Top 10 Things Belgrade

Top 10 Things to Do in Belgrade, Serbia


There are Top 10 Things to do in Belgrade. Belgrade is a European capital famous for its tumultuous and interesting history, sprawling riverside pedestrian areas, busy urban environments and incredible nightlife opportunities. There’s little reason to worry about what to do around Belgrade, Serbia. Discovering the many attractions of this amazing city is a reward in itself. 

For example, you could choose to simply walk through its streets and soak in the unadulterated charm of an unassuming metropolis where the East and the West collide. Or you could choose to spend some time enjoying a modern interactive theater experience of In His Mind. Whatever you choose, there’s little you can do wrong. Let’s see what is there to do around Belgrade.

Stroll through the Belgrade Fortress

Belgrade’s had quite a turbulent history, and there are few places that speak to that history more than the Belgrade Fortress. But more than that, it features many places to sit and enjoy the striking view from it alongside historical sights that allow you to find out more about the city and the country as well. 

See the splendor of the Church of St. Sava

The Church of St. Sava is the biggest orthordox church in the entire Balkan region, and it is the second-largest in the world. That means that you’ll certainly be awe-struck once you approach it and witness it in all its splendor and grandeur. Also, the area surrounding it is perfect for a short stroll and a leisurely sit-down at a bench for some r&r. 

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Relax at Ada Ciganlija

This former island has been transformed into a peninsula to allow for easier access of literally thousands of visitors every sweltering summer day. This is a place where you can choose to be active and partake in numerous sports activities on offer, or wind down by the river and take a relaxing dip from time to time to cool yourself down. 

Discover the Gardoš Tower

The Gardoš Tower, located in the oldest part of Zemun, a neighborhood in Belgrade, is the monument originating in the days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and is still an imposing and gorgeous historical monument that invites numerous visitors every single day. 

Witness the genius of Nikola Tesla

Few people have left their mark on humanity as strongly and as lastingly as Nikola Tesla has. Not only a savant electrical engineer and a genius, Tesla is also a Serbian hero and the pride of the nation. Visit the museum dedicated to him and learn more about the inventions that helped shape the world we live in today. 

Roam the residence of Princess Ljubica

This wonderful palace dates to the 1830s, and its primary intention was to become an opulent seat of the Serbian court. However, it failed to ever be used for that purpose, nowadays becoming a permanent exhibition dedicated to the history of the Belgrade that once was and the bourgeois families that lived in this city. 

Climb the Avala Tower

If you’re hunting for amazing views, then the Avala Tower should be your primary destination. Climbing this tower will grant you a view that spans for miles in every direction, and you’ll be able to see a huge chunk of Serbia from it. Definitely a not-to-miss place. 

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Explore the Museum of Yugoslav History

If you want to find out more about the history of Serbia, the Museum of Yugoslav History is the place to visit. Featuring more than 200,000 exhibition pieces in total, there’s little that’s missing from it, and it’s certainly the best place to go to if history is your thing. 

Visit the National Theater

Not only is the National Theater a great place to catch a play, it’s also a wonder to behold onto itself, with a luxurious interior and a beautiful stage. First opened in 1869, it is still a place where many residents go if they’re looking to soak in some culture and to enjoy a ballet, an opera, or a drama. 

Check out Zeleni Venac open market

Finally, if you’re looking to mingle with the locals and to experience the authentic atmosphere of a Serbian open market, Zeleni Venac is the destination for you. It’s located really close to the center of the city and you should visit it on Saturday if possible, since that’s the time when it’s busiest.

What else is there to do around Belgrade? 

Belgrade offers plenty of opportunities for you to have fun, but little so interesting, engaging, and original as In His Mind. It’s an immersive play that will have you help with solving the Ripper murders while exploring the very memories of the person who committed them. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience a play like never before. If you’re ever stuck wondering what to do around Belgrade, Serbia, book a spot for In His Mind and prepare for an unforgettable ride.

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