How EarthLink Has Created A Safer Internet For Families


Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, families have been navigating the brand-new waters of working from home and having their children learning through a computer. With this new territory comes new exploration, and now, more and more children are having increased amounts of unsupervised time online while they’re at home learning and their parents are busy working.

Not only is it dangerous to your technology to have inexperienced children surfing on potentially malicious pages on your devices, but it is dangerous for children who may be participating in chat rooms and on social media with strangers and possibly giving out private information. After all, predators love using the internet as a way to connect with children, because it is easy to lie about your identity or your intentions from behind a screen.

Now, some internet service providers are taking measures of their own to keep users safe online. EarthLink internet is a leading internet provider who in May of 2020 launched an initiative that includes content monitoring and screen time management to help cultivate a safer, more secure online environment for users of all ages.

What Else Will EarthLink’s Program Do To Keep Users Safe Online?

EarthLink Guardian is the newest addition to the EarthLink Secure product line and is a parental monitoring device. Powered by Bark Technologies, Guardian’s primary focus is to protect young users online, and it is now available for three months for EarthLink customers at absolutely no extra costs.

Overall, EarthLink Guardian is a pretty comprehensive system. It monitors a variety of platforms, as well as texts, emails, and nearly 30 other apps for exhibitive signs of depression, violence, and drug use. It also keeps an eye out for cyberbullying, adult content, and sexual predators.

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For parents and guardians who implement the system, they can set it up to receive text and email alerts about potential dangers as well as tips and guidance on how to combat threats and signs of disturbing behavior.

EarthLink CEO Glenn Goad commented on the launch of the Guardian program by saying “EarthLink is committed to helping parents provide a safe online environment for their children. We’re also committed to partnering with companies that have technologies that work best for our customers. EarthLink Guardian offers a reliable strategic solution to help alleviate parents’ safety concerns.”

According to some recently acquired and released data, now is the perfect time for a program like this to become available, because, since mid-March when quarantine began, the technology behind EarthLink Guardian has seen a 23% increase in the number of predators detected and reported to law enforcement.

As stated previously, with more and more parents unable to supervise children during the day who are home from school because of the pandemic, there is an influx of young internet users stumbling across malicious and dangerous sites that can create a hazard for themselves as well as their families.

EarthLink’s Chief Product Officer Leon Hounshell said “EarthLink Guardian is launching at a critical time of need. With young people spending upwards of eight hours per day on their devices in quarantine, the mission of creating a safer internet for families has never been more essential.”

Parents across the country are loving the safety and ease of mind that they are experiencing with EarthLink Guardian. Subscribe today and feel the worry of what your children may encounter online lift off your shoulders.


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