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Help To Get Your iPhone And Android Smartphone Recovery From Damage


Yes, it is possible to fix the broken phone in the pandemic of Covid-19 and its lockdown. There are three main ways you can use it to fix your broken phone. You only have to know about these ways. Most smartphone users or Android and iOS users can say I break you fix my phone. If you have a cracked iPhone display or have a faulty Android battery, there is no need to panic. It is possible to repair your phone, but you need to know how to do it.

Don’t You Like Your Broken Phone?

We know that having a broken phone is no one’s desire, but what happens is that some people see their phones breaking due to some accidents. Yes, an accident happens, and it can crack your phone’s screen or charging port, and nobody would like to see it happening. Most people stay in their homes due to the pandemic and work from home, and they can not keep patience and enjoy while practicing social distancing. The reason is that people spend more time on their phones sitting in their homes.

When Do You Need To Say I Break You Fix?

When your phone falls from your hand barreling towards the ground in a nosedive, you will most probably have a broken screen. Hence, when it happens, there will be chipped, cracked, or broken screens in some cases, but most of the time, a layer of glass and plastic will keep your phone’s screen protected. If you compare the time before a decade and now, you can see more fixing options for damaged screen and mobile in this time.

What You Do When Your Phone Is Broken?

Generally, people go to any mobile retail store and say that I break you fix my phone. However, these stores are farther away sometimes, they may have closed due to lockdown, and might have personal reasons to close the store. But people need the services all the time to fix their broken or damaged mobile phones. At that time, they have some options to solve their problems.

Ways To Fix Your Broken Phones:

There are two main ways that you can use to fix your phone if you have a broken iPhone or Android smartphone.

Way 1:- Help From Mobile Repairing Service:

Several service providers repair your Android and iOS smartphones. Either you can visit the nearest authorized company store or private retailers who provide repair services. Let’s discuss Android and iPhone repair.

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Fix iPhone:
  • When your iPhone has not been physically damaged, you can use Apple Support App and talk to an employee that troubleshoots your iPhone. Allow them to run diagnostic reports and guide you through the available fixing options.
  • When your iPhone has physical damages or is not responding, and you may have to fix or replace it, you must visit an authorized Apple Service Provider. You can schedule a repair by visiting the support page. You have to sign in before scheduling your repair.
  • Apple Authorized stores will be advantageous because there are fewer chargeable fees compared to some retail stores. You must call them before you finalize your repair. If you don’t want to visit the store, mail it to Apple for repair and send it to the store. But be ready to stay without phones for five days.
Repair Android Smartphones:
  • You may have noticed that for Android users, there are no physical Android repairing stores. It’s unlike Apple stores. But, they can visit private retailers and mobile repair stores. They can contact their wireless carrier or phone makers to solve software-related performance issues. There you can go and sit for I break you fix my Android smartphone. These stores must ensure that their customers and employees are safe. Customers may have sensitive and important data, and they have kept this data protected. But stores can not try to see what’s inside the phones of their customers.
  • Android users must call the stores before visiting physically to check if the store is open or closed. Also, confirm that you have taken an appointment with the store for your specific repair.

Way 2:- Repair Your Phone Yourself:

Have you ever thought to fix your phone yourself before saying I break you fix? Normally, customers try their best to repair their phones before visiting the store if they have an expired warranty. However, they can order a Repair Kit from the sellers and perform repairing tasks.

The Repairing Kits have everything you need to repair your smartphone. It includes tools to replace screens, swap out the battery of Android phones, and other essential tools. You can go through some tutorials and videos or read more about mobile repairing and repair kits to keep going through the entire process. If you think you have stuck, you can visit the store.

Recover Data from Broken Samsung A50/A51/A52/A53
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Here Is What You Should Know:

First of all, take a deep breath before you start examining your broken phone. If you have cracks radiating out similar to a spiderweb, you can fix it. Yes, there is a fix for it. Of course, most people think about why their costly devices are prone to damage if they fall. Your phone stores elastic energy in its normal conditions, but it drops, the energy gets converted into surface energy that causes the glass to crack.

What Can You Do When You Have Broken Screen?

There are various levels of severity of broken screens. It may be light scratches, spider web-like patterns, or entirely missing chunks of the glass, and it may make you deal with the entirely shattered display or broken phone. It means it is a cosmetic issue with the phone.

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First of all, examine the damages. Get your on a solid surface under good light, and don’t give it a quick once-over before putting it back into your pocket. Applying a little bit of stress testing and careful prodding, you must be able to check if the screen is completely failing or falling off. Also, check about scratches and functioning.

Does It Worth Send The Phone To Company?

If you think your phone has been seriously damaged, you must back up the data instantly as soon as possible. Ensure that you have securely backed up all your photos, videos, and essential files somewhere else. Thus, you can use them if you can’t see your phone working again. If you can’t manage backing up your data because your phone has already stopped working, you need to seek professional service. Do the following.

Use Packing Up Tape:

If you think you have to keep using the cracked phone and don’t want to risk losing glass or slicing up your fingers, you can cover your phone’s screen with a layer of packing tape. Ensure that you have lined everything up with proper care and trimmed it with an X-Acto knife. Of course, it may look almost like a real screen protector.

Screen Protector:

It is one of the best solutions to keep working with your broken phone. It will ensure that there are no seams and clean lines around the edges of your screen. But it may not work well for spiderweb scratches.

Replace Your Screen Yourself:

  • Are you shocked? Yes, it’s possible that you can replace a phone screen on your own. You can go online and read legit articles and guide tutorials about it. However, you must know a few things before you decide to replace the screen yourself. The phone screens used in today’s phones come with biometric sensors, touch interactions, and other essential functions. They are expensive and need to be handled carefully.
  • You can not forget about checking warranty situations if you want to fix your phone’s screen on your own. If you think you can maintain the better during the warranty periods, you should also keep it protected after its warranty ends.
  • Before you say I break your fix, you should take responsibility for the newly purchased screen while changing it. If you are better at repairing modern solid-state electronics, you may lack the specialized tools you have to use for this job. Therefore, when you think of repairing the phone screen yourself, you must keep those tools or buy them from the online or offline market.

Calling In A Pro:

You can always take your broken phone’s screen to the shop. If you use an iPhone, you can navigate to the local Apple Store. Or you can consider trying out Apple’s new mail-in repair program. However, you can also send your phone to the company if you are an Android user. Thus, it was the information about how to get your broken phone repaired.

How and Where to Get Your iPhone Repaired | PCMag
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Wrapping Up:

Have you broken your Android or iOS smartphone? If you want to say I break you fix, you must first try all the possible ways to repair your phone. In this article, we have covered almost everything you need to know about the broken phone, screen, and display, and if you have changed your screen yourself, share your experiences with us.

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