how to make long hair look short

Understanding the several ways how to make long hair look short


Trimming all of yours off can appear challenging if you have always had long hair. And when an old bob grows it feels like an achievement. It seems counterproductive to get a crop again. But if you want to know how to make long hair look short without trimming it, here are the best ways. Many people want to have short hair without having to hand it over to cut their hair! This article will discuss some enticing methods to shorten your hair without cutting it off. 

Benefits of short hair

You can underestimate the benefits of short hair. Possibly you have been dreaming of having long hair, but you should know the advantages of having short hair. So, you might attain the best from cutting your hair short benefits. There are some apparent benefits of short hair. Gone are those days, when having long hair was a fashion. We are in a highly developed IT age, where our working and living standards are altered. Now people are working in shifts. Our competition, workload, and productivity demands have been extremely increased. Thus, we need to find out everything to make our lifestyle more competent. Short hairstyles are also helpful in today’s lifestyle as it saves you many hours of maintaining and combing your lengthy hairstyles. Before you know about how to make long hair look short, here are some important benefits of short hair:

how to make long hair look short
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 Reasons for sporting short hair

  • Reliable and feasible

Short hairs are always reliable irrespective of gender. Short hair requires very little time for moisturizing and combing. They can easily be caught in a ponytail, bob, or under a cap or scarf. They are always feasible.

  • Lesser chance of the split ends

One of the largest issues of lengthy hairs is the split ends. The ladies have to cut their hair short to avoid any double ends. Thus, it is always preferable to have a short hairstyle and stay away from any double ends.

  •  Reduced maintenance

Short hair necessitates reduced maintenance. Lengthy hair requires straightening and combing the hair off and on to evade tangles. You can straighten short hair with hands.

  • Low dandruff

Several surveys recommend that people with short hair have a reduced chance of dandruff. There might be numerous reasons for it. The skull offers to oil the hair. Long hair requires more oil. If in case, there is inadequate oil produced by the scalp to moisture the long hair, the hair and the scalp begin to dry and then there is a possibility of dandruff. Long hair might experience more sweating. That is why they are more prone to dandruff too. So, short hairs are a better option for fighting dandruff.

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What if you don’t want to trim your long tresses?

You have stunning long hair, and everyone is jealous, but all you dream about is shorter hair? This circumstance catches several women ignorant. You must be pleased with your voluminous and stunning tresses, right? Not at all. Every woman wants to be diverse, and even the most excellent and the most incredible hairstyle can make you sad when standing before the mirror. Contemporary women came up with several techniques to shorten your hair devoid of even cutting it.

How to make long hair look short?

One of the easiest ways to do it is to go to the hairstylist. A few cuts and your long locks turn into a cute pixie. However, most women are not contented with this option either. Spending all these years making your hair long, and allowing it to go in a flash is too much to bear.

Following are some of the simple ways to make you forget about the scissors

  • The Bob Hairstyle

Want to showcase a bob hairstyle? Then this is what you must do! This simple yet stylish bob style makes everyone stand apart from the rest. All you need to do is apply a little shine serum to smooth those flies away. Pull the top portion of your hair onto the head top and allow it to stay in place with a clip. Make two inch sections in the bottom section of your hair that go up to your scalp. Now, with the help of a pin, fix the ends of your hair. You can use another pin for additional hold. Remove the clip from the top of your hair and check it cascade over the tucked-in hairs beautifully. In case your hair is of full length, you can turn over the ends of the top half under the pinned bottom sections.

  • Curly Hair

Curly hair has the reputation of making hair look smaller without making it so. And the most excellent method to get curls is by utilising curlers. Heat rollers may expose your hair to prolonged heat, which might not be healthy for your tresses. Wash your hair first as this is when it is completely elastic and the easiest to change into any form you want. Use hair curlers based on the size of the curls you want. One thing that should be kept in mind is the placement of the curlers, which should be prepared. Otherwise, your hair would stand out in various directions will not look good.

  • Bobby Pin Flips

This is easy, simple and attractive. The first thing you must do is part your hair from ear to ear in a headband shape. Divide the rest of your hair into 4 to 5 segments. The first section must drape your face. Now fasten using bobby pins, flip it back over to the back and lock them again with the use of bobby pins. Repeat the procedure with the residual segments. Drag the hair in the headband shape back your hair and over the bobby pins. You can add a few more bobby pins to keep the hair in place.

  • The Half Bun Style

This is the fastest way to shorten your hair without having to cut it. Make hair into an incomplete or half bun, and brush the additional lose hair. You can shorten your hair. But, this technique is not suggested for usual styling, as extreme exposure to heat might damage the hair. 

  • A ponytail

Leave the shorter section of your hair in the ponytail, as these would serve you like those short hairs you had always wanted! You can either turn up your ponytail or pin it to the back of your head!

  • The Headband Method

This is the best way to achieve a short hairstyle. Certainly, it would not help you prepare a pixie, but a long hair is here for you to relish. Take a thin and long piece of material. Gather your hair into a ponytail but fasten only the base part of it. The loop that ties the ponytail must be in the center of your headband. Take an end of the headband in right and another in your left hand. Drag the ponytail to your neck and up. The ponytail will be concealed within your hair. Fasten the headband ends on top to make a decoration or do it below your hair in the backside.

  • A fake lob

You can make a fake lob by guarding the ends with elastic and then driving your hair below the neck and clipping it. Thus, this one is like a loose bun, but you do not need to double the hair within the elastic. Only the ends are gathered. Also, you push it below the hair and secure it rather than flipping it up. If there is any hair that is not gathered into the lob, it must be straight and untextured.

  • Use a hair kerchief

A silk kerchief can do the challenge if you do not mind hair accessories. You just need to sweep your hair up in a braid or bun and clip it on the head. Then take the cloth and drape it around your head. You do not just get a stylish short hairstyle. You guard your locks against environmental factors, such as the sun.

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how to make long hair look short

  • Braid your hair

When you braid your tresses, they look shorter right away. This is particularly correct for cornrows. But, standard French braids can do the trick too. Begin braiding at the top of your head and go down the bottom. Make two braids. The tighter you braid, the hair will look shorter. You can prepare 3 braids and then braid them all into a single one. You will get an inspiring hairstyle when cutting your hair. You can also think about making box braids using your hair. Or opt for milkmaid braids with 2 pigtails draped on your head. 


If you are thinking about how to make long hair look short, then do not worry, as the process is quite easy. These above-mentioned ways can help you enjoy a new short hairstyle devoid of cutting any of your valuable locks off. You can experiment with your hair. Perhaps you will come up with a special style all on your own!

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