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Pardot’s Google Ads Connector 


It is important to determine if your Google Ads investment has a real impact on your sales pipeline. Google ads connector for Pardot makes it possible. There are a few things to remember before you jump in.

Here are some benefits and limitations Google ads connector for Pardot:

You can reap amazing business benefits by linking your Pardot and Analytics together

  • Lead Scoring

Adwords will start to generate leads for you. You need to identify who is really interested in your products and solutions, and who is just browsing. This information can be synchronized with your Adwords to give you an indication of which keywords and ads are generating quality leads.

  • Monitor the behavior of your leads

All information about leads, contacts, and opportunities from Pardot Analytics, Adwords, and Google Analytics is synced together. This allows you to see how much revenue is generated by each ad, keyword campaign, campaign, event or dimension that are tied with customers. 

Optimize your sales process from beginning to end

Syncing Salesforce data with Google Adwords can help you streamline sales and marketing strategies. You’ll be able to identify their buying process and help you create highly targeted marketing campaigns. 

What keywords and ads are producing qualified leads for your company?

What information do your customers want from your website?

What are the steps that people usually take before they submit their information to your website?

A successful marketing strategy development process should not end with gathering data and listening. This is where synching your salesforce data with Google Adwords, Pardot, and Pardot data can help you find the answers to your marketing questions.

  • Conversion of leads with higher quality is easier!
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Quality leads are the goal of any marketing or sales campaign. It’s not worth following up on leads that will drag you to the end and say no. It’s not worth your time or energy to waste time on leads that aren’t converting. Google Adwords data sync with Salesforce helps you to filter leads that may or might not convert into sakes. 

  • Remarketing campaigns greatly helped by this product

Google customer match offers specials and limited-time discounts to reach the list of prospects that advertisers have created. The Customer Match doesn’t require email addresses to locate customers on Google, Gmail YouTube, YouTube, and shopping. It can match prospective customers with offline data such as name, address, and phone number.

  • Your marketing campaigns will have a greater ROI overall

It would be great if you stopped spending on marketing campaigns that generate zero conversions. You can maximize your marketing budget and improve the ROI of your campaigns by holding every marketing dollar responsible. 

Salesforce and Pardot Integration Limitations

  • Salesforce Custom Fields must be manually mapped

Every time you add a new data field, you will need to double-check the data fields. For the average marketer, who is just trying to get a campaign started, this can become too complicated.

  • Salesforce Custom Fields values do not sync right away

Let’s say that you need to send an email to everyone in your Financial Services Vertical. To be able to email the people you want, you will need to export Salesforce’s field values manually and then import them into Pardot. 

  • Pardot Campaigns vs Salesforce Campaigns Confusion
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The same name, different stories. Pardot Campaigns differ from Salesforce Campaigns. This has been a source of confusion for a long period. Pardot Campaigns can be used to generate leads from lists or forms. Salesforce Campaigns will require you to add Campaign Members.


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