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Approaches to the car of the future

Electric and autonomous cars . That is the key objective of car manufacturers, who work hard to be the first to launch the best model on the market.So place your orders, and get ready to compare rates to move your vehicle ASAP.

Waymo , Google’s autonomous car , is in the lead. Aiming to offer a driverless “taxi” service, it is currently being tested in California. Chandler’s neighbors in Phoenix can already use it in the company of a supervisor, although the car is trained to carry out all its functions without help.

Other brands that compete in this race towards the autonomous car are Apple or Tesla. On the other hand, the Chinese manufacturer Byton has already started testing the M-Byte , an autonomous electric car at a very competitive price . The brand plans to launch in China throughout 2019 and a year later its arrival in Europe and the United States is expected.

On the other hand, Toyota Motor and Uber Technologies also advance in this field. Proof of this is its alliance for the joint development of autonomous cars.

Betting on health

Who doesn’t like the feeling of being fully rested when getting up in the morning? Sleeping well benefits our health. Therefore, there are more and more innovations that aim to help our well-being by improving the quality of our rest.

Somnox is a Dutch startup that has created a robot pillow intended for those who have difficulty falling asleep . In addition to having a gallery of relaxing sounds, audiobooks and meditation guides, it generates a series of vibrations that simulate a breath that is accompanied by yours.

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But if a pillow seems too little, the manufacturer Sleep Number has created a smart bed capable of detecting abnormal breaths that, above all, can help prevent heart attacks.

To complete the experience, you can get an Aromarest , a device that emits a dim light and a different fragrance depending on the ambient temperature. It also makes calming sounds and has a smartphone app that tracks hours and sleep quality.

Beyond wireless headphones

No unraveling of headphones. After Apple launched the iPhone 7 in 2016, its headphones, the Apple Airpods , were a revolution. Apple innovated by using bluetooth to bring music from the device to the ears, a trend-setting system that has since been copied by other manufacturers.

But some manufacturers go further. Imagine being in the car with a companion, each being able to listen to a different song, without the need for headphones . The Israeli startup Noveto is developing a system that will make it possible in 2019. Thanks to 3D tracking , the sound will reach a single user in a targeted way without having to carry a specific element with it.

Flexible and 8k TVs

As the ABC newspaper reports , the IFA 2018 fair, held in Berlin, left a good sample of the advances in televisions for 2019. The most significant is the arrival of the 8K , which arrives before the consumer has assumed the 4K and with a very limited content offer at the moment, something that for now does not make it very useful in everyday life.

OLED televisions , for their part, do seem to have landed on the market more effectively. They are the successors of the LED televisions, where the led’s were used to illuminate the panel of the television. This is no longer necessary in these new models made up of diodes capable of generating and emitting their own light . Its arrival facilitated the manufacture of much narrower televisions and made way for the possibility of creating flexible screens, since these diodes can be placed in plastic layers.

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Allergy Proof Pets

Looking to the future, technology promises the company and affection of a pet for all those who, for whatever reason, cannot afford to have one at home.

Already at CES 2018 (Consumer Electronics Fair) Sony launched ‘Aibo’, a robot dog that, thanks to the artificial intelligence used in the manufacture of autonomous vehicles, can perceive obstacles and avoid crashes. In addition, it mimics the movements of a real pet and is capable of interacting with humans and other dogs. Since September 18 it is already on sale on its website and its price is around $ 3,000.


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