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What happens after clearing the CLAT exam?


CLAT exams are no doubt one of the vital exams to get admission in 17 NLUs of India. NLUs are the national law university that offers programs for laws. If you are a law aspirant, you have to clear your CLAT exams with good scores to get admissions in the NLUs. However, what most aspirants don’t know is what happens after clearing the CLAT exams.

Yes! You are reading it right. Out of all the aspirants, many aspirants appear CLAT for the first. So, they don’t know the further process of what happens after it. So, if you are a newbie, there is nothing to worry about. This article will offer you all knowledge about what happens after clearing your CLAT exams. Download CLAT Syllabus PDF.

The path after clearing your CLAT exams

If you are clearing your CLAT exams, you will feel like you are at the top of the world. However, there are a lot of post-exam responsibilities that you need to complete. So, here is what happens after clearing the exams.

Getting admission in one of 17 NLUs

Once your clear your exams, you will now get admitted to the top NLUs in the country. This includes several steps. First, you have to check the official website about the seat allotment. After getting your marks, you can make choices. However, the seats that you will get would be based on your ranks/marks that you score. You will get your university name in the portal. The CLAT consortium also will send you notifications about the counseling.

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Reach the counseling center with all your documents

Once you get intimidated about the counseling date, place, and time, you have to reach the site with all your documents. You must check out the official platform to know what documents are required in the counseling. Take original and copies of all those documents. However, apart from educational documents, you should also carry some of your personal documents like a Voter ID card, Aadhar card, and many more.

Choosing the law program

After getting your counseling done, the next step is to choose the law program you want to pursue. Usually, all the NLUs offer you five years integrated undergraduate law program. You can also say that the NLUs offer you BA LLB (Hons). However, some NLUs might offer you law programs like B.Com LLB or LLB. So, you need to choose the program that you want to study.

Completing your degree

Once you successfully, you will start reading your Law program. Every year, you will get semesters to clear. You have to clear your semester with good grades to find a good future. However, you have to create assurance that you are not missing any class. Every class in your NLU will offer you vital things to learn. So, you should learn and fulfill all your dreams.

Choosing prospects after completing your degree

After completing your degree, the next step is to choose a prospect. However, after your degree completion, there are endless opportunities; you just need to choose the right one. If you like science, you can become a patent agent. Similarly, if you have an interest in civil services, you can prepare for civil service exams. You can also join the Indian Army in a higher rank.

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Further, the law degree holders can also join a law firm to practice. This would be a core career choice. And you can end up being a top lawyer. So, there are a lot of options to make your career brighter.


Wrapping up, this is what after clearing your CLAT exams. But if you want to present yourself to endless opportunities, you must prepare the best for your CLAT exams.


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