking Tips for Startups and E-commerce business


The majority of people nowadays are continually intending to come up with the next big thing and own a startup. 

With the highly determined young minds ready to take up challenges, the scope of the startup has drastically widened nowadays. When mentioning the benefits associated with a newly established business, they are available in plethora. 

These have always included being your boss, performing the way you want, and setting up your priorities. 

Many of you might be wondering about how to take your business to the next level. Indeed there are plethora of strategies that you can follow. But to get facilitated with huge success, here are the top 10 growth hacking tips for startups And E-commerce businesses. 

12 Tips to Grow your Startups and E-commerce business

Marketing via interesting videos

Videos are counted amongst the most viable forms of marketing in the present era. Thus, you can indulge in video marketing to gain some recognition. 

It is easily shareable and also seeks the majority of the audience’s attention. Nowadays, the audience relies more on the images, graphics, and videos rather than the written content since it amuses them. 

You can create your how-to-do videos, DIY videos and also, informational ones about your product by connecting with the best animation video company. Also, the most interesting way can be a video featuring real customers within it. 

Grab good knowledge about your niche

If you are looking forward to boost your business, there is a need for you to grab some good knowledge about your niche. 

As entailed, learning about the niche has stood as the prime reason responsible for the startup’s success. Corner the concerned market and focus solely on it at a particular time. 

Your ideas and products need to be innovative so that a good number of people get attracted to you. You’ll have to become a master in the niche you are dealing with, and on its completion, you can see your business elevate!

Spend to earn

As the saying goes, you can’t earn without spending money, and this stands true. If you are indulged in a startup, you’ll come across financial hits. 

Thus, being an entrepreneur, you won’t have to worry about your wallet. Avoid being a miser and spend wherever necessary. Add as much value as you can to the tasks you perform and the clients you gain. 

These values are of various kinds, including financial, social, psychological, etc. You might miss out on many chances of succeeding in the long run if you say no to spending money. 

Networking is the key

While giving a kick-off to your business, connections always play a vital role. During the tenure, when your startup is not yet off the ground, networking would help in maintaining consistency. 

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Such an initial help would be a great aid in transforming your business into a powerful one. Whenever you meet any person, make sure that you have kept his/her record maintained in your contact list.

Build up your kingdom with these quality relationships and witness positive growth in your startup. Increase your contacts as much as you can, and they are surely going to be of help to you. 

Seek help from a social influencer

A social influencer will enable your social media presence to grow at the utmost. It is considered as one of the quickest ways available for building your brand’s online presence. 

As notified by a good number of researches, influencer marketing is better than digital ads. The most notable benefit of a social influencer is that you will gain an already existing audience. 

Since their fans trust them, they are going to try out the recommendation given by the influencer. There are good chances that your sales funnel will fill up with new leads because of a social influencer. 

Stay ready for the worst

Starting a new business has both pros and cons, and thus, you will have to stay prepared for everything! It is highly recommended for you to stay positive but stay ready for the worst too. 

No one knows what’s going to happen to your business, and so you should keep an emergency savings account ready! Bad phases in business are bound to happen, and it’s you who should always stay set to come out of them.

For this, you can invest your money in some other undertaking so that you can get them whenever needed. 

Never forget to pay for yourself

Your living is as essential as your business, and so, you must always remember to pay yourself. During the initial years, you might not be in a condition to pay a fat salary, but you can pay enough to live. 

It not only leads to the maintenance of financial stability but also enables you to stay focused on your work. Your comfort is needed the most, and so you must always experience some padding for the dedication and hard work. 

Having financial help will make you happy, and working in a delighted mood can do wonders for your business. 

Unique email marketing

An Email has been referred to as the most commonly used tactic for marketing an organization nowadays. 

However, your audience is not at all going to get attracted to a dull and old email template. They want something new. Many customers also judge your products with the creativity that you use in your marketing techniques. 

How about funny emails? Yes, they are amazing! If your email contains some humor, it has a higher chance of being opened than your competitors. Your brand will be filled up with positivity as the customers are going to get a smile on their faces while seeing your email. 

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Usage of referral programs

A good number of people are going to refer your product to other people if they are going to get something in return. 

Thus, you can use a referral program to enable your people to stay loyal to your brand. This will help you in building up more connections and also gain more communication with your existing audience. 

With your ambassadors being the real people, they will give genuine reviews to the people they know. Apart from that, if your present customers are always given a discount whenever they buy, they’ll stay with you. 

Reviews and statements on social media

Social proof such as reviews as well as comments from real people will maintain your credibility in the market. 

Not only this, but it will also help you to enhance your reputation amongst your audience, both existing and potential. The higher the number of your fans, social followers, likes, and views, the higher would be your engagements.

A sales pop-up on your website about the recent sales, whenever a customer is browsing your website, is a great idea! There is a need for you to show your activities on social media. This is going to let your audience know about what you’re up to! 

Use Ad extension for targeted clicks

If you want to upgrade your business to new heights, then you can also use ad extensions. It is one of the awesome ways to scale your ads in both Google and Bing. Just by adding this simple extension, you can add details that will surely inspire your audience to increase the click-through rate. Moreover, it will also help you to make your ads stand out from the crowd. 

Once you use this extension, then you can track your ads like call extensions, callout extensions, Sitelink extensions, Callout extensions, review extensions, Location extensions.

Write Guest posts

If you are planning to run a startup, then you should never miss writing a guest post. Once your content starts reaching loyal buyers, then it will become easier for you to build trust and convert them into customers. 

And guest posts are one of the best ways to build authority over the web. By sharing good content on high-quality websites offering the same services as your business, you can reach plenty of buyers who will surely be interested in your products/services. 

Whenever you write a blog post, there are some things that you should always keep in mind. Like, never create promotional content, don’t forget to link back to your website, etc. 

Once you have a good hold on the content, then you can easily reach new audiences for your business and skyrocket your business to the next level. 

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The varied growth hacking tips are all about discovering the brand new as well as engaging ideas to let your startup grow! They wholly focus on enhancing your customer journey. 

Thus, these tactics stand as most significant, which are worthy of being introduced to every startup. 

Keep track of the daily revenue goals that you have attained, and later, you can further move on to the maintenance of necessary adjustments. Keep on powering your entrepreneurial journey, stay confident, and let your inner hard work glow! 

Still, if you have any doubts, or want to add something to the above checklist, share it in the comments below. 

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