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Top 10 Weird Pregnancy Cravings That Will Blow Your Mind

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Missing your favorite foods during pregnancy will cause you to crave weird and different things that are not even eatables. If you are a proud pregnant mom, you need to know what different moms have tried to eat during their pregnancy. Of course, most of these things are weird, according to many people, but we consider them all weird. This article will discuss the top ten weird Pregnancy Cravings you might have experienced during your pregnancy. So, let’s begin.


Pregnant women hate avoiding their favorite foods during pregnancy, and most want to have breakfast prepared on the table without any questions, but they can’t do it, and food cravings go weird once you stop eating your favorite foods like sauces and fast foods. Experts don’t have a clear idea of why women during their pregnancy have weird cravings. Maybe it’s because of specific tastes and nutrients they miss or its hormonal effects, but it’s proven that Pregnancy cravings are weird. 

What’s Included In weird pregnancy cravings?

Some pregnant ladies feel weird cravings that are not food items like soil, clay, paper, or even more strange things. Doctors and experts have named the items with no nutritional value ‘Pica.’ That’s why pregnant women crave weird eating.

Top Ten Weird Pregnancy Cravings:

This article has covered a summary of long interviews performed with pregnant women. We have listed ten weird Pregnancy Cravings they’ve experienced during pregnancy. Most of these things will blow your mind because you might not have imagined what it includes. Some readers may wonder how women can think about having these things on their meal lists. Of course, spicy and lemony food cravings are natural, but these are different from them. 

weird pregnancy cravings
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1. Coal:

Coal is eatable because some experts prescribe activated charcoal for digestion, but do you even think some women want to eat coal during pregnancy? We have analyzed many proud pregnant moms that once experience the cravings for coal. Isn’t that weird? Most of these women don’t eat coal, but they like to feel the smell and texture of coal while having a baby in the womb.

2. Rubber:

That’s the weird Pregnancy cravings because how can someone think of eating rubber? But we have talked to many women, and most of them told us about their rubber cravings! Can you believe it? It’s not something that women regularly crave for more. You may have loved chewing gums, but some women want to experience chewing rubber bands during pregnancy. That’s one of the strangest and weirdest things anyone craves for. Did you expect our list of the ten weirdest things women crave during pregnancy? 

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3. Laundry Detergent:

We use detergent for washing clothes, but pregnant women don’t like to use detergent for this purpose. They’ve special thoughts about detergents. It’s not a joke, but it seems because no one can ever imagine having detergent powder or laundry detergent in their mouth. Can you try it? But don’t worry because most pregnant women who crave detergent don’t taste it. They want to feel the smell of laundry detergent and can do it all day. It’s a really strange and very different thing. Right? Yes, but that is true.


Although it may not seem to be regular, chalk is a common pregnancy craving, especially since it is a common craving that can suggest pica. Women have confessed to using chalk to satiate their desire. Nonetheless, even though chalk is normally non-toxic, it is probably in your and your baby’s best interests to resist this desire.

5. Cigarette Ashes!

There is no doubt that some girls and women smoke, and girls start smoking at a very young age like boys, but can you believe pregnant women would like to have cigarette ash? We have noticed that pregnant women not only like t inhale the aroma of cigarette Ashes but also want to invest in it! Yes! It’s one of the most shocking and strangest things you might have heard about weird Pregnancy Cravings. Do you know that some women who didn’t even smoke once in their lifetime like to do it with cigarette Ashes?

6. Paint:

We use paints for home interior, exterior, and wall painting. Some artists use paints to explore their creativity, but pregnant women don’t feel this common love towards paints. Of course, exceptions are always there, and that’s why we discuss some strange moms. We know that paint is one of the most dangerous and toxic chemicals, but pregnant women crave paint! They like the smell and inhaling these toxic chemicals’ polluted air, but that’s not good for her and her baby’s health.

7. Wet Cement:

It always feels good to smell the fragrance of wet soil when it rains for the first time. One of my favorites’ most beautiful and loved things is feeling the first rain of the monsoon that gives the pleasuring, calming, and lovely smell of soil getting wet. But what about the smell of wet cement? We had heard from many pregnant women that they liked the wet cement and its smell when it was their pregnancy time. Many couldn’t even control their mind and thought about licking the wet cement due to its strong smell! That’s weird.

8. Furniture Polish:

Furniture polish is different from paint, but that’s also one of the weird Pregnancy Cravings that attract pregnant women to its smell! One woman told us that she was strongly attached to the smell of her furniture polish when it was her pregnancy time. She loved the furniture polish too much that it made her spray it in her mouth, and she used to do it thrice a day to satisfy her cravings for furniture polish. Do you think how much someone can be this weird? When we heard this from her, it was shocking news for us.

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9. Toilet Paper:

Toilet paper is one of the most cleaned and hygienic products ever made because it’s used for safety. Still, its name doesn’t let it be valued because when you speak something like Toilet Paper, people say, eww… that’s not something they like, but use in daily life. Can you eat one roll of toilet paper a day? No way! Can you even eat a single piece of toilet paper once? No! No one would like to do it, but one pregnant woman gave us the strangest news: she used to eat one whole roll of toilet paper daily. What would you people say about it? Is that a great idea? 

10. Talcum Powder:

People eat calcium supplements, protein powder, milk powder, whey powder, and many types of flour in their diet, but what about talcum powder? Can you imagine putting this beauty product in your mouth? Pregnant women can do it! We have discussed with a few ladies attracted to the bay power and had strong cravings for it. The reason was not only a musky scent, but some women have told us that they always carried a can of talcum powder in their handbags. Whenever they craved, they sprinkled it into their tongues. Isn’t that crazy? That’s one of the weirdest things you might have ever expected from a pregnant woman.

Why Do Women Crave For Weird Things During Pregnancy?

We have listed ten weird Pregnancy mind-blowing cravings that you can understand. But now, the question is, why do women get strongly attracted to these weird things during their pregnancy? We talked about many pregnant women and proud mothers, and we got the following. The points are, of course, not detailed information on why it happens.

weird pregnancy cravings
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  • One said she wanted to taste wet cement because her mind was always thinking about her child, and when she smelled wet cement, she was curious how it would taste.
  • The lady that ate sponges said she wanted to feel like a kid with her baby in her womb, and that’s why she was acting unconsciously like a child. It motivated her to eat sponges.
  • Women who didn’t even touch a cigarette wanted to feel its Ash because she was curious, like toddlers who wanted to check everything.

Wrapping Up:

 Did you understand what women want while their pregnancy period is going on? In this article, we have discussed the ten strange and weird Pregnancy Cravings that pregnant women experience during their pregnancy. Did you know any of these? Are you a pregnant woman that also feels Cravings for weird things? You can share this article with your near and dear pregnant women that need to know it’s normal if she acts like cravings for strange and weird things throughout the pregnancy.

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