How to come up with a company name


Company name is a very important and indispensable element, which directly affects the success of promotion, consumer perception and brand recognition. 

It is necessary to name the company in such a way that every customer will remember your brand after the first purchase. Nowadays it is common to call a brand a product, which is of high quality and known to a wide range of people. Such a product is able to create a holistic image in people’s minds as soon as they hear its name. It necessarily has a unique symbolism and name.

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Ways to come up with a company name

At the moment there are many ways to come up with a unique name for your company, based on the experience of the world’s brands.

  1. You can use the first or last name of the founder of the company as the name. Many companies have come up with a name for themselves that way, using only their own information. The most popular such logos are: Chanel, Pierre Cardin, Philips, Ferrari and others.
  2. Combination of several important words. Using different words or their parts, it is possible to create completely new words and combinations, which can be used as a brand name. An example of such a name would be Facebook.
  3. Alliteration (the use of rhythm and rhyme). A name made up in this way is easier to remember due to the rhyme and simple pronunciation. Companies such as Coca-Cola and ChupaChups chose this very method of naming.
  4. Allusion or innuendo is another way to think of a name, using well-known concepts you can come up with something of your own.
  5. The method of analogy and association. Choosing the right association, with which the company name will be associated, it is possible to obtain a quality naming and to be on the ears of the consumer. To borrow an idea can be anywhere (the name of plants, animals, planets, locations or even characters). Examples include: Apple, Red Bull, and others.
  6. The name with the abbreviation is suitable if it is impossible to do without using a long name. The most famous examples of acronyms: NASA, IKEA, BMW.
  7. Metonymy – the application of methods from the general to the particular, and vice versa. Examples include: “Planet Electronics”, “World of Sweets”.
  8. Secret meaning in the name – a mystery, which is known only to the owner of the company and his workers, but not to ordinary people. Such names arouse special interest of the consumer.
  9. Universal name is a name that is not related to the activity of the company. If you are not satisfied with names with semantic meaning connected with company activity, then you may choose any beautiful word, which sounds good and is fast remembered. Successful brands quite often do not display the characteristics of the product at all, which ensures their uniqueness for a long time. One particularly famous example is the Apple brand.
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To choose a name that is perfect for your company, you need to consider some features:

  • The brand name should sound concise, clearly pronounceable and easy to write down.
  • The stylistics of the name should reflect the essence of your product/service and the sphere of activity.
  • The absence of any connotations, including negative.

Experts do not recommend spending a lot of time and effort to come up with a unique brand name. You can simply look back at the world around us, it can be: the objects around us, fruits, personal belongings, things that we use on a daily basis, various natural phenomena (such as a hurricane, tornado) and more. All of these can be the impetus for creating a brilliantly simple, yet perfect name.


No matter how perfect a brand, trademark or company name is, it can easily be ruined by poor service, poor quality products and a bad reputation. Therefore, it is important to monitor compliance with quality standards of goods and services, as well as to quickly respond to customer complaints.

To make the name of the company successful it is enough that it corresponds to the following requirements:

  • simplicity;
  • easy to remember and pronounce aloud;
  • understandable to the consumer.

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